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  • This is the best biography documentary i have ever seen. Quincy J is a great man, who seen all the phases of life and succeeded with tremendous courage and his nobel art. being an India and living in India, it inspired me a lot. before this doc, i didn't known him, but after this doc, this man made me cry and inspired me a lot. now i know him and have a great respect for him.
  • This is a fitting retrospective of one of music's heroes. Quincy Jones is a giant of creativity - and as a music writer myself I gained so much from the little wise asides and musings that constantly crop up from past recorded interviews and in his narration .. It's an astounding story of a life well lived, and worth watching for recognition of his incredible contribution to art, culture, politics and charity. The fact he's a fallible human with a warm heart makes it even more enjoyable a ride.

    The film was made with his daughter Rashida at the helm - which adds to the beauty of the tale in my eyes: family is hugely important to Quincy.

    Any critic wishing there had been more dishing of the dirt is missing the point (I'm looking at you Charles Bramesco).

    Great film - make sure you can hear it well, as the soundtrack is golden.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have 25 minutes more of this to watch and decided to leave a review...i expected the rating to be around 9 with about 1,000 or more people reviewing it...and there a 3 reviews!...i have no understanding how this is possible...i do not care if 'some things were not included or they made it look white washed or any of that stuff....and i doubt there's anything devious going on in making this...i'm 75 years old , raised in Toledo, Ohio and remember full well all the racism going on (which still goes on but not as bad)...i got to see Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald (what a night that was), Count Basie, Sarah Vaughan etc. at Cobo Hall , Detroit...i'm glad Quincy is still alive (i think he is ... according to Wikipedia he is still alive)...this is a flick about so much more than Quincy and brings tears to my eyes...i have to tell people about this because this 'covers everything'...the world, spirituality, music, family, cultures, HUMANITY...i looked up to see what Rishida looks like and i've seen her in movies and i loved all her performances...wonderful actress...this is a tear jerker so heart warming and real...all those people i enjoyed personally for so long...i had no idea Quincy influenced so many of them...the flick shows how important growing up influences are upon all of us...the 'addicted culture' is helped so much by this too...i'm not saying to 'be addicted' (doing what i want to do repeatedly to the exclusion of wholeness) to enjoy this or live a life like Quincy...Quincy took his 'workahlism' energy, his lack of 'wholeness' he suffered all his life and, But For the Grace of God, directed all his 'garbage', all his baggage to create WHOLENESS and ONENESS for himself, for his family, for me and for the world...IF THEY CAN LISTEN...funny, off and on Quincy says 'Jesus Christ', 'Jesus Christ' when he's moved by something...i know damn sure 'Jesus Christ' would have loved Quincy and wanted to play music with him...carry on old're a delight...wonderful flick...
  • Quincy Jones is a god among men, and has done so much for not only the Black experience, music experience, film experience, and American experience, but the world experience! This documentary informed me very well of who this man is, and all of his amazing achievements! He is so interwoven into the fabric of almost everything in the entertainment industry that it is crazy! He got so many people started including but not limited to: Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith! Mr Jones has done so much for Black people and just people everywhere by simply doing what he does best! He is a workhorse who doesn't stop until his tasks are done, and he has taken on so many tasks that most of us would deem impossible. The man is over 80 years of age and still travelling the world and setting up earth shattering events! This man has truly done it all! Please do yourself a favor and watch this highly attention encapsulating and awesome documentary that not only informs you of the history behind the man, but also takes you on an interesting journey through American history; especially that of the African American and entertainment industry.
  • g-wa28 September 2018
    What a man, what a career, a fantastic journey through the decades and music genres. A true legend in his field
  • This was one of the best music documentaries I have watched. I knew Quincy's talent was diverse but wasn't aware of how wide Quincy's scope to make excellent music across so many genres was. He could fuse musical styles but more importantly just transcend styles to produce music whose only category is "damn good music". Very inspiring to watch.
  • There are only two kind of music... and 'Quincy' is about the good one.. Great documentary about amazing human.
  • Quincy (2018)

    *** (out of 4)

    It's rather sad to think that there's a generation (or more) of people out there who probably don't know the name Quincy Jones but thankfully this documentary from Alan Hicks and Rashida Jones is here for a great educational job. This documentary features interviews with Quincy and several others as we take a look at his life and career.

    QUINCY seems to be getting some mixed reviews but I think some of the negative ones are a tad bit unfair but I'll get to more on that in a minute. As far as the film goes, this here is certainly worth watching and especially if you're not overly familiar with who Jones is and why he has been so important to not only the music business but also several other things.

    I thought the documentary did a terrific job at showing off Jones' career throughout the years including giving us a great idea of what his childhood was like and what it took for him to get where he did. We get some terrific stories of his early career including some dangerous places he played. We also get some great stories about the people he worked with including Frank Sinatra and of course Michael Jackson.

    The one problem I had with the film is the fact that it was co-directed by Jones' daughter and I'm going to guess that this is the reason why a lot of things are overlooked or not discussed. In fact, there's really nothing here that shines any sort of light on some of the more controversial aspects of Jones' life. We hear about failed marriages but we never hear what happened. There were some productions that Jones was behind that weren't a success but we never hear about them here.

    It's clear that QUINCY wants to educate newer people to who this great man is and on that level it is a major success and an entertaining one. At the same, with the family involvement you can't help but think this isn't the definitive look at Jones.
  • jellopuke21 November 2018
    Quincy Jones is a true legend who accomplished tonnes in his life, and that's why he deserved a better documentary than this. Way too much filler for such a rich life. Maybe it should have been given to a non-family member, because Rashida Jones hasn't learned the lesson that not everything her father does is "newsworthy." The historical clips are awesome, and the juxtaposition between them work great, but the endless scenes of him in the hospital or at dinner or walking around or chatting with Kendrick Lamar could easily have been cut. I get she wanted to show how busy he is and how loved he is, but just because you filmed something,doesn't mean it's necessary to show in a 2 hour documentary.
  • marcspence19 October 2018
    One of the greatest musicians of the 20th century and a great man!
  • mjrydsfast22 February 2021
    I've enjoyed this man's music since I was 10 (1975) and learned that the theme from "Sanford and Son" was composed by him. I like seeing his personality that's involved with his showmanship, his ear for new talent, his introspective moments on darker subject matter and more. Love the film. His box set is a great sampler of his archives.
  • If you love music or just have interest in pop music, watch it - Quincy Jones is a reference who has been behind lots of very popular entertainment music and inspired multiple generations. This documentary, shown through the eyes of the main protagonist's daughter, will get you to discover a great character, with a driven and altruistic personality, possibly missing some of his human flaws!
  • There are some people put on this Earth that do exstrordary things. Quincy Jones is one of those people. I knew about the man and some of the amazing music and shows he either created or had a part in creating. This showed me that I knew very little. I love music and if you love music you know that it's more than just the singer, band, group or orchestra performing the music. After watching this I have better knowledge of that and more importantly know more above this legend that created so much of what we know. I highly recommend watching Quincy. I mean seriously, how many people can call Colin Powell, Oprah and many more and get that all in one place just because he asked??? Q can!
  • Michele-Young7024 October 2018
    I'm really enjoying this documentary but have to say the spoken interludes seem stilted. Despite that, the footage and the music is absolutely wonderful and overall it's quite informative and fun.
  • Jessicanu941 October 2018
    Cute documentary. I didn't know he accomplished so much