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  • Only watched this as Mrs Graham is a big James Patterson fan. Each episode tells a real life murder story. Introduced by James Patterson (very briefly). At the end they tell you what happened to the real life people involved and show photos of the real people.

    The acting and writing is average. The production is average. You will be disappointed if you are seeking out an Oscar worthy performance. However they do tell real life stories in a far more interesting way than the normal interviews, shots of locations and dramatic music.
  • kieraeric6 February 2018
    I am in total shock on how bad this show is. You would think with all the money and resources James Paterson has this would be a great true crime it's horrible. From the layout to the actors to set script everything it's bad.
  • It has some of the most original crime stories (and I watch this channel all the time). I mean, the acting on this channel is never top notch so I didn't expect top notch acting here. But the concept and stories are great!
  • This series is horrible. The writing, acting, and directing are awful, What is this low budget attempt at a scripted docu series? One of the greatest crime writers is a producer on one of the worst true crime series ever made, that irony is thick.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***SPOILERS*** This one ain't too bad. I've read other reviews, and I have to keep reminding myself that people who watch these things (such as myself), REALLY want to be entertained. They are used to shootouts, car chases, super-villians, etc... The truth is almost always something more mundane. The people who do the dastardly things to each other that detectives then have to sort out and solve, are messy, sad, and in the end, the result of normal, everyday problems that get out of control. This series merely reviews those criminal experiences, and the problems that the police have to work through to bring the individual (s) to justice. I believe that Patterson lent his name to the project to see if people would watch it, and of course, sell products. Those are things that television does by necessity. In these cases, the acting is good, the people are normal appearing, and their day to day live are typically uneventful. Once in a while there is a high profile case. Mostly, though it is sad, and dull. That's reality, folks. I give it a 9.
  • It feels as a documentary made into re-enactment show such as I.D. channel does, i remember the ID covered at least one of the ones by James Patterson's series, so what kind of a role did he play in it other then marketing? Its based on true story that was already covered in the media. Badly acted average watch, and thats a very generous review. ID channel at least covers more details, interviews the envolved law enforcement and is more accurate.
  • I love James Patterson. Fantastic writer BUT having seen only 2 shows of this series both were such a huge disappointment. They weren't even close to what I have grown to expect from Mr Patterson. The Jack Reacher movies are almost identical to the books and are spellbinding.

    I'd give Mr Patterson a new trial on this series. Maybe he can get a chance to be cleared in the homicide of " James Patterson's Murder Is Forever". If not it's the gallows. As the trap door swings open and Patterson's TV career drops to it's death. DUM DA DUM DUM!