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  • ekoniondosa20 July 2018
    Awful acting by Jhanvi. Even the little Taimur would turn his eyes away. All these young starkids can do is put their fingers in each others nose like we have seen them doing recently. Utter disgrace..
  • Same old story, nothing new, "two lovers have biggest possible obstacles, and there's nothing important than love in life".
  • I'm actually stunned by the low ratings this movie has received, though it has rightly proven to be a box office success. First of all, I will state I haven't seen Sairat. Maybe Sairat is much greater than this, but that doesn't undermine this movie! Furthermore, Sairat is a regional movie, it can't appeal to all audiences alike, like the way this does. Dhadak is a fantastic movie in it's own right. You feel for the characters right throughout. The film starts like a normal bollywood romance, a boy meets a girl, they fall in love....romance pursues. But it is the second half, where reality kicks in, is where the film soars. This movie required debutants, who are raw and unpolished. Even Sairat did that. Dhadak does that too. Jahnvi Kapoor and Ishan Khatter are not pros at acting, but thier raw unpolished performances make you believe in the characters. People are silly at making a fuss about nepotism as if they would've done it better than them. We celebrate the likes of Ranbir Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, and suddenly now we scream about nepotism! Just watch the movie, and enjoy it guys! Another plus point of the film is great music and Cinematography. Udaipur and Kolkata are beautifully captured in the two halves. Overall I definitely recommend Dhadak. Ignore the haters. These days it's simply cool to bash bollywood, and go gaga over anything hollywood. It's a trend. Everyone judges movie even before watching them. Rating- 8/10
  • ARKspeed20 July 2018
    Both of these stars are just an excuse to work in Bollywood, looks like a c-grade movie with third-class acting.
  • madhur-0840520 July 2018
    Such a cult movie SAIRAAT cut to mince by KJ ... Go n watch Sairaat once more than this Dhadak disaster...
  • nitinkumarsisodia21 July 2018
    Watch it at ur own risk. Had Sairat not released, it still would have done some business. But comparing this crap to SAIRAT, it's painful. Complete waste of money and time.
  • Just plain shut ruined Sairat! Jahanvi Kapoor is awful and Ishan is average.
  • If you are a star kid, with experienced people from Film industry to guide you, shouldn't you star in a movie which at least makes some sense(at least script wise, if not acting wise)? It's like a part of a Masaan has been taken and powdered with usual useless waste. The trailer was bad but the film is even worse. Privilege can only take you this far.
  • Creepy acting, useless adaptation of original movie , time waste movie.
  • All those who are not appreciating this movie, seem to me against love stories like this one, which is ridiculous, I think people in India have problem with girls from remote areas fall in love, so they have made propaganda to devalue this movie. As far as, the acting of both the debut actors is concerned, I loved their acting. I don't understand and don't find any sense in peoples' comments against the acting of Janhvi Kapoor, may be she is being targeted for something, otherwise she has given her best and I found her very good for the role she played. The first half has shown an innocent love and is a fine entertainment, in second half, story gets serious, but I can relate the whole story as well as the acting, so it is a thumbs up!
  • pramuc20 July 2018
    Movie is not at all upto mark...and Janhvi Kapoor acting is not at all good....she needs to work hard so much...
  • Both the actors don't even know to act and emote..this is a crap movie fit to wash our poop in toilet. . Worst movie ever. .my rating : 0 stars .Don't waste Ur time seeing this garbage.. Better see antman..don't encourage these crap actor's who are flag bearer of nepotism...this movie is fit for toilet cleaner. Only biased reviews bciz of payment from Karan johar..this is a garbage movie..All of u don't watch this disaster movie of arrogant actors
  • Just because actors are star's kids not make them a great actor. Worthless movie. Don't watch it if you respect your time.
  • sndave22 July 2018
    Nepotism can get film to this star kids but telnet is god gifted. Waste of time and money
  • cbmetri20 July 2018
    Artificial expression in every frame. This is what happens when industry is full of dynasty people and these dynasty junks are pushing more dynasty junks.
  • Total waste of time, instead go for any movie but don't go for this. ! you will come out of the hall abusing and cursing yourself only.
  • harshsachan-7156121 July 2018
    Doesn't matter how much this movie gonna make money bt cast didn't earn the respect its countepart sairat gained
  • rajni-6234020 July 2018
    Do not watch this. this is horrible. waste of money.
  • The movie is fun like any bollywood movie. Also has great rewatch value. I do not care about SAIRAT. who wants to watch marathi movies? Especially when policitcal parties have so much hate against other communities and regions. It maybe a remake and not better than the original. But the original is made by a community of haters and not people proud of being an Indian
  • People are hating this movie because of it's the remake of Marathi film 'Sairat'. If the movie 'Sairat' didn't exist , more people would have loved this movie. I'll be pretty honest I never watched Sairat. When the posters dropped on social media , I actually didn't know it was a remake of a movie. When the trailer released then I knew that it's a remake. But I was really excited to watch this film , so I didn't watched Sairat. Today I went to watch Dhadak in the theatres , AND I COMPLETELY LOVED IT! The actors have done an outstanding job! Janhvi & Ishaan , you guys were amazing!

    Ok i respect peoples opinion but please don't spread this much hate because it is a remake of a movie you like.

    IMDB rating should be : 7,2

    And now I'm going to watch Sairat, and I know I'm going to like it.

    So guys go watch this film , it's beautiful. And if you don't want to watch it because it's a remake , go watch it for the actors.
  • ajay-avis21 July 2018
    Not at all for families and next generation. Jahnavi's badluck that she got this everyone along with movie disappoints
  • It ruines the essence of sairat ... totally flop Third class acting by jhanvi Ishaan is average I only like the cinematography of Udaipur
  • trujillo-janna12 November 2018
    I'm utterly shocked by the bad reviews. Bad acting? I don't think so! I found every character to be charming and relatable. I loved the story line, and how real it got. True love isn't all rainbows and sunshine, they had their hard moments, but they made it work, which is more than what most people would have done in that situation. She did seem a little naive at times, but she's young. All in all, I really loved this movie. Please don't listen to the bad reviews, and at least give it a try. You won't regret it.
  • Despite the fact i don't know a single word in Marathi, i saw Sairat with English subtitle. It was one of the best romantic movie with excellent acting and music. Dhadak is a pathetic remake. Poor acting, badly written dialogues. Just to launch 2 stars, they ruined an excellent story. Don't waste your time and avoid Dhadak & save money. Instead, watch sairat (available on Netflix).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am not here to rate the acting skills of Jhanvi or the hero. I rated 8 for the message it gives to the society. The director tried to portray the reality of what's happening in a real innocent love and the life afterwards. Hats off for that. There is more in life rather than honour. Live and let live.
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