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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Here we got the "American Music Awards 2017" and the title is somewhat self-explanatory. Or is it really? Actually no. At school, you would say "missed the subject" really and failed the test as this is barely an awards ceremony. Maybe 20 percent are awards, 25% max. The rest is concert performances and mostly not good ones. I was a bit surprised how unpolitical this show was. Jamie Foxx and his daughter as well as host Tracie Ellis Ross shoved the usual anti-Trump propaganda in our faces at a time when he was one year in office. But after that, it got a bit more quiet luckily. The director is Glenn Weiss, who always directs this kind of events with his tons of Emmy recognition for whatever reason. Host I mentioned already: TER. And yeah she is annoying from start to finish every time she is on with another pompous dress and empty presentation. Simply horrible. Her words about potentially returning in 2018 felt like a threat. Her permanent references about her mother felt cringeworthy too. We get it she gets an award this night. Also her mother is probably the only reason she hosts because even if you like her acting talent (and I don't) there is no connection between her and a successful misc artist. Seems she knew that herself and that explains the desperate attempt when she starts singing on one occasion out of nowhere. One thing you cannot really blame her for though is the embarrassing concept they put her in this time. She announces a musician who announces the performance another musician? Really? Oh boy and this at an awards show. Truly embarrassing over 2 hours (not including commercials) to sit through. Or as we talk about commercials, the show was packed with awards sponsored by certain companies and that was probably the most despicable thing from that night. Truly shameful and a sellout show like that should not be named American Music Awards honestly. There's a reason everybody cares more about the Grammys, even if admittedly these have not been too good in recent years either. But this one here just hits rock-bottom. I mentioned Diana Ross already. She is probably not undeserving of her big award, but I felt truly sorry for her. First of all she had to narrate herself to a truly weak video collage trying to sell us some of her really not good films (like the Black Wizard of Oz remake) as quality pieces. Why even? This is the MUSIC awards. Why does her film career matter whatsoever? Cringeworthy stuff. She was not allowed to hold a speech, instead she gives us a so-so medley of her greatest hits and then hands the mic on to one of her daughters who praises her mother the most stale manner that could have existed, even if they tried to make it all so bubbly and full of love. Not working out at all.

    Now I already mentioned that I think there is too muc music in here and too little awards. And the bigger problem is that the music was almost never good. Kelly Clarkson was so good early in her career. Shame what she has turned into and I don't mean that just physically. And how is Pink (keep the ! for yourself) still having a career, she is so bad, always has been with her pseudo badass approach, like a more desperate Avril Lavigne really). Seeing these two butcher an REM classic really did hurt more than everybody could early on in this cringeworthy criticism about Trump. Aguilera's Bodyguard tribute could have been one of the better moments of the night and actually it was, but just because it was not as bad as everything else, not good either. One of the rare solid moments here with Urban receiving an award deservingly as destroyed when they randomly handed him some other awards too. Of course he knew beforehand, lets not blame him for not being able to show surprise, he is not an actor like his wife, even if she was cringeworthy to watch too overacting there in the crowd. So maybe those one should applaud are those who stayed away from the event like Bruno Mars and the guy from Puerto Rico and accepted their awards somewhere on tour or elsewhere. They sure were lucky not to have been there. There wasn't a single performance that made an impact that night and you could really think American music is in shambles these days, but there is some good stuff. It just doesn't get featured at shows like this and maybe that is a good thing. Funnily enough the AMERICAN Music Awards eventually also included that newcomer pop boygroup from South Korea, one of the only acts I assume they could find that are even worse than most American performers that night, but oh well can you really blame them if you see these crying teenage girls in the audience supporting garbage music like that. Sucks to see Hailee Steinfeld and gorgeous and really talented actress join in with this kind of stuff too and not focusing more on her acting career. I guess it's the qucik and easy money and dubious record label producers pushing her into making all the wrong decisions. Same for Jared Leto of course. And what was the Modern family guy doing there?? Some real mysteries. This show gets a huge thumbs-down from me, one star out of 5 and I would probably give 0 if I could, also because the biggest make-believe President in American history was there too with his wife to send a message that everybody deemed so deep as always. Nobel peace Prize winner *cough* Highly not recommended. America, America...
  • Once BTS is mentioned, the fans go COMPLETELY CRAZY for them. Love me some BTS