Filming began in Prague, Czech Republic on 8 September 2018 and ended 23 February 2019.

Lauren Cohan and Tyler James Williams previously starred together in The Walking Dead (2010).

ABC's Whiskey Cavalier was a surprise, last-minute cancellation by ABC in May 2019, much to the consternation of a vocal contingent of loyal fans who felt the drama deserved more than a one-and-done. The cancellation was also surprising in that it had been touted as one of the big shows of the season for the network, featuring some hot stars and experienced showrunners. The network cited low ratings and not much room to grow in its decision. Distributor Warner Bros. attempted to shop it, but on 6/24/19 David Hemingson announced the series was done.

Series trademark: each episode, the team travels to another country and a cover of a classic English-language song in that country's language is part of the episode's soundtrack. For example, when they went to France, a French version of "I Got You, Babe" played and when they went to Spain, there was a Spanish version of "Happy Together."

The name of the bar, "The Dead Drop," is a term of art used in intelligence circles. It is a way for agents or intelligence operatives to exchange information in the field with their agent handlers without risking an in-person meeting.

Unique in that they work with Europol versus Interpol like many shows. Europol is a virtually unknown law enforcement collective that lies within the European Union.

Scott Foley previously worked with executive producer Bill Lawrence on Scrubs (2001) and Cougar Town (2009).

Scott Foley and Ana Ortiz previously worked together on A.U.S.A. (2003)

Scott Foley is married to co-Star Marika Dominczyk who plays Tina on Whiskey Cavalier.

The title "Whiskey Cavalier" is protagonist Will Chase's FBI codename, which comes from his initials WC. This code name fits both his personality and the overall feel of the show because to be "cavalier" is to be "Carefree and nonchalant; jaunty." Frankie Trowbridge's initials FT become her code name "Fiery Tribune," and she definitely has a fiery/angry personality, while a tribune can be a trial (or a difficultly).