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  • This obscure DVD (I had to add it to IMDb just now, two decades after release) presents a failed new actress Maya fronting a collection of eight scenes excerpted randomly from earlier Vivid Video features.

    Resembling a sort of Latina version of Riley Reid (same broad, inviting smile), she dances around nude and masturbates in between the clips, with her entire routine preserved in one gulp as a Bonus scene on the DVD. I didn't recognize her -couldn't match with any of the various Mayas working in Adult Cinema.

    The clips aren't exceptional, and in a couple of cases are tied in with dramatic material -cutting off after a money shot but tantalizing in terms of the unfinished original film. No credits or superimposed titles explain where they came from, so I'll leave it up to a Vivid fan with a photographic memory to identify their provenance.

    We get to see the great Christy Canyon in a nothing scene with fellow Vivid girl Jenteal in a lesbian scene featuring strap-on dildo. Steven St. Croix, his face heavily painted appears in a NonSex cameo in another Jenteal feature, this one fairly violent as she's forced to have sex.

    Maya finally gets down in a scene at the end of the video, in which she takes care of Mark Davis's cock with some nice CFNM action. But it's too late to save a lousy show of retreads.