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  • SnoopyStyle18 November 2019
    Maya Jones (Nathalie Emmanuel) is running a political campaign in New York City while have an affair with her married candidate. She travels to London for the 30th birthday party of her rich college friend Ainsley Howard (Rebecca Rittenhouse). She loses her bag at the airport and unhappy investment banker Kash (Nikesh Patel) reluctantly helps her for his customer service father. Duffy (John Reynolds) and Craig (Brandon Mychal Smith) are her other college friends living in London. School teacher Duffy is a aspiring novelist, and holds a secret flame for Maya. Craig has outrageous girlfriend Zara (Sophia La Porta). Gemma (Zoe Boyle) is Ainsley's snobby friend from across the street. Maya is shocked when cute Kash turns out to be Ainsley's boyfriend. One year later, it's the wedding of Kash and Ainsley.

    The show starts with Nathalie Emmanuel trying to do some screwball comedy. She doesn't have the cluelessness to pull it off. It makes her look dumb without being funny. It seems like Mindy Kaling is trying to write for herself and she doesn't have a lead to pull it off. The tone of show is off right from the start. A bit of shuffling in the cast could help. The role is a better fit for Rittenhouse who has more comedic ability. Emmanuel is way too cool to be a dork. Then there is the accent jumble going on in this show. I'd rather have everybody doing a British accent. Most people acclimatize to their surroundings anyways. Sure, Madonna is annoying with her British accent but it's reality. The switching back and forth is rather bumpy. The trans-Atlantic shuffle gets this show into an unstable space. Eventually, the characters do win me over. I watch this for them but the random attempts at screwball comedy rarely pay off. The movie is a rom-com classic. Mindy obviously loves the genre and tries to add her own sensibilities. This needs a 30 year old Mindy to take the lead.
  • Kirpianuscus11 March 2021
    It is so far by the original than this becomes, episode by episode, its basic virtue and the motif to hate it. In same measure. But it is that kind of serie for who was invented the word charming. Relations, characters, situations, betrayals, small stories of love or succes, friendship and small revenges. A series using the fair spices for be just ...tasty.
  • The original film doesn't really stand the test of time, but has some great moments. This series has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. You will cringe out of embarrassment for everyone involved when listening the the dialogue, the oldest jokes in the world and the abject lack of talent . Right now it is three 'ten" star ratings (obviously marketing people for the series shilling) and three ratings of one or two stars (actual legit viewers).
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral is barely a remake, and that's probably for the best, playing out with so many differences that you'll struggle to remember what you're supposed to be watching.
  • yankeedoo9 August 2019
    Funny just like the movie and the ladies are beautiful too what else do u want
  • I actually really like this show. It's funny, love the British humour. It probably can't go further than season one because of what it's about but I'm really enjoying it.
  • bangel332229 August 2019
    I wasn't expecting much from this show, but I thought I'd give it a go. I've been pleasantly surprised watching this, it's actually very, very funny and very well acted. The only thing is that I think they didn't need the American characters, should have kept it all British, and that's more to do with the British humour, however the three main American actors (Duffy, Ainsley and Craig) are great, especially the guy who plays Duffy. Also I'm not overly convinced by the actor who plays Kash. They could have cast someone better as his acting falls flat at times, but apart from those minor things it's a brilliant show.
  • krzysiektom29 December 2020
    This show is really charming, funny and clever. Most of the actors do an excellent job and Rebecca Rittenhouse is stunningly gorgeous. While the first two or three episodes are just ok, the quality of the writing improves with every episode. Highly recommended if you're looking for light and fun entertainment.
  • mosquitobite27 December 2020
    It's fast funny smart entertaining endearing and self aware.

    Love all the characters.

    Thoroughly recommended!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's a messy story of 4 best friends in life and love. The creators and writers put their efforts in inserting "becoming an adult" wisdoms carefully and smoothly into the stories while keeping audience attached to the unfolding stories. It's funny, filled screwed up stupid decisions, and heart warming sense of closure without touching too much of tragic impacts of their decisions.

    The casts played their character well that they seemed breezing through the scenes in their own skin.

    Hopefully, they don't need to force a second season with the same casts coz it will be boring.
  • I can almost hearing the gears painfully grinding: "That ancient movie was so-o-o popular with those nasty old people. But we're young, hip, and way cooler. Ripping off that movie and remaking it with us would make it totally AWESOME!" Plus - movies without one of each ethnicities must not be allowed. I'm beginning to wonder how much Kaling really had to do with my favorite all-time tv show The Office. Because nothing I've seen involving her has been funny.
  • I admit, I expected it to be like the movie...and when it wasnt, I was a bit thrown off. But the series got better each episode, and what I assumed would end up being a corny rom-com, ended up being a nice entertaining surprise. Perfect show for a cold snowy afternoon!
  • The Writing is Pure Excellence. So glad I gave this a Chance. I am needing more . Love love love. Must see. If you haven't. You are definitely missing out on great Actors and Actresses. Definitely did not disappoint.
  • This is a great show. It has heart, it is enthralling, it's funny and smart. Characters are excellent, the actors are incredible, and the soundtrack is on point. Very entertaining. The best new show I've seen in quite a while.

    How can a show where each episode has an above 7 have a 6.5 overall? Don't trust IMDB ratings anymore. Too many petty people giving ratings as some sort of political response. What a pity.
  • This is so terrible, the acting is the worst I've seen in a long time, especially by the American cast. The English actors are either over exaggerated posh or total chavs. It's basically like watching a crap version of Made in Chelsea
  • If you like your brilliant British romantic comedy about missed opportunities and love at first sight, repurposed up as a treacle sweet serial devoid of charisma and energy by all means waste your time. I gave this 10 minutes before i had to retch behind the sofa. Definitely something for the hallmark channel. Wit and sophistication and charm it has not. Blandly hot young people here are trapped in a mindfield of rom com cliches and cheap sets.

    Here's what's wrong: 1. Devoid of comedic timing and pacing. 2. script seems generated by ai based on dating platform algorithms . 3. Miscast actors. 4. Soundtrack.
  • Since I felt compelled to pause my binge watching in the middle of S1- E7 to give this review, I'm just going to get right to it. This series gets better each episode. I'm not sure if the reason for this rests on the perfect cast, or the writing that brilliantly blends quit-witted lingo, political impact on community, and old fashion romance with just enough heart felt friendship moments. In the wee hours of this morning, all I know for certain is that it all just works! Now, for me, it's back to the show.

    Update: The series ended magnificently, and so much so that I watched every episode again. It was then that I realized how good the writing was from the beginning and how every word and every action of every character wasn't wasted but designed to make the ending just perfect.
  • grasswhisperer1 August 2019
    Six stars is the best I can give this and it's a stretch. They are billing this as based on the film "Four Weddings and a Funeral" but I don't see the connection at all unless you count the brief appearance of Andie MacDowell. I think this series was made for those in the late teens and early 20's. Definitely summer fare. And still more then 2 months until premiere time for the fall. Sigh
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As a lifelong fan of the 1994 classic I was understandably excited and anticipatory about this much the talked about TV series... what a let-down... it was random at best with people jumping all over the screen and no coherent dialogue. The stars did not connect with each other at all...and I'm very sorry to say that it was a huge disappointment for me
  • Really enjoying the show. Very light hearted romantic comedy. After a hard day's work, sit, relax and enjoy with your loved one. Do not expect to win any Emmy, just feel good story. It is a 10 for me.
  • thomasbgleeson10 June 2021
    To quote the first episode "horrible, just horrible"
  • Too many ideas, topics and almost identical scenes from Four Weddings (obviously), Love Actually...even Bridesmaids esque. This was just episode one. Other reviews say to give it a chance so, 2 more episodes and if there's no improvement, its adios from me!
  • Although this does have some funny parts and new stuff, it seems to try to hard to put parts of the movie in it. For me those movie scenes should have stayed in the movie. The original script is really quiet good. Hopefully will improve
  • Omg I LOVED THIS SHOW. I laughed, cried, binged, and fell in love with the characters. Do yourself a favor and watch this! Amazing Rom Com show.
  • draculard1 August 2019
    I love the writers and the actors and yet this film falls completely flat. It fails in the category of comedy, I didn't laugh once, Tracy Wigfield and Mindy Kaling are both amazing joke writers yet none of their usual gold appears here at all. It also fails in the romantic category, as none of the characters, who are supposedly long time friends/madly in love with each other, have any chemistry whatsoever.

    On paper this seems like it should be great, excellent writers, producers, and actors with solid source material, yet it doesn't work. Unless you're the type of person who needs to watch every show/movie that certain writers work on, I would skip this.
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