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  • Watching Jessica Walter guest starring recently on "NCIS" I was struck by how sexy she is, now a septuagenarian. Brit Porn star Paige Ashley had the temerity to back this vanity ripoff of Jessica's greatest role, the femme fatale opposite Clint Eastwood in "Play Misty for Me", and even kept the original title. Its relative obscurity (deserved) meant I had to add it to IMDb just now, seven years after its Bluebird release, one of just a handful of co-ventures with the venerable porn label from Spain, Private Media.

    Clint's radio deejay role goes to Charles Dera, with frequent caller-in to the station Paige self-designated his Number One Fan. In this thriller context that means stalker, and filmmaker Nicholas Steele doesn't generate any suspense as we watch pug-nosed cutie Ashley doing her serial killer thing, racking up an impressive body count. Too bad Dirty Harry wasn't available to nab her, though the setting for this British movie is L.A. rather than Frisco.

    Casting requirement was big fake tits, so all five leading ladies here are as busty as can be, with perhaps favorite from Blighty, Cindy Behr, taking breast in show honors. But it is Paige, whose Pure Paige Productions gets a nice credit (first film from this banner) on the DVD packaging, who dominates, having more sex scenes than is usually permitted in porn, variety being the spice of life. American talent like Zoey Holloway and Brooke Belle also have their moments in the spotlight. Paige's store bought tits fill the frame, but I preferred her original screen persona as a flat-chested brunette in many a Killergram or other local video a decade back.

    Script by Bluebird owner Paul Chaplin generates very little interest, and even drops entirely the One Night Stand & jilted theme that made the original movie so influential, even leading to Adrian Lyne's hit carbon copy "Fatal Attraction". Copyright laws being what they are, the show doesn't steal Erroll Garner's standard "Misty" but instead keeps playing a new song titled "Play Misty for Me" which is kinda catchy. In other words, it is legal to ripoff a screenplay but not a musical composition.