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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Volume 1" is an American half-hour short film, well 22.5 minutes in fact, that aired on television in 2017 and was successful enough for several follow-up being released including a series. But yeah, with the mega franchise that Star Wars is, this should not be entirely surprising in my opinion. You probably won't know any of the people who made this, but the voice acting cast includes some known names like Felicity Jones, John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and of Lupita Nyong'o only to mention a few. Pretty spectacular indeed that they got these actors from the new movies on board here and it explains the success and popularity of this little movie. Admittedly, it is also baffling they are on board because the outcome is not really impressive. Sure you get to see many legendary Star Wars characters, but story-wise this was nothing special at all. It consists of 4 films in one basically narrated by Maz Kanata at the campfire and I like the idea of that. I also don't mind the animation style like some others do, but the second big problem I have next to the uninspied story writing is really the lack of attention to detail overall when it comes to making the most of this animation style. It is a fairly ugly film on many occasions, be it the colors, the blurriness sometimes or the characters' stale movements. I found it disappointing. This could have been much better, this should have been much better. I did like the elementg of girlpower though here: Leia, Padme, Maz Kanata and others sure show us how they can kick ass and have notable presences. I also felt the voice acting was a strength here, definitely among the better aspects, if not the best. But this cannot make up for the two glaring weaknesses I mentioned earlier. Even when I thought they finally got something right like in the 4th and last segment which started well with how they take out these storm troopers and also it is fairly cute the girl and the little monkey creatures, but it gets wway worse right afterward and ends up as meager as everything before that. Judging from the quality here, I am not particularly interested in watching the sequel(s). Skip it.