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  • Funny Story (2018) was co-written and directed by Michael J. Gallagher. It stars Matthew Glave as Walter, a former star of a TV series. The show has ended, but Walter is still making a comfortable income from re-runs and from appearances at fantasy conventions.

    The movie opens with two unusual scenes. One is the appearance of a young woman named Kim (Emily Bett Rickards) at her mother's funeral. In a clumsy bit of exposition, we learn that Kim has been estranged from her mother, and didn't visit when her mother was dying.

    Walter is breaking up with his girlfriend until she suddenly announces that she's pregnant. For better or (probably) worse, he will stay together with her.

    Jana Winternitz portrays Nic, Walter's estranged daughter. She tells her father that she can't visit him because she's going with friends to a resort in Big Sur. Walter asks if he can join them, and Nic agrees.

    Then, in the next five minutes, Kim's car breaks down, and she needs a lift to Big Sur. Walter is enlisted to give her a lift, and they have to stay overnight at a motel. When they get to the motel, they learn that there's only one room available. (Not kidding--this all happens in the first 15 minutes of the movie.)

    The next day they arrive in Big Sur, where Walter meets Nic's friends, all of whom are lesbians. (Well, one likes to "Dabble.") It turns out that Nic and Kim are a couple, and they're going to get married at the resort in Big Sur.

    Then matters really get weird. One of the guests is a woman named Moon, who is very spiritual. This could have worked, except that she is so spacey that all you can do it laugh at her. Why couldn't the spiritual person be portrayed as just serious and committed to her beliefs. Why did director Gallagher make her an object of laughter?

    Walter asks the friends some questions about lesbian relationships that, in reality, he wouldn't have asked. He's a sophisticated guy, and he would know the answers, or he would know better than to ask the questions.

    We see clips of Walter's TV series, and they are truly terrible. No one expects great art from a TV fantasy series, but I've never seen a fantasy series so ridiculously portrayed. Is it an in joke from director Gallagher that he can get away with showing us something so ghastly? You may not be into Game of Thrones, but the acting and production values are reasonably high. Walter's show is like a parody.

    The question asked in the movie's hype is, "What if you knew a secret that would ruin somebody's life? Would you tell? Or, would you keep it to yourself?" That sounds intriguing, but it really isn't the correct question in the plot.

    We saw this film at the Little Theatre as part of Rochester's excellent ImageOut, the LGBT Film Festival. It won't quite work as well on the small screen, because you'll lose some of the grandeur of the Big Sur location.

    Of course, that assumes that you'll want to seek it out and see it. Despite the interesting premise, there are too many things wrong with the movie for me to recommend it. You'll have to decide when more ratings are in, and when some other people take the time to review it.
  • Awkward moments, abandonment issues, love, betrayal, and loyalty all clash in this wonderfully charming dramedy between family and friends. Great performances ground this story for a wonderful ride along the California coast and within the psyches of characters hiding their secrets, trying to love and coming to terms with life's curveballs.
  • Funny Story showcases the many flaws human beings can have - our mistakes, our screw ups, our fear of accepting responsibility, our instinct to ruin the good in our lives for fear of losing it later. Stunning performances all around, although Emily Bett Rickards shone brightest throughout with her heart wrenching portrayal of Kim. A movie that will make you laugh, but also make you cry, and one that will stick with you.
  • Fantastic writing, solid acting, gorgeous settings and expertly accomplished production and directing. Everything hits in this modern tale of awareness and acceptance.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I kept seeing stories about this movie and I can't believe how long it took for me to finally see it.

    Emily Bett Rickards already has done some things that I just love, and this is one more.

    She is at home whether she's on a television screen or a movie screen, and I hear she's incredible live on a stage.

    Somebody with some major films needs to get this woman doing big stuff because she is ready for it.

    *****SPOILER-ISH***** I'm going to resist the temptation to do any spoiling, though this movie's been out long enough I'm sure plenty have been done.

    To really enjoy this experience though, try not to know too much ahead of time. Shocking things that happen in it are a lot more fun.

    Emily Bett really is a shapeshifter. As she's done before, she played more than one personality here to perfection. Seamlessly, and almost unnoticeable unless you're looking for it. There's something dark her character is hiding.
  • The film "Funny story" by Michael Gallagher prompted me to write a review about this film primarily due to the realism of the story. One of the main features of this film is the maximum realistic presentation and attachment to what can and usually happens around us.

    The main characters of the story Kim (Emily Bett Rickards) and Walter (Matthew Glave) at the very beginning of the story are quite similar, although there is a big difference in age between them. These characters have low moral principles: the absence of any care for loved ones, their families, the search for adventure on the side and love for casual relationships.

    Realism shows is that when viewing the film the feeling that it's really the people who live near us. In big cities, these people do not immediately see until you get to know them better, although the film shows us that, even being in a close relationship, you do not always know who is standing in front of you.

    The special moment it should be noted that if the character Walter is really beginning to understand the end of the movie all their sins and realize that he needs to change, that Kim even at the end of the film, knowing what she's been doing, trying to somehow mask all perfect, justifying himself and shifting responsibility to others. However, the last scene between her and her fiancée shows us that she has finally spoken the truth out loud, which I think is a big step for her. The end for the character was left open, but I believe she left those loved ones, whom she had caused so much pain, and began work on yourself. I want to believe that a person who has done bad things, but realized them, will begin to change and eventually become a truly worthy person.

    It is worth noting excellent acting of Matthew Glave and Emily Bette (even in scenes where they don't speak, they all conveyed with one look and movement), for stories about stereotypes regarding minorities, for stunning views and, of course, for showing people who do terrible things and with whom, I think, many are unlikely to associate themselves, but they remind us that we need to look at ourselves in the mirror from time to time and think about who you are and what you do. However, I think the film is not for everyone.

  • I had no expectations for this movie and was so pleasantly surprised. It does something that rarely happens it is being original. It is not patterned. You are not watching something you have seen many times. You start out thinking you might know where this goes but I assure you it won't. The cast is great. The main three characters are portrayed very well and the movie never tells the story judgmental. You can actually form your own opinion and it shows flawed people which is how people are and that is fine. It doesn't shy away from the pain and the disappointment life sometimes can be. Good movie, strong recommend.
  • akindejib7 July 2019
    I was shocked, I was shocked, I felt very awkward at times and I also cried. What more could you want! Diamond in the rough.
  • natcalgary12 October 2019
    Not really exciting and although the story line was plausable the direction they took it was not. Bunch of misfits for friends. Maybe 1 funny part but the rest was just boring