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  • As an active police officer of 25 years, I'm currently 54, it was like watching my own body cam footage from the last few months! I am hooked on this show! P. Ball
  • At first I thought "no please, not another cop show" and I wasn't sure about Nathan Fillion as a cop. But I must say, the directing is spot on, and the writing is refreshing - especially the relationships of the rookies and their T.O's, their relationship with each other, the conflicts they have to deal with, and the use/views of the body cams. Also surprisingly, Fillion is perfect for this part and nails his role, and all other actors were perfectly cast and also are great in their roles. I especially appreciate seeing the various parts of L.A. and the different people/conflicts the LAPD has to deal with - outside and within the force. So far so good, let's hope the writing progresses as good at the pilot was throughout the season. A well deserved 8/10 from me.

    EDIT: 4/2019 - upped my score from 8 to 9/10... the writing has vastly improved; more realistic (and original) drama, and much less cliched cheese. Keep it up guys!
  • I have genuinely enjoyed this show and would rate the first two seasons at a solid 8. The plot and characters have been interesting and enjoyable overall.

    Season three, only a few episodes in, is a huge disappointment. Does every tv show and movie have to bend the knee to the so-called 'woke' agenda and relentlessly bombard its audience with political messaging? I can watch CNN for that.

    Come on, Hollywood, I want to be entertained, not indoctrinated. I'm sure you can come up with a more original storyline for this season.

    For this year, at least, I'm out.
  • tinajo627 March 2019
    Please bring this show back for a second season. Nathan has many fans, not to mention the rest of the cast is great. Pls pls pls.
  • Woke people always take advantages from successful shows.... why they just make their own shows? why ruin good shows?
  • This was such a decent show. And then season 3 came. Full on woke BS at full throttle. The police setting is now just a backdrop for blovious, exhausting lectures about how anyone doing wrong isn't responsible for their actions - unless they are a very specific demographic. Too bad, another one in the toilet.
  • royoshikawa20 January 2021
    First two seasons were fun and entertaining, but sadly they went woke for 3rd season.

    Go watch something else instead.
  • nugebb8 November 2019
    I'm amazed that, even in season 2, there still hasn't been an episode that I would consider below par. Every episode delivers stellar acting, a great story and a believable amount of thrill. I will admit that I tuned in for Nathan Fillion but I've become attached to all the characters and their story lines.
  • veleskir19 January 2021
    It wasn't the kind of show that could sit up there with the likes of Rome, Band of Brothers, The Wire, Generation Kill or Deadwoood. But it was "fun". It was a nice casual viewing I enjoyed every week to sit down and "turn my brain off" and this is coming from someone who absolutely hates that damn phrase.

    It mixed serious themes with light hearted moments in a much better way than most other TV series or movies do for that matter, usually relying on the awful 'quips' Marvel movies do with their annoying one liners. This show doesn't do that, it's a lot more tactful, granted it's not perfect by any means and is still a network television show, so it's bogged down by that too. But it's still great. Well, season 1 and 2 were great.

    Season 3. This season aired shortly after all of the BLM Rioting with all those cop shows being cancelled. This show didn't get cancelled. I guess I should have seen it beforehand, but what do they do? They pander. And it isn't light either. They pander with everything they've got. The Black Gay cop? All he does is talk about racism now. They've ruined the fun of his character, turning him into a talking point to push ahead how the creators of this show are so "totally allies" looking only to get pats on the backs. They've completely dropped the "fun" appeal of the show to do nothing but stroke their own inflated egos.

    What a terrible piece of crap this show has become.
  • The "WOKE" culture got to it and is taking it down and out. Putting Nathan Fillion's character in some sort of police apology center in a black neighborhood had to be the dumbest idea I have ever seen on any show so far. PLEASE STOP PANDERING TO SPECIAL INTERESTS AND GET BACK INTO THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS. We watch TV to ESCAPE from reality. Not be preached to about how ignorant we are about certain groups in the population's problems. EVERYBODY has problems. Not just black people, no offense. Native Americans? Latinos? Asians? And the Good Lord knows Christians are the only group it is still OK to make fun of and discriminate against. So sad that Hollyweird is so out of touch with their audience that they are ruining every new show coming on after we have spent nearly a year wrestling with death and isolation from COVID. I just took down my 10 rating to a 2 rating and we decided to drop it altogether for now. Preach to someone else. We want to be ENTERTAINED to leave the stupidity of the real world behind us for an hour or so!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Rookie was one of my favourite shows. I loved how it was well written and light-hearted. It focussed on the characters within the series and how they developed and cops and how they handled the odd situations they came across.

    Season 3 however is a disaster. Every story, every sentence, has an agenda. It is heavily biased and it detracts from the well loved characters and their personalities. The agenda isn't even factual. For example :

    • a black woman is pulled over for running a red light. She is found to have a stash of guns in the car. She claims they belong to her ex and gives a sob story about how she was confiscating them and delivering them to the police station. She admits stealing her husbands property and breaking into his house with a key to do so. She gets arrested by the evil white guy cop while Jackson looks on in anger. He claims she should have never been arrested. So the writers here want the police to believe every story they are told without question and want the police to ignore obvious felonies ! Instead they want them to have sympathy !

    -another one, Lucy berates Tim for being too harsh on a group of Latino gardeners that they pulled over when she had first started patrolling with him. She claims he was to harsh on them and that he should have considered how hey felt even though they had several violations against them. So again the writers want the police to consider the feelings of criminals and potential criminals. The writers actually want the police to stop and think about this before they make a move ! Have the writers ever actually been involved with real police work ?

    I wouldn't mind if the subject was touched upon, or they made series 3 involve a long running incident about a single act of police brutality. For example i think it would have been good if they had a felon die in their custody suite, then involve the fall out in subsequent episodes - for example show how the rookies deal with a riot against their station etc. But no - instead it is lots of heavily one sided sub plots that do nothing more than show the ignorance of the writers and their determination to tick boxes !

    It just detracts from what was a good show and it is a shame.
  • This show has been good until now. Season 3 is all about pushing liberal issues down my throat. It was way better when it was an entertaining show instead of a channel for pushing agendas.
  • tezzahols19 January 2021
    FFS, please get off the political rubbish, this show will go down hill like Swat has and All Rise, Chicago PD etc shoving the PC and Political agendas down our throat, most people don't care about it, we just want escapism and fun and a good cop show.
  • muallemm18 January 2021
    Was a great show first 2 seasons. Season became extremely politically correct. I like to see a show to enjoy not to be shoved down my throat peoples views on the world
  • I heard this would focus on BLM but all the guy in the second episode did was piss me off. Blaming cops for trying to help his community and not getting his own community together to stop drug dealers and vandals from ruining it.

    The guy used a bike lock to close a playground because used it for either dealing or doing drugs. That's like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound.

    Getting tired of shows pushing political messages instead of just being entertaining
  • Washington-Matt12 January 2021
    First two seasons were decent. Season three is agenda tv. Automatic 1 star.
  • The show is no longer entertaining. Its become so focused on political agendas that its not the same show anymore. The first 2 seasons had some political story lines but it was subtle enough that it allowed the show to still be entertaining. The third season has now become almost entirely aimed at cliche police situations. I won't be watching it anymore after watching the first 3 episodes. Its a shame because I really enjoyed the first 2 seasons and was looking forward to this one. I would bet that this will be the last season of the show because they will cancel it after the terrible ratings this season is going to get.
  • I really liked the first two seasons but season three is only agenda tv. I'm a groven adult and i don't need, again and again political teachings in a tv show.
  • everettstevenson11 January 2021
    This show was pretty god until season 3 when the show got woke.
  • Seasons 1 and 2 are worth the watch, but season 3 has really dropped the ball here.

    It's clear the show-runners have decided Season 3 will focus on educating viewers of political talking points, which would be fine if it was subtle about it and if it didn't detract from the show we know from seasons 1 and 2.

    Unfortunately it fails both of those tests.

    Episode 3 update: Same deal. It's like I'm watching clips from /r/AmIFreeToGo but it's a TV show.
  • dgktk11 January 2021
    Just watched the second episode of season 3, and it feels weird that they have to make the girl say thanks to the man sitting in her car... And this episode keeps underemphasizing crimes... It made it sounded like people don't have to be responsible for their own behaviors...
  • I really liked season 1 & 2 there was a tolerable left progressive bias as in many shows from Hollywood, but in season 3 chapter 2 it was way FAR too much "victimizing" radical left agenda for me to watch so i have had to stop the show in the middle. i'v been reading here that i'm not the only one holding that opinion about the show taking huge turn to the radical left sci fi section. u know - ppl just wanna to enjoy a good TV show without this political agenda.
  • I really liked the first 2 seasons. But the 2nd episode feels like the first real episode of this season because the first was the end of the second season and you can tell the narrative has changed.

    This show has changed from genuine optimistic trying to do the right thing. To super manipulative plots with an agendas now. These situations seem so forced and unatural.

    I might give this another chance but will change my review if this drastic cramming stuff down our throats changes my whole view of this show.

    Sorry love me some Nathan Fillion.
  • Seasons 1 & 2 were good, I'd say a 7/10, not a bad episode.

    Something has gone wrong with season 3. Half the content is political, with episode 1 exposing significant flaws in a previously honest and effective force, and episode 2 an undermining of the concept of policing.

    I won't be watching any more. I'm averaging my 7/10 from season 1 and 2, and 1/10 for season 3 to result in a 4/10.

    If you haven't seen any of it yet you may well enjoy season 1 and 2.
  • Really enjoyed the first two seasons. Season 3 is crap
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