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  • Give Barrett Blade a camera, and he'll likely turn in junk like Penthouse's "Rock Whore", an instantly forgotten feature from the latest wave of content from this once mighty source of porn.

    A girl band called Cherry Bomb is the subject for this five-scene sex exercise, fronted by singer Cherry as essayed by Alektra Blue in her latest, disappointing post-Wicked Pictures career. Each of four band mates gets a sex scene, plus a double-up as lesbian time killer to round out the show.

    Fellow cameraman Alex Lord has a pointless (but blessedly fleeting) cameo as one Timmy Jivestone among the interviewees pretending to do a VH1 documentary approach but little interest in generated in the fictional group. Film's title is meaningless, implying groupies in my old stuck-in- the-'60s mentality, though subject matter is about female musicians instead.

    For marquee value we get August Ames as the group's guitarist, while Chloe Chaos portrays "Suzy Suicide", trying to add a bit of punk styling to the nonsense, when of course Alektra would have logically served that role. As the drummer Jamie, Jessica Ryan made a poor impression on me, as she's not very pretty and her body can't compete with that of a bona fide superstar (even former) like Alektra.

    Steven St. Croix pops up as a minister who points out helpfully that despite his collar he's not Catholic, so he can hump one of the ladies with impunity. He also serves as the show's narrator, his distinctive voice perhaps the video's greatest asset. As far as sexual stimulator or storytelling vehicle it's a non-starter.