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    Someone keeps reporting my reviews. I guess they are jealous because I do tell the truth. I want to point out that I never make snide remarks about actors weight or real life sexual orientation. If there acting is terrible or limited "I talk about that". However it puzzles me that this is the 3rd time I am posting this review. So why am I being "picked on". IMDB will not even tell me what someone found offensive. Well on to the review

    When a veterinarian sets out to have the perfect Christmas, she assumes it's going to be with her longtime boyfriend. But when a storm shuts down the airport, she crosses path with a doctor and his daughter. What transpires will give them all a Christmas more magical than they could've imagined.

    The plot is nothing knew in fact it has been done many times before and much better but none of those films had Ashley Williams.

    Ashley has a winning smile. She makes her part look easy and she carries the film. She is her charming self and that is what makes this film very enjoyable!

    I hope this review stays up?
  • Kirpianuscus21 December 2018 many other Hallmark films. Christmas, love, a lovely village, a single father and a succesful pretender, a decisions and the magic changing everything. And, sure, as a real good point, Santa. The virtue of film- it is...comfortable. Real comfortable. Because all is familiar and predictable. And because it gives not a pledge or demonstration or lesson but a simple story . Nothing complicated. Only just nice. And, after a lot of sweet films about same theme, a so honest film and its snow globe are not bad attractions.
  • cammietime2 December 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I had high hopes for this movie, but a lack of plot, one dimensional characters, and a forced romance were what was delivered. Actually, the Zoe girl was the most realistic person in the whole movie. Ryan was pretty wooden the entire time while Allie seemed like she was plucked from a real world TV newscaster, TV weather lady, or infomercial career. Poor Spencer got the short end of the stick without deserving it. This gets a C- when compared to other cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Unlike some of our more paranoid reviewers who seem to think that one review constitutes the presence of movie production company mole among us, I actually think the opposite. Some people just feel strongly about one movie over the other. If our paranoid reviewer spent more time working on his grammar than he did trying to convince us everybody has an agenda but him, I'd have a greater tendency to believe him. As it is..... But I digress...

    I used to look forward to these. A few years ago, Hallmark Channel actually produced some pretty good holiday films. But, sadly, the more they do, the less creative they get. There are only so many ways you can tell the same story over and over and keep it fresh. As usual, this one has all the essential elements for its boilerplate plot line. Local girl in long distance romance with the usual unlikable fiancé, who is way too busy to appreciate the small town or the holiday spirit it spouts like a Mentos in a Pepsi bottle; The new guy with the kid, who's in town for one of many implausible reasons; some magical object (in this case a snow globe) that seems to grant wishes; your typical Santa Claus lookalike who may or may not, in fact, actually BE Santa Claus; the parents of said local girl who provide the understanding and patience that you know will ultimately give said local girl the wisdom to follow her heart. Now throw darts at the list of available actors, pick the first 4 or 5 from the stable of standard Hallmark Channel contract players, and start the cameras rolling. I'm not even certain they use a script anymore. The actors are so familiar with the plot line they can just ad lib the lines and the movie will end exactly the way you know it's supposed to. There are no surprises any more. The more you watch, the more you realize there will be the unlikable boyfriend/fiancé who shows up unexpectedly to disrupt the new, blossoming romance between said local girl and handsome new stranger (See The Christmas Card/Christmas Cookies/Christmas in Evergreen/Road to Christmas/A Royal Christmas/Christmas in Homestead/Christmas Under Wraps/Sleigh Bells Ring..... The list goes on and on and on..

    If you watch enough of them, you start to get confused as to what movie you're watching. The daughter in this movie played the daughter in "A Heavenly Christmas"... actually, she played it exactly the same way. She was also the daughter is 4 other Hallmark movies, as was many of the supporting cast and the 'stars'. They just rotate them through the system. I can't remember how many men Candace Cameron Bure has said 'I Love You' to. Or Alicia Witt or Taylor Cole or Danica McKellar or Catherine Bell or (fill in the blank). It gets to the point where, by December 10th, you stop being enchanted by them and one just does a soft fade into another and you don't even notice there has been a cast change. They become background noise you stop concentrating on. It's really too bad, because the premise is quite good. Hallmark Channel needs to broaden its horizons and start picking its actors from a wider pool. I'm sure they pay the minimum union scale (which is even less in Canada, where most of them are made, and it only takes up three weeks of an actor's time to shoot them), so I'm guessing the choices for quality talent is limited, but when the reaches the point where the same actors are starring in 3 different movies that are playing on both channels at the same time, you do get a bit of acting overload watching the same person be three different people. They need to expand the talent pool and get people who don't seem to be mailing their performance in. It must be hard for these actors to get excited about doing the same movie over and over bundled up in jackets and pretending to be cold day after day. It gets hard for the viewer, too.
  • Ashley Williams is a small-town girl, born and raised in the town of Evergreen, a town whose magical snow globe grants Christmas wishes. She's a veterinarian and loves her work, but she decides to take a leap and move to Washington D.C. Teddy Spears is a single dad just passing through, but the magical snow globe just might have other plans, and both Teddy and Ashley might end up staying in Evergreen longer than they thought.

    Christmas in Evergreen is a pretty cute Hallmark movie, and not for the usual reasons. Yes, it's a bit corny and yes, the heartwarming elements make up for the corniness. But it's Ashley Williams who makes this movie truly delightful. I've never seen her in anything before, but in this film, she seems so completely at home in her character and her surroundings. You really feel that she's lived in that town her whole life, and the sass and spunk she puts into her lines shows she's comfortable with her friends and neighbors. Barbara Niven plays Ashley's mom, and not only is there a strong family resemblance, but they have a wonderfully realistic chemistry together. They really feel like mother and daughter, and it's pretty cute to watch.

    The side plots of the story aren't the best or most imaginative, and you might choose those moments to pop some more corn, but Ashley will capture your attention and heart. Catch this movie the next time Hallmark airs it and get ready to root for the good girl.
  • Ever seen a dancing class recital? The group is dancing away but there is always the kid who is simply doing steps. Sometimes you can see her mentally counting the step-ball-changes before the turn. It looks like dancing but it's missing what makes dancing, dancing.

    For me, watching this movie, Ashley Williams is that kid and it ruins the movie for me. Overacting to the hilt, that jack-o-lantern smile, everything too big, too much, overdone. Natural is not in her acting tool box, she acts like a pre-teen in her school play. It's distracting and pulls me right out of the movie. It's a problem b/c she plays the lead and is on camera a LOT, so if watching an actor substitute big-eyed ear-to-ear smiles (sometimes at inappropriate moments) for actually getting into a role annoys you, you might want to plug in It's a Wonderful Life and enjoy the great acting that turns a Christmas movie into a Christmas classic.

    The other actors are ok in their roles, and the plot is typical Christmas romance with the usual angels in the snow, tree decorating, bearded old guy dispensing holiday wisdom, etc. etc. The movie is predictable, of course, but that's what Hallmark movies do: guarantee the happy ending.

    I love Christmas movies, and for me this one is fair to middling. If you enjoy Hallmark Christmas movies, you'll like this one as it follows their holiday pattern. Teddy Sears (Ryan) and Holly Robinson Peete (Michelle) were bright spots in this movie
  • I find Ashley Williams so annoying! Her constant smile and over-the-top acting is just too much for me.

    I've seen her in other Hallmark movies. Not a fan. Her acting is always the same. Perky, happy, and not believable. Annoyingly so.

    The plot was not believable. Driving an antique truck to D.C.?
  • This movie is so cute. Characters are realistic even though the story is based on a magical snow globe that grants Christmas wishes. Adore Ashley Williams in this movie. Before seeing this I only knew her as crazy Claire in "Something Borrowed".
  • The town of Evergreen is home to a magic Christmas globe. Veterinarian Allie Shaw (Ashley Williams) is moving to DC for a new job at a big clinic and spending time with her ex Spencer. She makes a wish on the globe and situations conspire to keep her stuck in town. Michelle (Holly Robinson Peete) is her best friend who is taking over the Christmas festival. Ryan Bellamy (Teddy Sears) and his daughter Zoe are passing through town to fly to Florida. Zoe makes a wish on the globe. They run into Allie at the airport. Flights are canceled. The road out is blocked. No one can come in for the Christmas festival and no one can leave.

    This is a Hallmark Christmas romance. It is a no drama special. There are no big surprises. Ashley Williams is super sweet. Teddy Sears is perfectly nice. It is hot sugary chocolate and it doesn't even have the marshmallows for fun. It does what it sets up to do. It does not offend. It does not challenge. It is a dash of magic and a batch of sugar cookies. It is Christmas at its nicest and safest.
  • To all the sceptics out there.... don't watch them if you are bored of them or they are too "predictable"... My girlfriend and I , loved everyone single one of them shown on the hallmark channel this year, mainly because they are all the same "cheesy" movies ... It is a beautiful way to get away from the greed that has become the "holiday season" and it's a nice way to come home everyday and watch the ideal Christmas to a small town ... yes I get that the actors are cast in a bunch of similar movies , but that's not just because they are being paid less to film in Canada , it's because they love the idea of "Christmas" ... it's a time for miracles and a time for reconciliations and a time for forgiveness... it's not just a bunch of presents under the tree, it's that SPECIAL feeling that the season brings... and we both LOVE IT!! thank you
  • zyxnix20 December 2017
    Turn down the fake snow machine a little. Ashley Williams has an amazing smile...that's about it. She never wears anything sexier than an old sweater. There is no feel of chemistry in this movie. That being said it is a nice movie. Everyone seemed to try real hard and it is worth a viewing, but it's missing a lot of things. It sort of feels like a religious cult's first attempt at a Christmas movie. Can one have too much Lynda Boyd? No.
  • This is the best Christmas movie I adore Ashley William's she is so perky and such a happy positive actress. My new favorite sorry Christmas in Evergreen letters to Santa didn't get it Jill Wagner too structured . Hope Ashley William's and her costar in Christmas In Evergreen make more movies. Wonderful story line It is Teddy Sears great chemistry between them . Contrary to other reviews I love this positive happy movie and music toward end of movie . Kind of reminds you of Miracle on 34th St
  • Ok, I like her. You pretty much know what you are getting into with Hallmark movies. Sometimes I am just not in that mood and don't watch and sometimes I am and I just relax and smile. Just seeing this during Covid pandemic and it's comforting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Three events largely play in the outcome of this film--a little girls's wish, the weather and the temperament of an otherwise beautifully restored 1953 Ford F100 with it's stock flathead V8 engine, though who on earth would drive such a gem on snow covered salted roads??? Certainly not me. Unlike some of the other Hallmark Christmas films, there really is no villain or someone's checkered past to throw a wrench in the works to spoil it and with family films such as this, it isn't always necessary. A point well stressed here is that change and different scenery are not always what it's built up to be when it's already there at home and with the people that the individual loves and is close to. Child actress Jaeda Lily Miller in her 6th Hallmark film is great once again. She really doesn't have to act all that much as she is doing what she really is and that's being a kid and nothing more. The reason I didn't give this a 9 or 10 rating is that the snow storm that closed the airport is somewhat contradicted here as when they leave, they are traveling along at a normal speed and little or nothing is falling.
  • If you like corny and sappy and Christmas on steroids, then you will probably enjoy this. Girl meets boy who has a little girl and the little girl wishes she and her dad would get stuck in Evergreen for Christmas.

    Sadly, that is pretty much the story. There is an existing boyfriend for Allie and there is really not much wrong with him other than he is serious about work and appears to be one of the upper class. He shows up unexpectedly. There is almost nothing in the way of surprises. There is a hint of real Christmas magic, but not displayed outright.

    There is nothing special about the acting, except maybe that Jaeda Lily Miller plays her part as super cute Zoe very well. Ashley Williams plays the optimistic, cheerful, sweet and generous lady, but it doesn't seem to be acting for her. I also wish her smile made it a little deeper into her eyes because that smile is on her face probably 80% or more of her screen time.

    As I said, if you want a typical Hallmark Christmas movie, this fits that scheme, but I'm sure there will be those who don't like that kind of thing.
  • Christmas In Evergreen is a very cute movie! Ashley Williams seems like a gun person on and off set.
  • MIssM1927 October 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Allie was planning on going to DC to live with her boyfriend. Ryan and his daughter Zoe were on a way to a cruise. But because of a blizzard they get stranded in Allie's hometown, Evergreen.

    It's nothing we haven't seen before. We have Marcus Rosner as the boyfriend (again, we have seen this like 20 times?) We have Ashley Williams who definitely knows how to carry a movie. Some people may thing she it too much but I like her, she is fun. Teddy Sears, what a surprise, would love to see him on another Hallmark movie. The girl playing Zoe is adorable. (Allie from WCTH) She wasn't too adorable. Just the right amount. She was probably the best part of this.

    There was good chemistry between the whole cast, probably more than between Ashley and Teddy. This is everything you expect from Hallmark, leads baking cookies, skating, decorating a tree and enjoying the life of a small town during Christmas. I'm really glad Allie chose to stay because Evergreen was her home and not because of the love interest. Also surprised that Marcus's character, Spencer, was not the usual workaholic, narcissitic man he usually plays.

    I would say this is average Hallmark, it's not their best, but also not horrible. I will watch the sequels. Torn between 6 and 7. Feeling nice today.
  • This one had every freaking Christmas cliche in the book. Country good/city bad, specious current boyfriend/fiance versus christmas-phobic single Dad, Save the festival, magical Santa, frolicking in the snow, Christmas Cookies, and Christmas-centric small town. And... the boyfriend who appeared like a jump-scare in a horror film. I still liked it. I am one of the majority that really likes Ashley Williams. The screen loves her and she is never less than a sweetie-pie. This entry also featured two other shining stars: Jaida Lily Miller and Rukiya Bernard. Young Jaida is a Hallmark regular for good reason. She is a great little actress and a charming presence. I wish Rukiya were more of a regular than she is. I have seen her as a supporting player in 3 other Christmas Hallmarks and she quite simply lights up the screen. She needs to move over to Lifetime, Hallmark mysteries, or Ion and start starring in her own movies. Move over Tatiana Ali. All this goodness was marred by the irritating mother who was a little too dependent on her beloved daughter. She needed a little therapy, as does many of these Hallmark mothers. As was the town, which couldn't seem to function without the capable heroine.
  • Ms. Williams is Awful on this film. Surprising because everything else I have seen her in has been very enjoyable and she is none of those actresses where if she's in the film, you want to watch it. Unfortunately, every time she smiled it was so phony it got on my nerves and I could not finish the film. Holly R. Peete was totally underutilized in this film. The writers made Ms. Peete's character look as if she were incapable and inept as if she could not solve a problem without Ms. William's help. I am.not a fan of films that tear down the supporting characters in order to make the lead character look good. Especially since Hallmark is just beginning to show some diversity. The sequel is much better.
  • vriddheeg6 December 2017
    A small town Christmas💖 it is so hallmarked and christmasy. Small town myths and traditions are so cute. It always makes me wonder if small towns are really like that. There is something about hallmark movies that makes you feel like Christmas, they just get it right. Their movies are family friendly and the ambiance is perfect.
  • kz917-11 January 2018
    Enjoyable story and cast.

    Yes, driving Grandpa's antique truck to D.C. was never going to be realistic as another reviewer mentioned.

    Yet another female character moving literally to be with a dolt of a boyfriend.

    Thankfully fate intervenes and she reconsiders the choices she is about to make!

    Worth a view for the Christmas wishes that bring magic to those who need it most.
  • Louisa May Alcott did not write A Christmas Carol , Charles Dickens did.
  • bcat7918 December 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I am writing my review after reviewing the other 12 reviews. Several people thought it unbelievable that she would actually drive a truck to DC, clearly they did not watch the movie because she was not driving the truck to DC she was driving the truck to the airport there was a whole scene about the airport being snowed and in flights being canceled. That said, the town was idyllic the doctor was handsome the kid was cute, and the movie had a very typical plot as many as these Hallmark movies have the same plot. All in all though it was still enjoyable. The only thing I don't like is it felt like she led her boyfriend in DC on for several years and he seemed very serious about the relationship, and he also seemed like a really nice guy. If the main characters is going to betray a long time boyfriend at least they could do is make him a cad and an unlikeable person. I know they are all ending up where they are supposed to be, but it seemed like a betrayal which made it a little sad to me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hmm... There's not much to say about this movie, to be honest. It's another "magical Christmas macguffin" movie, with an enchanted snow globe granting people's wishes. The setting is gorgeous, and the acting is pretty much what you'd expect. However, I find it rather amusing that the whole thing depends on a little girl wishing to stay in the town of Evergreen for Christmas, rather than hopping a flight to Florida to spend the holiday down there. However, when she uses the snow globe's black magic to ground the flight repeatedly, one wonders how many other people's Christmases are being ruined to serve her own purposes. An unintended angle, no doubt, but a noticeable plot problem all the same.