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  • I'd love to watch the fun games that the actors play or their interviews, but the editing in this show kills it!

    Every 15 seconds there is a damn 2 second clip from a movie or tv show that is supposedly in relation to what the interviewee just said, but they rarely are related and add nothing!!!

    It makes everything IMPOSSIBLE to watch when there is a 2 second useless clip interrupting! They add nothing and actually make the content worse!

    This show needs a new editor.
  • I just discovered this show a few days ago and totally binge-watched every episode. It's sweet and concise, celebrating love for movies and the creative process behind making them, from actors, directors, producers, sfx artists, you name it. I think the hosts are terrific and the joy they bring into each episode, whether they're on location somewhere in Hollywood or interviewing guests, made me want to keep watching. They are able to bring out a youthful and excited side from each guest, and it's fun to see filmmakers talk about movies and tv shows they love and then geek out playing movie games. Guests not only talk about current work, but the hosts also talk with them about past projects; for example, it was really cool when Tim immediately out of the gate asked Alessandro Nivola about working on Face/Off, and watching Kerri smoke a cigar with Norman Lear was badass and had me cracking up. It's fun to watch an episode and then turn around and watch trailers for movies they talked about that I hadn't heard of before. Added to the watch list. Done. This show is a great way to spend a lighthearted ten-fifteen minutes. I hope there are many more seasons ahead.
  • Twenty plus years after his boring character debut on Mall Rats, the same turgid character continues to linger on, pretending to be interesting, but failing horribly.

    Unfortunately for the world, watching Kevin Smith is like watching fungus grow on a rotten log. Very boring and ponderous. Nothing that Smith says is fun or exciting. It is just Kevin Smith being his homie character from the 1990s. Same backwards cap, same goofy grin, same empty observations. A big waste of time.
  • bsx-0538431 March 2018
    A bright spot here or there, but not worth your time to watch. I would write a longer review, but want to lead by example; the time you spend reading this should be equal to or lesser than the time you spend watching this show.
  • willeagle2317 November 2017
    Fun show but it needs to be longer! Lots of good info and enjoyed Kevin Smith. You did put a lot into just a few minutes. Kerri and Kash will be great hosts. Check this show out as quick as you can. And back to my first point please make it longer. Because when it comes down to it you can't get enough of a good thing! I'll be looking forward to Friday's so I can watch The IMDb Show!
  • bcfankyle14 April 2018
    Like all things in life, the world needs more Bruce Campbell. IMDB Show actually gave us more Campbell. Thank you.
  • Having been a long-time user of IMDb, it was great to see this show come out and having Kevin Smith on - perfect for the weekend the Justice League comes out, to discuss the movie.

    You guys have nailed the format, it's not dense, easy to get into, and totally agree that Michael Keaton is the #1 Batman.
  • The iMDB show isn't entirely a show you put to review by a movie critic like Roger Ebert or Felix Vasquez Jr. but for ordinary people who regularly go onto their computers like you and me which are mostly frowned upon, we let our own opinions be announced without strict social boundaries and for the better of that. We let ourselves express our opinion in order to make the internet a functional and exciting place for people all around the world to have the capability to use and as well as building a separate society with different rules from our real society we have come to terms with communicating with each other online in many different forms in social media. Some of the social media platforms we use to communicate with each other online include popular websites, apps and other applications of the internet that are recognized by almost everybody who uses the internet commonly by name or logo such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Reddit and Disqus. The social media platforms that we use named Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Reddit and Disqus are websites that do not focus on much other than social interaction in the internet's social rule but over the years that the worldwide web has sprouted websites catering to other things as well as having a social platform for people to comment on either the website, it's contents or the topic that the website itself is based upon and these certain websites that cater to giving people these capabilities include YouTube, numerous computer games and once even IMDb. Recently IMDb had taken down the social platform from their website which was used to discuss, debate and inform about movies which was considered the topic of IMDb and it's purpose, to discuss movies with one another using the social boundaries of the internet because they thought that their social platform was only being used for negative purpose and the taking down of the social platform of IMDb had received incredibly controversial feedback. While some agreed with the majority of the IMDb staff for taking down the social platform of IMDb, a huge number also disagreed and since then complaints have been heightening and some had even quit using IMDb because of the fact that the social platform that they had gotten used to using had been taken down almost mockingly. In it's replacement came a cardboard copy of every flashy dishy celebrity Selena Gomez pop star music video TV show ever invented of the likes of ET, not meaning the Steven Spielberg movie, and Access Hollywood which gives movies a bad name with annoying and unnecessary interviews cluttering up the once beautiful homepage of IMDb that you could just find on YouTube. The IMDB show gracefully destroys the website with an utterly shambolic pile of crap that serves no purpose to the users of IMDB who could just look up some piece of crap interview found online on YouTube in a quick type-and-search while the IMDB show just stomps about where the social platform of IMDB used to be with it's god damn big smelly stupid Supra Skytop 4's laughing and mocking us out of their websites while us IMDB users carefully scrape out any other social platforms on the internet that they know about from their memory with depression. Shame on you IMDB...we will riot soon!
  • I've had the IMDb app for a while probably over half of a year. I've always seen ads for the IMDb show and never knew what it was and had no interest. A few days ago I clicked on one just to see what it was about and I have to say I enjoyed it. This is not for everyone ONLY for people who really like movies.
  • readman0111 June 2018
    This must be the most boring, mind numbing thing, pseudo show I had the displeasure of seeing.
  • Arrowsmith96629 August 2019
    Absolute dross. minus one. Why would anyone be interested in these people?
  • His hand gestures is ridiculously annoying and disrespectful. I'm sure most of the guest can't stand him.
  • malcdc15 February 2018
    I want to watch your show, but for me, I was hoping for something a bit more 'Actors on Actors' and I enjoy the young presenters angle. I would also enjoy a more experienced and mature world view of all things IMDB world or show.

    Regional news, regional news such as British releases this week, this month in cinema's, on DVD, streaming etc perhaps I'm just a bit conditioned to watching Film 2018 on the Beeb...

    National releases from around the world would appreciated. What's cool in Japan and Korea? India? France? Italy? Brazil? China?

    Do actors from these places have any thoughts, feelings or worldy views about their industry and it's current affairs?
  • Love that it is succinct and compact. Great hosts, great guests. It helps me keep up with what's happening in TV and movies. Only a few episodes in and I'm already a loyal watcher. Great for someone that wants to know what is new and noteworthy but doesn't want to commit the time of watching a lengthy show or podcast. Keep up the good work.
  • outctheworld25 November 2018
    Depending on the guest this can be a quirky bit of entertainment. Sometimes guest list inspirational movies that I've never seen and that has led to some gems. It does like to jump around a bit much and some guests are rather flat.
  • Great behind-the-scenes scoops, interesting and funny interviews, and Kerry and Tim are the best hosts!
  • erictburton19 December 2017
    A longtime user of IMDb, I find the content of this show riveting and will continue to watch as it continues to release episodes.
  • benrogers-13 August 2018
    No more Tim Kash please! He acts like he's fresh to the game and is silly with guests...but not in a fun way. It's time his wings were clipped and he moved the retirement home, where crap hosts go to die.
  • It is a good show, It's short and with editing of cut into different titles it cant get boring. we learn about the artist current job, a little about their previous works and their watchlist. Tim Kash makes jokes and some moments are really fun.
  • MonicaR27 May 2019
    Quick shot of entertainment info. I like hearing what guests are watching, often surprising. The trailer trailer is good.
  • The actors are well Cast and well played. The story line is Always changing to make it interesting.
  • seriki_lanre11 May 2019
    A perfect addition would be being able to comment under every show. However, if this exists then it's pretty difficult to find
  • All his movies especially when hue played a detective from the "BIG EASY"! WHOA!!!!!!