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  • "Unnatural" is your typical procedural, with a body per episode, some character development, and your team interacting with each other while the plot of the episode develops. However, the setting, acting, and touch make this show really enjoyable, even if not particularly original.

    The show centers on UDI, the Unnatural Death Investigation unit, an organization that works to discover the truth behind unnatural deaths that occur in Japan. Japan being a country where people are not normally buried, but cremated, which means you cannot go back to those bodies to do another autopsy. The UDI has a couple of lead forensic surgeons, Mikoto Misumi and Kai Nakado, and a group that works around them.

    As said above, each episode offers a case, even though there is an overall arc that offers a particular mystery related to one of the characters, and some other mysteries and plot threads that will be developed little by little. The cases are not particularly surprising or original, but they are engaging enough and offer a couple of surprises along the way. The fact that the group has only a short time before the families want to cremate the bodies adds a countdown to the proceedings that make it more nail-biting (even if we have to suffer the 'character-running-to-stop-a-body-of-being-cremated' moment here and there).

    The best of the show, however, are the characters and their interactions. Satomi Ishihara is particularly good here, her acting fitting the character better than in some of her other dramas. But the package around her, with Yutaka Matsushige or Masataka Kubota, really helps. Their interactions, banter, and how they are developed is the highlight of the show, with some very touching moments. Yes, the show may try to manipulate the viewer with the music and some particular plot twists, but when you care about the characters and it does it not in an intrusive (or very intrusive) way, you won't care much.

    If you want a mystery of the week, with funny characters, and some feelings thrown into the mix, you may enjoy "Unnatural". A good one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My favourite Japanese TV mini series so far, you're not gonna miss it! UDI, the Unnatural Death Investigation, an organization that works to discover the truth behind unnatrual deaths that occurred in Japan. The main cast Satomi Ishihara, great performance in this TV show and I wanna check more works of her.
  • Surprisingly nice! The script solid plot development is reasonable, the reversal of the publicity particularly is attractive. In a word, under the banner of indifference and suspense, we are trying to explore the "future science" of forensic medicine itself, and the ethical and moral issues arising from it. There is no absolute right and wrong and justice, but science itself.The warmth of many episodes of science and justice brought tears to my eyes.
  • madbird-612439 January 2019
    Not the best forensic expert drama, compared to kdrama Investigation Couple. But I would say it is above average and worth seeing.

    Each epd the expert is handling a different case. The pace is quick. The story behind each case is intricated and enchanting. Only that when comparing to Investigation Couple, the facilities and setting of the forensic lab is not so authentic.

    The drama is centered on the work of female lead, a forensic expert. She is pretty and is acting well. One of the special point of this drama is that she is a private expert, whereas all other forensic expert drama are on government forensic doctors. The cases she handled are all not easy cases.

    The part on male lead is not as much. He is a queer guy, not handsome but acting is ok.

    On the whole, still an outstanding medical drama worth seeing.
  • morning-81113 April 2020
    The unnatural death of a corpse sets off a series of reverses, combining suspenseful suspense with intriguing social questions. She is economically independent, internally free and honest. Isn't she what many of us girls want to be today? It is more necessary to learn how to be independent and open-minded than to learn how to dress and make up. In particular, the phrase "a good meal and a good night's sleep are better than time for despair" can almost be regarded as a panacea. Anyway, when I saw this sentence, I felt a sharp blow in my heart. Life, the time wasted in confusion, despair and loneliness, there is no need, this time is really not as good as a good meal, a good sleep, give yourself a good reward.