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  • ankanmandal10 November 2018
    Bengali society is aware of Byomkesh starting from Uttam Kumar, then Rajit Kapoor and when Abir came in the silver screen, it grabbed the eyeballs of the amazing aura of a Satyaneshi. But Anirban Sir has added the best flavour to it. He acts the best and I feel he's one of the strongest Byomkesh character the Bengali industry have right now. His dialogue delivery, husky voice and the bengali pronunciation,simply the best.
  • It's a relief to see the makers' understanding of the OTT medium - they did not just present the story as they would on the big screen. Crisply written and edited, it has no prolonged dramatic or action sequences, unnecessary fiery dialogues, outlandish costumes or songs. Nor are their directorial comments amounting to gyaan on the socio-political situation of the times like in some of the recent Byomkesh films.

    But Anirban Bhattacharya, a talented and established theatre actor himself, has not allowed these factors colour his performance. He steers clear of falling prey to theatrical tropes and brings to the character equal measures of intelligence and daredevilry.

    All said and done, Byomkesh is a series I would surely be keeping an eye out for.
  • Abir was better than Anirban as Byomkesh. A detective seems not to be always serious. But Anirban always behaves like a serious detective that seems to be annoying. Sometime he tries to be casual but it spoils his natural acting and expresses overacting. In one word, Anirban is not still not so marure to act as Byomkesh.
  • Overall its a good series..but needs more intense and dark stories in upcoming seasons.
  • After satyajit roy's Chiriyakhana(1967) this the best Byomkesh Bakshi i ever seen and presentation is great. Anirban Bhattacharya portrayal of Byomkesh Bakshi accurate as Book.
  • I am a very dear fan of Bomkesh. All is well, but the story of the book does not often match. Byomkesh Season 5 I saw Ajit and the police went to search Ramesh's house. Where there is a story that Ajit and Bomkesh were with the police. And Bomkesh himself got a bottle of onion juice. If you make a movie or web series, match it with the story. Please don't reverse the story, And this is why I give 5 stars. If I did better then I promoted the whole 5 Star Day.
  • A really bad acting from the majority of the cast. Most of the time it feels they are uncomfortable with their characters. The dub seems so fake. Personally, really disappointed with the character and the actor of Ajit (S1- S3). The direction is not so good too. Unnecessary storytelling is present in every episode. The chemistry between Satyabati and Byomkesh is also a fake like. Some of the actors have problem in accent in Bengali of 30s. They have a English like Bengali accent, more like the present days. The screenplay need to improve a lot. Bengali film industry have successfully done a few classics. This is one of the instance why it's not so easy.