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  • This is an original show with a fantastic cast! I suspect a lot of us are learning a lot about "things we didn't know we didn't know." The ballroom culture of the 80's is fascinating, as are many of the characters. This show operates smoothly at several different levels and tackles the hard stuff. At its heart is the issue of family-it's enduring position as safe harbor & moral compass, and the human tendency to create families of our own to uphold and sustain us when the traditional model has failed.
  • Pose is an importante TV show. Period. Even though there are very clear critics to made on the acting, which sometimes looks a bit amateur, and texts that could use a more profund, reflexive and subtle tone instead of what looks to me as ready-for-consumption drama, the show is BEAUTIFULLY made and you can see the passion of the people who worked on it. Serving face, looks ans subjects that actually matter in our society. I hope it grows, pushing the actors forward to get better and better. Meryl Streep wasn't made from dawn to dusk and I think this show is working with a lot of talents on the making. WATCH IT!!
  • It's very early in the season to begin an assessment as the story arc is just developing, but I'm "in" thus far. I'm hoping that Ryan Murphy doesn't create a trajectory similar to what we observed with "Glee" and am comforted that he stayed away from a "Paris Is Burning" musical (thus far) as the film itself caused controversy and uproar related to matters of appropriation. I hope that the Pose writers listen to community members on set and keep it real, though many are too young to have experienced, first hand, the events they portray. Please continue to seek out and promote talent in the form of community members who were in the ballroom scene and solicit their input! HIV ravaged the community during this time period and those seeking the comfort of others living the same experience, sharing the same space, were challenged in many ways. It's difficult to invest in relationships that may be fleeting due to a deadly illness.

    For those critiquing the acting, it's unfortunate you're not celebrating the use of transgender talent within a community that exists largely in the shadows and is marginalized in our narrow-minded society. For those making societal degradation comments, there are lots of other channels. TV Land may be more your speed.

    All that said, I'm loving what I see so far! Thank you for taking this on.
  • Yasssssssssssss I'm super juiced LIVE. WORK. POSE!!!!!!
  • jgrv-15 July 2018
    I'm in agreement with everyone who is in love with this show. Just want to give a shout out to MJ Rodriguez, who plays Blanca. She is the real standout in a very good cast.
  • It's so great that this show is bringing to light a culture that has saved lost souls for generations! Brilliantly written!
  • Short and sweet review. Love Live Laugh at Life. As we all have an unknown expiration date I must say that this show makes my dimples stay active. The time was "back in the day" the mission was not to be invisible to your own tribe or others for most, for the others it was blending like a vitamix. The music, dress, terms and struggle was just as real then as it is today. To be accepted, sometimes you have to be fearless. This takes place "back in the day" when it was thought that only gay men got hiv, all males who danced ballet were considered gay or curious. Today, folks are quick to think things have always been they way they are now- this show brilliantly shows you that it was a clear struggle to get where we are today its a constant struggle. The clothes, ohh dear, story line and the mere audacity to make it with real people- love it. I wont miss a show
  • Soundtrack takes me back to the 80's, luv the selection! It's an interesting view of the 80's I didn't know existed. The characters have gone through so much pain and sadness to be who they are at this point in their lives. The acting isn't the best but the show is fun. I can't wait to see more!
  • Great to finally see such an honest depiction of the 80's Thank you for the truth Great performances Brilliant music Please keep the conversation going LOVE
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just finished watching Pose on my DVR and to say I was blown away was an understatement. The great thing about this show is the characters. They have focused heavily on character development and the "show, don't tell" aspect of the community and their lives. The opening, when they hid in the museum hooked me. Near the end when the head of the house declared, "I'm his mother!" I knew I'd be watching this series. The characters are interesting, the story is compelling, and the overall tone is about people making the most of their lives. The fact that their gay, or different, while central to the show, transcends the show, so what you're left with is a quality piece of television. This is definitely for adults as an F-bomb was dropped but unless you were really looking for it, it was almost overlooked. Even the minor characters are relevant; love the man on the mic at the ball! I'll continue to watch this.

    My only downside, which is why I gave it an 8 instead of something higher has to do with some of the acting that is fabulous but stiff. Elektra, the head of House Abundance, makes me think of the "William Shatner School of Acting" sometimes. Her deliveries are over-the-top but also sound like she's reading her lines. She needs to loosen up a bit more. It seems her character is formal, almost too formal, but she's not selling it. I hope as time goes on, she'll get better. Other times, the dancing seemed to stiff and not believable. The dance-off felt like "we must lose this because, you know, drama!" as opposed to a natural lose.

    Overall, a great show. As I said, I'll be watching this.
  • Love, love, love this show! Emphasis on the "family unit" is important and much needed in this day and age, I love the clothing and music from the 80's. The acting draws you in as if you personally know each of the characters! I look forward each week to see what's next. Ryan Murphy, you did GOOD!!
  • Brave_TraveIer16 June 2018
    All of the scenes are so colorful and full of life with style and dont forget culture. Speaking of color and the lead in direction, I must be watching a Ryan Murphy production. His style has always been one of my favorite. For e.g. the cinmatography from The normal Heart and The people Vs OJ to name two fright off my head.

    The music more than everything is like a character in this series itself, playing the mid 80s music, especially whenever it was capturing the nostalgia. This shows isnt what it says to be at first. In fact, I watched the first 5 minutes intrigued and then it turned into something different. Watch the whole first episode before deciding on whether you like it or not.

    You will find after two episodes that the characters go through hard times through the character development that really feel like the shows main strength. Its gritty and raw. The first scene with the son being confronted by his dad was showing the exact range this series has. Five minutes before that the characters in the present were absolutely playing different roles.

    The switch back to time scene was jarring but true to how being a homosexual was and sadly is still is for those.

    I'm appalled by the great reviews left and not supported by this community. It leaves me wondering why people would find their reviews mir helpful.

    READ ALL THE POSTIVE REVIEWS here too, I suggest bc tbey I'm usually reluctant about reviews but this show is put together by the masterful Rynan Murphy, or the guy Netflix just paid 300 million for!

    If you want to lose yourself and escape to this world of bright colors and incredible music and great directing, though some of the acting may not be top tier all the time. It. Will. Still be refreshing and feel like a breath of fresh air when you've watched what episodes theres to offer (2 at the point of this review).

    Do conineue it will be so much and original and unique imo!!!
  • dtentyu-240146 June 2018
    Great show about a different culture. About broken lives. About kids getting kicked out of their homes by their parents simply because they're gay, and how they find acceptance and help in this different culture.
  • The subject matter is pretty enlightening, to me. Not sure how I missed the goings-on with certain segments portrayed in Pose since I vividly remember the 80s. But I applaud this series for educating its watchers. The music here is near and dear to my heart. I wish I could feel more for the characters but the majority of the acting is just not very good.
  • liquiddrops9 July 2018
    Thank you to the writers , producers ,cast and everyone who worked to create this film.

    I can not express my graditude enough. When I heard about the show I tune in to watch opening night, and after watching , I often tell friends to watch and post about the show on Face Book.

    Its been a very long time since ive watch a show that causes me to laugh and cry at the same time. The stories speak about the truth of the LGBT culture and community. The Cast members are Oscars worthy to tell a story in the way that they do.

    At age 35 years old, being black and gay, finally someone tells my story, showcasing my struggles and fears.

    I wish this show much success.
  • In 1990 I saw the documentary "Paris is Burning" covering this same scene, Find yourself a cd somewhere pr watch it on You Tube and see the real thing. Madonna went to the balls and incorporated backup dancers voguing to material from these balls. It gave her career another boost,

    Many of the young people lead marginal existences living on dreams. One of the most petite fragile people was found beaten to death soon after with no biological family to claim her body. Her house saved her body being dumped in potter's field.

    I'll revise my score if this show starts getting more realistic about how it actually was.
  • Yes it seems harsh, yes it seems unreal and yes there are elements of fiction to convey a story. This is possibly as real as it gets because yes, this is how it was.

    At first I couldn't understand the casting. Did some research and all I can say now is that I hold each and every actor in this production in the highest awe and regard.

    Ryan Murphy. If I could, I would thank you for bringing this to the world. For every forgotten soul of that time, I applaud you for commemorating each and every one.
  • frankdenpage8 June 2018
    An outstanding show..thank you..Beautiful people so talented and an absolute joy to warch
  • dylan-bessette13 June 2018
    Everyone watch this!!! This is such a great show!!!
  • jwayker-117 June 2018
    Pose just gets it right! Love all the characters! The acting is so great! I cried at the end of episode 2it was so perfect! Thank you FX for this wonderful show!
  • nouvelenfanttriste25 June 2018
    Very happy to finally see this part of gay culture on tv. a+
  • Watched the first episode. As others have said, the writing and acting on this show is awful. Every dramatic moment was contrived and inauthentic. But the clincher was the dance audition. There is no way the childish schmuck who decided not to submit his application to the school was given an audition to start with, but his sassy friend used her sass to convince the administrators to let him do it. The real kicker is that, after all that, he can't dance! Really, he would be kicked out of a high school production of Brigadoon if he danced like that. Then the amateurish editing, with haphazard cuts, not only made me nauseous, tried to cover up the crime. No dice and no "Pose" for me.
  • The show is fabulous wonderful beautiful uplifting & amazing. Show make you laugh cry dance and feel fabulous. I can't wait for it to return. Pose is my new TV family

    Ryan Murphy's best work. Emmy forsure
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Pose is a captivating show that tells an amazing yes, but ransgendered actors doesn't insure they are good actors. Only 3 actors from the core story deliver perfectly every scene Indya Moore, Mj Rodriguez and the great Billie Porter.
  • bquintela31 August 2018
    As a transwoman who came out in the early 1980's, I can say with absolute conviction this show nails it when it comes to authentically conveying the world of trans girls from that time. It brought me back to those early times in my life, and powerfully portrayed with full on accuracy the trials and tribulations of a trans life in the 80's. Kudos to everyone involved in bringing this show to fruition!
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