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  • First off, the other reviewers complaining about the "bias" in this documentary are being overly sensitive. While there are definitely opinions about his character offered by the people being interviewed at certain points (I don't think it's particularly unreasonable to have an opinion about Trump not acknowledging the construction workers who actually did all of the labor, or worse, not paying them on time), the vast majority of what's presented are facts. These facts are well-documented both from news publications and from interviews with people who've known him for decades (both friends and detractors). For good measure, there are even excerpts from historical interviews with the man himself (although, thankfully, he was not interviewed for the making of this documentary). It's neither a character assassination nor is it anything that will fuel his cult of personality (which is perhaps what has offended his supporters so much); I could hardly imagine a more neutral assessment of Trump's life leading up to his election. However, I do feel like it doesn't quite go into enough depth. The first 3 episodes have a really nice narrative put together, but something about the final episode doesn't feel complete to me. I think maybe they should have gone the extra mile and covered all the circumstances of him actually running in 2016 and securing the presidency. Additionally, although not as necessary, it would have been interesting to have a bit about his life before he was 27. Some interviews with people who knew him as a teenager/young adult would have maybe revealed some more as to how he ended up being the person he is. Either way, unless you're the most fervent Trump supporter who only wants to hear superlative after superlative about your Dear Leader, An American Dream will keep you entertained from start to finish and helps to put everything into context for those of us who aren't old enough to remember his persona from the 70s/80s/90s.
  • With the astonishing rate of produced documentaries by Netflix, which were almost all - one by one - pure gems. I obviously had high expectations for this one. We all know the Donald from the gossip magazines and tv shows. Even for someone like me who was born in Europe, Trump was a familiar name. Sadly enough this docu-serie was simply not living up to that quality that was coming out in all of those months.

    The summary was actually really promising: Friends, associates and critics reveal the truly American story of Donald Trump, the brash businessman who defied the odds to become U.S. president. So I gave it a go and watched the whole thing in one day.

    Was this finally an in depth insight in the - at times - very bizar personality of this man? Are we learning more about Donald's childhood? I hate to disappoint, but that's exactly the key word to describe this documentary. One BIG disappointment. First of all if I wanted to know all the gossip that all the newspapers wrote about him right from the 70's; I would have gone on the internet or the local library and searched all the articles that were published in all of this years. I don't need 4 episodes filled with an hour of chatting about all the things we already knew about him. There was just no straight line in this documentary. What are they trying to teach me here? That this guy is one of the most bizarre persons that ever walked this planet? Sure I think we already knew this.

    In short: If you are hoping to understand more about the person Trump is, how he seems to get in to the heads of people and why he ever could have become president. Don't watch this documentary. It just doesn't know what it wants to tell you, so it tells you all and nothing at the same time. Such a shame!
  • The Netflix documentary "Trump: An American Dream" is either a totally false hit job or a terrifying piece of truth. Whether fact or fiction, it's amazingly entertaining. The story it tells is of Donald Trump as an egomaniac sociopath Driven by Daddy issues. But also, while mainly negative, it also shows the story of Donald Trump as one in which he continually takes on challenges he's not ready for (and which many people doubt he can achieve) and yet succeeds by pushing through on pure will, combined with a simple philosophy of "if they punch you, punch back harder."
  • When I saw this title on Netflix, my first thought was "Oh god, Donald Trump paid someone to make a propaganda documentary about himself". There were no reviews on IMDB yet, so I just decided I would give the first episode a chance.

    I found it to be actually very interesting and watched the whole thing over 2 afternoons. It isn't biased towards him. It tells the story and just shows what a true sociopath he really is, and how he is a master of using hyperbole at all times to inflate his image and whatever he may be attempting to do.

    Donald Trump understands the game and how do use the media to his advantage, even when everything appears to be falling apart. He is possibly the greatest con artist that the world as ever seen.

    Whether you like him or not, it's entertaining to watch, and it definitely says some things that the president would not approve of. Judging from some of the stories, I'm amazed that anyone actually has the balls to say anything negative about him on a documentary, knowing he enjoys threatening to sue anyone that has an opinion that doesn't show him in a positive light. Maybe this documentary will be the end of Netflix. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this documentary is suddenly no longer available in a week or 2.
  • As all things should be.

    In all seriousness, you're going to get 1/10 stars and 10/10 star reviews here, so I wouldn't trust any of them. Watch it and make you own decisions, whether you like his politics or not. Informational history about the POTUS from a British perspective.
  • Trump is good at what he does. He is not afraid to do the things that most of us would never dream of. He wanted to invest in New York real estate in the mid 1970's but he needed massive tax cuts to afford his property. What does he do? Hires the lawyer for the head of the five NY crime families. Suddenly - he gets the city to cut him tax breaks for seemingly any investment. That act began his momentum that would go through many highs and lows but end up as the 45th President of the United States. Love him or hate him - he is not stupid but he will most likely rip you off.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched in the hope of learning the story of this man that stunned many by becoming the U.S. president. Since he and I are about the same age I hoped for something beyond what I already knew. No chance. Actually, I knew more apparently than the folks doing the documentary.

    All the so-called insights and revelations are old opinions anyone can research on the internet or old newspapers. I watched as he was called a psycho and a sociopath by several people in his past who had dealings with Trump. Unfortunately I remember the news of the time and insults from these folks don't hold much water. One or two are very questionable sources.

    Nothing new. More bias. No secrets. Trump, in my opinion, has done some things I would never do or would be ashamed to do but does that make him an evil sociopath with no values? Not in my mind. Society sure is dumbing down rapidly.
  • President Donald Trump has always had my admiration and vote and it is not because he has fine taste in sexxxy women (that Ivanka oh my conservative my!) it is also because he is a successful entrepreneur who owned successful busineeses like a casino, The Trump Modelling Agency and of course my alma mater (remore education 2010).

    All hail Presient trump forever.
  • I think this uncovers a lot here, haven't been giving Trump enough credit for his shrewdness and tactical approach to becoming President - don't get me wrong, he is still and will always be a scumbag but it makes more sense now. I think it's a pretty fair assessment of his career.
  • Donald Trump is an extremely flawed man, there is no argument there. However, liberals over played their hand in this hit piece. They want us to believe they couldn't find one person that said nice things about him? Then you have the ultra liberal Barbara Res saying "she" built the tower? Oh really, was it bought and paid for by you? Were you the only worker out there? You were hired to do a job. A job that you wouldn't have if Trump didn't use his funds, his connections, etc. Should Trump acknowledge her and construction companies? Yes. She overplayed her hand and revealed an ugly side of herself while ironically trying to say something ugly about Trump. Reminded me of when Obama said people didn't build their companies. My Dad and mom busted their butts and built a highly successful company that all of us kids worked long hours helping. Don't recall ever seeing Obama at our dinner table after a long day of work. Barbara's bio says Engineer, Attorney, Mediator, Author Construction Manager, Former Trump EVP. She worked for him for years but says he's a monster and she's now using his name in her bio to charge $7,000 and up for speaking fees. I guess she could say Trump built her. Oh the irony.
  • It started out pretty good, was excited about hearing in depth about the man that became President of the United States, beating out 20 Republicans and then finally the political dynasty of the Clintons. How was this possible. But the more I watched, I realized that I could do a search on the internet and found out more details than this documentary. Very disappointed, I was hoping with the Netflix brand that this would be good. I hope netflix quality does not go down.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Given it source (UK Channel 4) I assumed that this would be a rather one-sided hatchet job on Trump and, while it comes across as negative (even the comments from his supporters are hardly flattering), it is as balanced as any portrait of this man can be.

    Anyone trying to understand Trump should watch this series to realize that what we have now as President is the same package that has been served up to the American public for more than 40 years. He hasn't changed a bit. He remains a shameless and occasionally charming BS artist, a bully, a womanizer and an ill-informed opportunist with no fixed political or moral principles. Even the guys who created Trump as a political commodity - Roger Stone, Sam Nunberg and the rest, who are interviewed extensively - recognize that what you see in Trump is what you get.

    We'll get through the next 3 years, and it will be hard, but we should know that Trump is incapable of self-reflection. Even when he tells us that Citizen Kane is his favorite movie, he cannot see the irony in that. Sad!
  • This is no documentary, not by any stretch of the imagination.

    They interviewed anyone that would say negative things about Trump. Not one positive comment from anyone throughout the entire series. Very sad and embarrassing for the people that made this.
  • Was really interested in learning more about Trump and his background, but then again, wouldn't expect the media to pass on a chance to badmouth him. This could have been very interesting had it not been biased. I.e., instead of talking about his childhood or business strategies from business experts or actual economists with no former tie to him, it's clear its just a compilation of hearsay and people who don't like him giving their opinion of him. As if there isn't enough of that already. The only person who seemed to give a neutral account was the female engineer. I was hoping to get an actual, neutral, documentary, but felt like I was listening to a bunch of high school girls gossip during lunch instead.
  • six256113 July 2020
    Let me just say, this is NOT a feel good Trump series. Definitely a hit piece, be prepared. What I loved about this series is the same thing I Loved about the book The Art of the Deal. They both prove that Donald J Trump is and always has been exactly the same man. Has always thought the same way, spoke the same way, dressed the same way, had the same hand motions (fist pump in the air), same optimism and same vision. He takes after his mom in the way he speaks and he shares her unwavering faith that all will be great. Therefore, those who aren't fans today might try learning by reading the books. A note about the music: I didn't notice any music at all until Ep 4. Man, is it depressing doom music. And it goes on & on, like the Death Doom third "Ding-Dong" in Christmas Vacation, only over and over and over again. Really obvious and way over done.
  • Trump: An American Dream is a documentary mini-series that attempts a serious look at Donald J. Trump, but ultimately does little more than rehash what has been known about him for close to 40 years of being in the public conscience.

    He's shown to have a massive ego.

    He's shown to be petty.

    He's shown to be a womanizer.

    He's shown to be dismissive of factual criticism, and will ad hominem instead of face the facts.

    He's shown to have a firm belief in himself.

    None of what this docu-series focuses on is anything new. And yet, there are a couple things which were mentioned in passing, but could have provided more an in-depth look at the man and been a much more interesting character study.

    The first is the relationship he had with his father. Yes, Fred Trump built buildings too, but not to show off wealth or even buy his way into the upper crust of the New York City social scene. He built apartments that, for an increasingly expensive city to live in, were much more affordable. I was left wondering if Donald Trump actually had this drive to outdo his father, or perhaps a better question, go where his father didn't want to? I think if that question were to be answered, we'd all have a much better understanding of the man Donald Trump.

    The second thing that was brought up briefly, but not pursued further, was even his closest and perhaps most trusted friends said they weren't sure what his beliefs actually are, if in fact he has any at all. For someone who has cast himself as a political outsider and found an appeal to a wide range of people, to latch onto someone that might not believe in anything is very fascinating to me. Except this was not pursued at all, only hinted at, in this docu-series.

    Overall, it's just another thing that exists that will confirm whatever bias one has about Donald Trump. However, it could have been so much more.
  • Anyone who's followed him over the years will know that he's always been the same. He figured out the way the world of finance worked and was given a toehold in the construction industry by his Dad. He learned how to be ruthless and learned how to deal with the sharks in the world of property development, finding out very quickly that a promise in that business is as reliable as a frayed rope.

    You have to cut him some slack in his early days for the way he chased the chicks and played the tycoon, most of the guys I knew when I was that age would have been even worse because they were all piss tanks... the Donald didn't and doesn't drink.

    And so this doc follows him through his flights and his crashes.

    What the majority of people don't seem to realize is that these experiences made him more qualified than any lawyer or academic to run the country because he knows that you have to back up threats with consequences. He's been screwed over by the best of them in both the development and the entertainment business and has been flayed alive by the press...

    Yet, he's survived it all and risen to The President's job. That's some kind of achievement, whether you like it or not and whether you like HIM or not.

    Most people too,, don't realize that you can't be nice as a politician and be successful.

    You have to be decisive, and sometimes ruthless, because there's always someone on the opposite side of the issue who wants it done their way and thinks their way is better. If you show any sort of indecision you'll get trampled by the herd

    He has to hide these qualities and make sure he doesn't come across as an ill-tempered individual. You have to work on a reputation as a battler who likes to get things done and let them know there'll be trouble if you piss him off.

    He's mostly driven by a winners and losers mentality and I don't think there's much room in his mind for things like Social Conscience.

    I think it's fair to say that he can't stand idiots..... and politics is ground zero for them.

    My take on him is that if you are a hardworking and responsible citizen then you'll be able to benefit from his policies.

    As for his morals and his women chasing, well there's been many worse than him in public life and let he who is without sin from the great unwashed ... cast the first stone.

    Quite a good series, if a little shallow but it's worth a watch if you want to understand the man's motivations a bit more.
  • spiff-1210 June 2018
    It is a perfect view of one of the most brilliant and yet broken people in America. Each episode is well rounded and contains thoughtful elements to help lead to a better understanding of Mr. Trump. Everyone in the US, heck, everyone in the world, needs to see this series. It is a reflection of us all as a people. That well packaged 'Snake Oil' can be sold as 'Cream of Caviar'. That we have lost our ability to critically think to favor what is easy and comfortable to believe. We have done too much of this in the past. Turn the mind to the facts. Watch the show. Whether you are a die hard Trump fan or a staunch opponent, it will not be comfortable to watch. That is not "Fake News".
  • Not exactly surprising. Very smooth hit piece assembling small people full of jealousy about the successes of Trump. Once you understand that and discount it - achievements of Trump remarkable.
  • It's basically a hit piece on Trump trying to make him look bad from the remainers in Breix that dont want to leave the EU, george soros cronis paid off by off for the EU, from the UK. Literally it's made in Britain Netflix will buy anything. It's a joke they take people he has basically said hello to one time and say they are friends then try to link him to stuff. It shows how much of a joke netflix is. That's all this is watch the first ten minutes and realize this is coming from Britain remainers and you already get it.
  • I'm surprised you crybabies didn't make one sooner. But it wasn't really compelling #Trump2020
  • Even if everything in this series IS true, and there is worse, that makes his rise to the Presidency even more astounding to me. What bothers me is Netflix, and their puppetmaster-in-residence, having the 'audacity of an I'm-better-than-you" mentality when it comes to running this. Everybody under heaven knows there would be an even juicier series on barack obama, if someone other a republican or conservation (cause then it would be branded a right-wing conspiracy and nothing more) undertook the effort to show us the "real" obama, and the sordid connections he formed during his rise to POTUS., Except we'll never see a treatment like this geared toward him. The O-man would be fawned over, to the degree of putrid sentimentality...and everyone would walking on egg shells not to offend the first HALF-African;American president in this country's history. What galls me as a black man is that the fragileness of my people's psyche was on full display for 8 years during that fiasco...and now, even though the the lame stream media has real threads that they can follow (such as the Steele dosier) that could unveil how obama (along with hillary) and their ilk conspired to overthrow Donald Trump's election. Something that, if it ever came to light, would overshadow anything revealed about The Donald in the series. But we will never know, will we? Because obama's on the left, and he gets to sit back, smoke weed, and throw rocks at a better President, because he's a smaller man. Everything obama does is sleight of hand. At least Trump has had the unbridled gall to allow us to see his true nature. That's what bothers me about this treatment. It reeks of obamanism. Which is weak and whiny.
  • Can it be more clear? So exciting and fascinating story, good luck America!
  • I was excited to see that there was a documentary about Trump. I am interested in knowing what type of man he is from an unbiased opinion. But I can tell that throughout this entire documentary it is a biased opinion of trump picking through what they could find about Trump in his past worst and twisting it against him subtly. It's bashing our president and it's not right. From what I understand way back in the day you are a traitor for talking bad about our president. I don't agree with everything Trump does but that's my opinion. If you're looking for an opinionated "documentary" that subtly pulls all of everything that they could find in his past and negatively spins it against our president then watch this. If you don't pick up on this I sincerely doubt your intelligence level. I use those words because Trump uses words he uses them his whole life. So use your brain and see if it's a biased opinion or not. It's not a documentary it's a biased film about our president.
  • timj-389432 September 2019
    Although I really liked the historical perspective given on Trump, the producers tipped their hand as to how they wanted to portray him by only including people who have a negative view of him. Too bad they could not just report the facts or include people who have a positive view of him...which there are millions. In the end though I think the viewer can only admire the persona of the guy as a truly American original. The good and the bad of who we are as a people!
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