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  • Took a few episodes to find its groove, but now its really good.

    I rarely watch shows live, but have taken to keeping Tue @ 10pm free to catch this.

    Great cast, good story lines. Looking forward to there being a Season 2.
  • koristephens26 April 2018
    Smart, sexy, interesting and love love love Erica Ash. She plays my favorite character of all time in Surcicor's Guilt and she's bringing it just as strong for Gwen Sullivan.
  • So, here we are, we have come full circle with procedural shows and it's now the turn of the legal profession to have a fictional drama, that is a regurgitation of the old style TV series such as Law and Order...With the exception that again, the script writing is poor and the acting terrible.

    At least SWAT had the sense to base it on an original and keep tones of the original show, giving it an almost honest appeal, even if the first few episodes were dire and not great writing or acting (though it has improved in the last few episodes in my opinion). This though decides to go it as a standalone and is just appalling, there is no realism to the show, the in court scenes are laughable and silly, at one point I almost expected a 'gutsiest move I ever saw' reference as the lead was handcuffed for the third time...I might have actually found it funny and redeeming had they written that in, although maybe a 'You can't handle the truth' would be more apt!!

    As it is, it is another woeful TV series that may or may not get a full run simply because it is politically charged with a racism theme running through it (oh and a little misogyny!), but if this is the level of script writing that we can expect from new American TV series, with a lot of older TV series coming to their end of life (Criminal Minds can't have much longer, neither Law and Order SVU, not to mention the already confirmed silly show that is Scandal), then I won't be bothering, not with some great Canadian shows around and interestingly Australian and New Zealand shows about!

    Give this a miss, or maybe judge for yourself, 45 minutes isn't a lot of time to spare and you will get a laugh!
  • natashamleenl26 April 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    The beautiful Ms. Erica Ash has done it again but with a twist! In Contempt gives an on the ground angle into the life of an attorneys journey from near infancy. The reasons I like the show is because it shows the raw details that may not be shown or is overlooked on other law shows. For instance the anxiety that she has when she is in the thick of a trial displays, the stress an attorney feels and copes with, the vices that are utilized, and the ever breeding competition. This show is to say the least refreshing!
  • benjaminagage27 January 2019
    From a legal background perspective, it's clear that they didn't do adequate research on simple issues like witness examination. The acting is really poor. I would never recommend this as a legal show to watch.
  • When I saw that this show was from the producers of Law & Order I was intrigued, avid admirer of all the L&W shows. Then I watched it and thought this can'tt possibly be right because I was thinking Dick Wolf, and Co would never back this.. The concept is good but the execution of said concept is not. It's over the top drama that's trying to be something it's not.

    There wasn't anything that makes you want to watch the next episode and to say it's a gritty urban version of L&W is highly misleading. It seems rushed and not very well researched.

    For now you'd be better off watching reruns of the real L&W or old episodes of The Practice. Lot of work to do on this one, but if cleaned up with better writing, more polished acting it could work.
  • "In Contempt" is a most excellent program, however for the hearing impaired it has no self contained scripted closed captioning which leaves the voice to text caption not making any sense towards the scenes and script. "In Contempt" needs to include scripted closed captioning that comes up and matches the exact conversation, because you know how badly voice to text works.
  • blindsay-3062320 August 2018
    Great show looking forward to next season. It had a comedic flare infused with thought provoking topics that need to be addressed. I love the thespians, they all have you intrigued.
  • pnpete927 March 2019
    Dreadful writing, dreadful over acting all are either too smart or too pretty/ handsome for their own good. Please do not bother with a second series.
  • koristephens26 April 2018
    Ep 4
    Might have the sweetest first kiss scene ever to grace a screen.
  • What dumb got it so wrong in canceling the show! Just seen the show and it was one of the best dramas I have seen them in a long time!
  • ahnaebali7 October 2019
    This show is phenomenal. Season 1 was incredible. I fell in love with every character. Many of them I have watched for years and they are amazing in any role they play. I call this the new modern day Law and Order.
  • Having just watched all of season 1 in one hit. I am hoping that this is not a 1 season wonder. The end has me not only wanting more but needing to know what happens next. I watch a lot of tv and enjoy legal tv shows like For the People and Suits this was in the same league well done to the cast i for one loved it.
  • daiangel27 October 2018
    I think the show has a lot of good content and view points that I really liked about it. They should focus more on the cases as well as the characters because otherwise the show will fail.
  • Why do the good ones get cancelled while the trash stands the test of time?! Great acting, great theme, just all around good show.
  • Networks make some of the most stupidest decisions when they cancel TV shows. This was a hit, right out of the box, but it was cancelled, right out the bag.
  • Started to love the serial as it took time to grow on u ,as it a serial with a difference . The lawyers quirks and crazyes makes it interesting and not the nomal other law serials. Hope will get to see more.
  • cpitts-5301224 September 2018
    I love show with new actors, give this show a chance to shine, bring it back for another season.
  • cebanks-2895919 July 2020
    No complaints here, may not be to everyone's pleasure but works for me. Don't see why BET cancelled. Let's get this back on the screen for crying out loud and keep it real.
  • First episode I thought it was going to be the same old same old, but each episode got better and better. Looking forward to upcoming episodes.
  • This show is sooo dope!! I love it!! So will there be a Season two??? Please do! We need to know what happens next!!!
  • hq0rim21 March 2019
    This is a show I truly loved watching. The cases focus on all aspects and showed how the judicial system fails us daily. It also made you appreciate to hard work of a public defender who has very little to work with but still shows up to fight. BET dropped the ball here.
  • This show got my attention on the first episode. Can yall please bring it back? I have been waiting too long to know if it's been canceled or what. This show is breath taking, come on man, yall gotta being it back!!!!!
  • Mamasgirl8227 November 2019
    Not since the practice has a law show caught my attention like this one. Other then for the people which was also canceled.