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  • skinax11 February 2019
    I'm an Indian residing in Prague with A1 level of spoken Czech. I watched this movie since it was screened with English subtitles (they should do this type more often). I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It's a low-budget but nice, feel-good movie. The protagonist old man has acted extremely well. Others were average to good in my opinion. From a different perspective - I'd especially recommend this movie to expats who want to improve their A1/A2 Czech language. The dialogues were simple and someone with A2 competency should follow the without any trouble. I could follow most of them with my A1. Again - loved this movie :)
  • michalcoolman27 November 2019
    Probably the best Czech movie I've seen this year. Alois Svehlik was a great substitute for Jan Triska and his wisdom sounded very credible and truthful. The movie will make the viewer really think about the truths of life.Visual was also OK, I liked the soundtrack and there was the tension kept me watching the movie without interruption. In addition, there was many funny scenes. For me it's basically all the movie should have.