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  • dickiepena7 February 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    In an era where nearly every show has taken at least some elements of a serial format, this super series stands out. It is beautifully cast, action packed, and offers many twists and turns.

    The talented cast is lead by Fernanda Castillo and Raul Mendez. They play siblings separated after the murder of their parents.

    Ms. Castillo portrays Roxana Rodiles with many layers. She is exotic, mysterious, and dangerous. You can almost feel danger radiating from her, and you want her to succeed. I've watched plenty of shows in the serial format, and I did conclude a few things before the actual revelations, and somehow that made Roxana even more desirable.

    Mr. Mendez plays his character, Alejandro Ferrer as a man tortured by traumatic events of his childhood. While he is a man who believes in doing what is right, he crosses the line several times. He is more antihero than hero because of this, and it works wonders.

    The story unfolds over the course of 53 episodes. The majority feature the prison Las Dunas. It is a terrible place plagued with corruption, and to my surprise, a cast of amazing supporting characters. Initially, I did not think I would like the prison aspect. Instead I found myself fascinated.

    Roxana ends up in the prison after Alejandro tortures her, but failing to get information on El Professor, the mysterious leader of a cartel. At the time, Alejandro doesn't know that Roxana is the sister he has been so desperate to find.

    Alejandro sends an undercover police officer to Las Dunas as a prisoner. Instead, of finding information to use in court, he falls for Roxana, and is caught up in all the prison drama.

    Roxana also gets involved in the corrupt prisoner politics. She is pursued by the sinister Gullotina, in what is a frightening, and almost stalkish manner, that will make you yearn for a miracle intervention. Roxana is unaware that Guillotina is the man that beheaded her parents.

    While prisoners play for power contained in a setting filled with misery, several fascinating characters emerge, and the result is a fast past drama.

    While it's not feasible to mention every character, they are all played by talented actors, and I became invested in each of their lives.

    One standout performance among the characters introduced at Las Dunas is La Puma portrayed by Maria del Carmen Felix. In the hands of a lesser actress, the role could have been a cliche. The Puma is a member of MS13, and she is fierce, and as the series moves forward, more is revealed.

    La Puma is a testimony of survival. She is loyal, she hides her vulnerability. There were moments in the story where a tear from her eyes brought her humanity to the surface. She is among the most memorable characters, and she was played with such talent I would still love to learn more about her.

    As the worlds of cartels and the federal police collide, viewers are presented with a very satisfying climax. The moment Alejandro learns Roxana, the woman he tortured, is the sister he lost, you see the tragedy of their story in the pain on his face. When Roxana reveals she is El Professor, their fate is cemented. They are lost to each other forever.

    The more I grow my Spanish speaking skills, the more I love telenovelas and super series. The production values are top notch. I'm going to miss the characters.