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  • Kuttanadan Marpapa has many names famous for comedy among their star cast - Innocent, Dharmajan, Ramesh Pisharody, Salim Kumar, Soubin Shahir, Aju Varghese, Hareesh Perumanna and the list goes on. As expected, the movie is a fun entertainment from start to end. The movie is nearly 2hrs 30mins yet one doesn't feel bored as the above actors constantly engages in witty one liners and no comedy felt old or repetitive.

    Kunchacko Boban's charm ensured that he didn't get really overshadowed by the veteran actors mentioned above. Aditi Ravi as the other lead character Jessy gave a convincing performance and Surabhi Santhosh as her sister also impresses. Santikrishna stunned us all with her touch of comedy and is a refreshing presence in this movie. The songs are also pleasant to hear and there's an unpredictable twist to the end too.

    I don't see much flaws here, just one or two scenes dragged. Either way this movie is an absolute timepass, popcorn entertainment for family audience.
  • A plea to the producer..please don't spend money on such stupid movies.!!
  • Kuttanadan Marpappa looks like a lovechild of a boisterous circus couple - with shining lights and colorful setups, loud noises, and much fanfare. It is appealing to watch Sreejith Vijayan's romantic comedy, but not more than 10 minutes. Kunchacko Boban plays a young and naive photographer who finds himself in a difficult situation where he is supposed to cover the wedding ceremony of the girl (Aditi Ravi) he was madly in love with years ago. I liked the concept, but I am disappointed at how director Vijayan creates a mockery of the whole story just to churn out few "twists" at the end. Apart from the sexist undertone of the film, thanks to Ramesh Pisharody and Shanthikrishna (at her most oversmart performance since Njandukalude Naatil Oridavela (2017)), Kuttanadan Marpappa goes on and on adding new characters and developments to a story that is as basic as saltwater. After a point, the film stops making sense as the characters resort to unfunny slapstick and loud dialogues. I am okay with this generally, but when you have no movement in the story and half-baked characters with no jokes in their hand, it does not add up to the entertainment quotient. Boban is fine, but both Ravi and Shanthikrishna succeed in irritating their audience - one with a meek performance and other with the opposite of that, respectively. The songs are abrupt and there is a lot of nonsense in the proceedings that make up Kuttanadan Marpappa. Even if you like boisterous masala films and watch them in your free time, I wouldn't recommend this because it can lower your morale and trust in cinema. TN.