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  • I was surprised to see a spanish tv show with such an incredible deployment of resources. Good actors, and incredibly perfect and accurate locations, armours, weaponry, costume design, dressings, ships, settings... Perfect timeline, each chapter following the course of the history. Maybe the narrative is somewhat too hypercritical and bitter.
  • Honestly, I see here an attempt of telling the history by its name, how it was, and no how we want it to be on our role of conquerors on conquered, far from victimhood or heroism. The only thing I see is that is going only on a light and superficial way over it, 8 chapters of 45- 50 minutes are not enough to go though 30 of the most important years on the history of the world...a lot of things untold...but on the overall, I really like the raw way it is explained that it was the people with firm ideals together with the people from the low society, and not kings (except Isabel of Castilla) and nobles, the people who made it...and not because of Christian purposes on the most of the cases.
  • Another unfortunate example of history rewriting. There is good screenplay, reasonable acting and a solid work in costumes but the core is worthless. There is not a single good intention, glory or values in the characters depicted.

    It seems that Queen Elizabeth was a widow? At that time, Spain was already unified and an entity by itself and Fernando and Elizabeth were ruling all territories together.

    Just something to think about: If the Spaniard were such a group of raiders, rapers and genocides, how is possible that LATAM is full of Indians, whereas the Brits and later their colonies took over the native population was almost eradicated?
  • Very entertaining, and shows respectfully both sides of history.