Dermot Mulroney actually plays the cello in real life. He is a classically trained cellist who began playing in Alexandria, Virginia's public school system when he was 7 years old. He plays with the scoring orchestras on many films for Academy Award winning composers such as James Newton Howard and Michael Giacchino

As per Mindy Kaling's Instagram, principal shooting began in London in November 2018

Several of the friends live in the London neighborhood of Notting Hill. Hugh Grant, who starred in the movie version of Four Weddings and a Funeral, also starred in the movie Notting Hill. An additional homage to Notting Hill is the "Ain't No Sunshine" montage, where Kash walks through the market over the course of a year, just like Hugh's character does.

Rupert Vansittart appeared in both the 1994 film and the 2019 mini-series Four Weddings and a Funeral. He had the part of "George the Boor" in 1994, and portrayed Kash's boss at Goldman Sachs, also called "George". Whether or not it is the same character is not clear.

Maya, Craig, Duffy, and Ainsley all share the same first line (the F word) in each of their introduction scenes.

Nathalie Emmanuel is a British actress who portrays an American in the show. She tries to imitate an American accent for the entire show.

Nikesh Patel and Guz Khan both star together in series three of Man Like Mobeen (2017-), whilst Aimee-Ffion Edwards is in series 2.

Ainsley's mom is played by Andie MacDowell, who played Carrie in the original Four Weddings and a Funeral from which this series was adapted.

Irish television presenter Laura Whitmore has a small role as the host and presenter of Love Chalet in the show. Whitmore went on to host and present the sixth season of dating reality show Love Island UK (2020) in its first winter version