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  • I'm reviewing the Sweet Sinner release via Mile High Distribution on DVD, rather than the chopped up (meaninglessly) 4 vignettes "mini-series" version. IMDb lists this as a Gamma Entertainment production but that is incorrect: it is Sweet Sinner all the way. The provenance confusion now being introduced systematically into IMDb stems from Gamma operating a website for Mile High Media's Sweet Sinner label, but not involved in production of the SS content.

    Title role is filled by Alexis Fawx in the first half titled "Becoming the Mistress" while much younger Abella Danger plays the mistress in "The Best of Both Worlds". Both segments rely heavily on voice-over narration (Chanel Preston in "Becoming", Michael Vegas in "Best") to carry the story line and both have filmmaker Jacky St. James's mixture of cuteness and knowing commentary.

    Chanel's neglectful hubby has an affair with his buxom co-worker Alexis, fast becoming the pre-eminent MILF figure in porn. For Part 2 of "Becoming the Mistress", wife Chanel gets her revenge by humping Donnie Rock, and the would-be drama remains stillborn.

    Abella Danger's sexiness (and the camera's fixation on her ample rump) overcome her poor acting ability in her segment, as she parades around and baby talks in virtually identical manner to her "real life" self in a lengthy (over 30-minutes) BTS segment. One of porn's greatest cameramen Ralph Parfait shot this feature, and rather ignominiously is made a flunky asking Jacky's very dumb questions of the cast for the BTS, all about cheating.

    Michael Vegas overacts miserably, shouting his dialog and pretty much ruining the second half of the show, though as his wife Lily Labeau, with a becoming blonde hairdo like she affected early in her career, gives a moving little performance as the cheated-upon wife. Living up to its title, this Vegas-centric episode is very cynical, with Michael ending up with two women servicing him separately in a very smug statement by Jacky, condescending to her audience.