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  • B. Tech starts making its point only after the first 90 minutes which it uses to narrate the daily lives of a bunch of slackers currently finding it unable to complete their Engineering studies. When one of their group members is accused of being a suicide bomber, the leader of the gang (Asif Ali), who has been slacking off for close to eight years now, vows to prove it wrong and fight for his friend and companion against the prosecution's prejudiced ways. Bollywood recently had a very similar film - Anubhav Sinha's Mulk (2018) - where he focuses on the idea of 'Islamic terrorism', which is the central topic here as well. But I don't understand why director Nair had to waste 90 minutes of his viewers or even turn this into a film. Much like how Mulk suffered from a poor container for its important message, B. Tech suffers from incongruity and fails to have an impact on its audience because of the vast difference in the two halves that make his debut feature film. The comedy, the songs, and the decent performances can all be counted, but that's not the point here. As a viewer, if those parameters matter to you the most, then B. Tech will be a treat. Otherwise, it's a film that could have been an article on Medium. Give it some claps and move on. TN.
  • shriks2015 May 2018
    I am sure the script is written by a primary school kid .Got bad headache even before the half time .I am sure the initial ratings in imdb are "managed" just to get some additional footfalls in the theatre
  • mohdalthaf19 June 2018
    Not boaring and wachable with family.comedy also nice.
  • abhishekthegreat-pulimoo18 February 2019
    The director have no clue what he is doing. Very predictable cliche storyline. Some message they want to send out by this film, but its not at all convincing and is full of errors. Really bad. Stay away!!!
  • vjnambu29 January 2019
    Btech is okay film. Too much dragging. Main plot comes only in last 30 minutes. Even though more than half of the film runs without story it was watchable. Even the message in climax is not presented properly. Best performance was from Arjun Ashokan, son of Harisree Ashokan.
  • cathyshaji23 December 2018
    I'm not going to lie. Initially, the movie comes off an a typical "iddi padam", and rightly so. A good two thirds of the film are spent with the main characters smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and getting into fights. While you might find all of that a bit dry or unpleasant while watching it, this first block of the film is essential in building the foundation of the plot and the backstories of the characters. I think that the knowledge that the viewer picks up about the characters during the first part of the film is what heightens the effect of the the second portion of the film. You get so attached to the characters that when you reach the turning point in the film, it hits you like a train. Like man, I was absolutely wrecked. If you keep watching this movie you won't be disappointed. I feel sorry for anyone who sits down to watch this film, and gets up before the turning point in the film, because they've missed out BIG TIME.
  • joppanLive20 August 2018
    I didn't get bored watching this film. The film is OK, could have been made better. Especially the twist and the climax. Songs were also nice, though not top-notch.
  • boldruler-7729720 August 2018
    Movie was an average one. Asif Ali's, Arjun Ashokan's & Kannada actor Harish Raj's performance was commendable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    B. Tech starts as just another campus story. With decent performances by Asif Ali and Arjun Ashokan, the first half scrapes through. I am a huge fan of Sreenath Bhasi, the ease in his acting and the naturality is impeccable.

    Aparna Balamurali has nothing to offer here. The highlight of the movie is the music. Rahul Raj gets it right every time, every damn time.

    And then we reach the second half. Here is where the movie makes a breakthrough. Islamophobia is managed beautifully by the debutant director. Must watch.
  • sainumechpd14 August 2018
    Excellent movie ..Tell the truth..All characters acted well
  • Really a good movie till 3/4 th of the film,after that juat regular scenes... Really good director,good script,good screen play