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  • amrouten3 July 2018
    As I binged watch this, I realized HBO packaged this as their answer to Billions. However, this show is not about the business of industry; it's about the business of family. The characters become more likeable as season progresses. This is a great show and I bet the final episode is going to be a jaw dropper.
  • It is true that most - if not all - of the characters are unlikeable but I think that is part of Succession's charm! The casting is spot on and the dialog is tight. It is well nuanced and I'm looking forward to where the plot is going.

    Highly recommended!
  • Characters are actually not one-dimensional as some people state here. Everyone is imperfect in this show. And even if they all seem greedy, they all have their weaknesses and their motivation is rooted deep in their personalities. For example the son who is temp CEO only wants his father's approval and pride, but gets rejected time after time. He plays the character very well. It's a healthy dose of drama and humor. I'm not sure yet about The Office - ish camerawork (sudden zooms) because it gives the impression of a mockumentary, as if the cameraman is there and just recording what is happening in real-time. It clashes a bit with the overall style of the show. Same for some of The Office style humor they brought to this show. But these are minor things that don't get in the way of the story.

    Definitely recommended. Give it a few episodes!
  • sotopsu1 July 2018
    I disagree with the negative reviews. It is entertaining
  • elizabeth-logan118 June 2018
    Phenomenal Acting by the cast! I absolutely love the realness of this show! Previously worked in a Wall Street Corporate Law Firm and you guys have nailed it!

    Episode 1 - Killer scene between Jeremy Strong & Rob Yang! Loved it!
  • I'm intrigued by this patriarchy, a blending of familial story lines that segue from one dysfunctional atrocity to the next. Like witnessing a torturous train wreck that reveals one train car to hold more carnage than the one previously revealed; we're carried along to decide for ourselves which of these halfwits is even remotely capable of stepping out from under their fathers expansive wing span. I'm completely taken aback by previous reviews that dispel the notion that this is compelling viewing, and find myself drawn into the plots and devices. I've long considered myself a fan of Adam McKay's story telling, and I'm afraid I must disagree with those who've pronounced this as 'unwatchable'. From one sibling to the next, theirs is a cautionary tale of raising your children to be loathsome human beings, that attributable wealth can breed contentious offspring that will feast on the flesh of others while laughing at the horror left in their wake. That a spine isn't inherited, and weakness isn't easily overcome. In this world, we witness the sowing of what they willfully reap- with repercussions meted out on a slow burn that may or may not bring casualties. I'm intrigued and can say without pause that this is a triumphant return to the greatness that once was HBO, and hopefully more to come, after the lackluster choices we've been witness to in the last decade or so from the likes of Girls, Vinyl, Rome, etc and more in keeping with some of the best television has to offer in Sopranos, 6FU, etc. Count me in on this one. For now at least.
  • katlynnhahn15 August 2018
    I could not stop watching this show and certainly hope there will be a season 2. The entire cast was fabulous but Matthew Macfadyen's character Tom was my favorite. Macfadyen had me laughing, cringing and cheering throughout the series. Can't wait to see what happens next!
  • This is by far one of the greatest shows I've ever seen!

    The mix of drama and comedy is something special I've yet to encounter in any other series.

    The cast is phenomenal, the dialogue is outstanding, I can't say enough great things about this show.

    This is must see TV
  • adavis01112 June 2018
    Great writing and impeccable acting. Just what you'd expect from rich bratty kids all grown up, a ruthless 80 yr old billionaire and his second wife... the storyline is very good so far and I predict that it will only get better. The relationship between Shiv and Roman is hilarious. Ignore the negative reviews and watch for yourselves. Another HBO hit in the making!
  • I didn't know what to expect from this show but I'm hooked. It's uncomfortable to watch and hilariously sad. Greg the outsider nephew is perfect and I do love Tom, Shiv and Roman but it's Kendall who is the tragically watchable.
  • Very hard to find a character to like on the new show. That's because the cast do a remarkable job at getting you to dislike them. Well done, nicely written and looking forward to the rest of the season.
  • mchaudam8 August 2018
    All in all Succession is unethically hilarious and a profesion master piece of televised satire and drama. Each episode foreshadowed a much deeper and deeper anticipated conclusion which was always unpredictable. Which is why I like in any TV show I watch. I am definitely anxious and hope that season 2 will air sooner than 2019. For now my sunday evenings will be empty.
  • If you enjoyed the humour of Arrested Development you will like this show.
  • Early on this show is trying to find its tone. Too many weird zooms imply a mockumentary style and the humor clashes with drama early on. This show is at its best when it resolves around the sadness of each character, all trying to earn dads love, who just might not be capable of giving it. The acting is phenomenal, especially after the first couple of episodes. In some instances it reminded me of Festen (Thomas Vinterberg). I strongly disagree with some reviews here stating that the characters are two dimensional. On the contrary! It just takes a while before things come together. I highly recommend this show and I hope you do too.
  • npvarley15 August 2018
    This show came out of nowhere and grabbed my attention in the very first few minutes of the first episode. I don't want to spoil it for those who have not watched it, so i will be careful and only say that it is, simply, brilliant TV.

    The production is superb, the casting perfect, great script, superbly atmospheric music and lots of twists and turns. The quality of acting is outstanding. There is hardly a likable character in the whole show, but that is because the cast do such a great job of bringing the characters to life revealing their flaws.

    I can't wait to see what season 2 has in store for the Roy family!
  • Don't quite understand all the hate for this, esp the swooning for "Billions - that is a show w/complex characters, but certainly not 'likable' - and the plot line are increaingly ridiculous - the whole S&M thing -- really??? Also - Billions is about the worlds of corporate law and high speeed securities trading. Neither are believaby presented. Good actors keep it barely watchable, but I never mind if I miss an episode or six. "Succession" potrays the world of thrashing media empire being barely held together by the will of an increasingly cranky, physically failing and occsionally demented. The parallels are outrageously similiar to the Murdochs - surprised there have not been lawsuits, But in the current atmosphere, the portrayal of "news" that has little to do with facts, accuracy or honest is sadly, very timely. Same thing with thoughtless greed.

    I'm curious - on what big-budget pay tv series are characters really 'likable"? Game of Thrones? The Sopranos? Westworld? The Crown? Homeland? If you want likable, you might want to stick with broacast tv -- maybe "Big Bang Theory" - oh, wait ....
  • Beside all the hateful comment i read on twitter and Imdb i decide to watch the show and suprise i really liked it In Fact what i like the most beside the plot is that there is not ONE likeable character in this series they're all Vicious and greedy for money or attentions and that's so refreshing i understant all point of views without the need to « like » one particular character In brief it's a good show (for now)
  • Like some of the other reviewers, just seeing Brian Cox's name associated with this show, filled me with high hopes. Unfortunately, as soon as he uttered the first few lines of dialog, my hopes were dashed.

    This has got to be one of the most poorly-written HBO "marquee" shows I've ever watched. Not only is the dialogue cringe-inducing, but they've literally hired the most annoying ensemble of actors I've ever seen in a single show to deliver those lines. Listen, I get that the characters are supposed to be unlikable, but I doubt seriously, that the direction given to the actors was "Ok, now I want your character to be the human equivalent of 'nails on a chalkboard', or a 'baby loudly crying nonstop', but that's the effect of the actors' portrayals. Well, actually, to be fair, the "wife" isn't annoying, and even the actor playing "cousin Greg", who while his character is annoying, he himself somehow manages not to be. The problem though, is that the other actors get most of the screen time.

    As far as the story itself, it would've helped if they had allowed it to progress a bit before side-lining it using the tired trope of the "incapacitated matriarch/patriarch setting off nonstop bickering/squabbling amongst adult kids, vying for power", before the 1st episode's credits finished rolling. Or lacking that, HBO had spent a little more money hiring a more capable supporting cast.

    I don't know, maybe I've just been spoiled by Showtime's Billions, because right now? Literally, rather than a serious drama full of gravitas, the show reminds me more of how "Arrested Development" might have been written as a drama.

    In any case, given that Billions' season just ended, I'll give Successions another episode or two before throwing in the towel.

    P.S. Before this show, I thought Parker Posey's "Dr. Smith" was the most annoying TV character of 2018, but after watching the second episode of Succession, I'm prepared to bestow the award on Kieran Culkin's "Roman Roy"...For the decade!

    * * *

    UPDATE/EDIT - Ok, as promised I DID give it a few more episodes, and I have to admit, I've been pleasantly surprised by the improvement in the show.

    Looking back, I think the problem was that immediately after Logan's illness, the story AND more importantly, the actors were confined to a small space, which didn't allow for much of a story beyond their constant bickering, and which served to magnify the individual actors' shortcomings.

    Since then, having enhanced the show with the expanded story and intriguing subplots (not to mention setting Brian Cox loose to chew the scenery), AND giving OTHER actors more screen time, "Succession" has actually become a show I look forward to watching every week.

    Thus, I've increased my rating from two to SEVEN.

    * * *


    My God!

    I just watched the season finale, and I am to put it lightly, completely amazed and awestruck by how incredible this first season has been. Never, and I mean NEVER have I seen a series which started on such a low point, finish as one of the best series on TV. My mouth was literally agape, when the last episode's credits began to roll.

    The one small quibble I had was that I again found myself yelling at the TV when Kendall Roy didn't completely obliterate his smarmy and weaselly brother Roman Roy, as he attempted to criticize Kendall for taking actions which were in part, if not completely a direct result by Roman's OWN ineffectiveness, and utter inability to be man. Beyond that, the episode was superb.

    At THIS point in the series, I would rate Succession right up there with Showtime's Billions.

    Therefore, I've again changed my rating, from 7 to 10, and enthusiastically look forward to next season!
  • mvpoeti9 July 2018
    This is one of the most exciting series HBO has made for a while. Who wouldn't like to see the inside workings of a rich family in each member's individual struggle for power? Family boss Logan Roy is even scary for viewers, an outstanding performance indeed by Brian Cox. Characters have many dimensions, indeed, to the point that sometimes you like them, sometimes you don't. The storyline centers around the struggle of the family patriarch to keep full control of his own empire while relatives and even his own workers and associates conspire to remove him, but proving all these attempts futile as he always manages to cling to power (of course, everybody fears old Roy and his intimidating character!). The story has many twists and offers a full insight of the intimacies of a rich family and how a large business conglomerate works at its highest level. It's a political drama, a family thriller. Very Macchiavellic. Nothing as has ever been done.
  • klhirsch2 July 2018
    Compelling characters, and I look forward to finding out what is next. This family is terrible in every way, but that's what draws you in. Nice humorous undercurrent. I'm not sure why so many poor reviews.
  • ...the similarities to Arrested Development and it´s caracters, but a little more serious take? There´s even a reference to it in one of the first episodes, where Kendall say´s something like: "He´s left me in charge of the frozen banana stand", when he´s given the chance to run the company. Also the zoom-ins in start of scenes are reminding of Arrested Development. Well worth seeing, entertaining show full of disgusting characters.
  • I wanted to love this. I didn't expect to love the characters (I think the point is that we're not supposed to like them). But it's HBO and I had high expectations. I could barely get through the first episode. It's all over the place, not cohesive, full of stereotypes, no real surprises, shallow (not in a good way), the small talk was excruciating, and the characters are one dimensional to an extreme. After Westworld, it's just a snooze. I'm willing to watch the second episode in hopes that it gets better, but so far it's just not doing it for me.
  • Jesse Armstrong also wrote Fresh meat and Peep Show so you can expect the same kind of humour.

    A fantastically wealthy family plotting against each other and displaying some eccentric quirks like the Royal Tennembaums.

    After episode one, I am ready for another, it´s decent.
  • mcogburn666 June 2018
    I really want to like this series and I hope it gets some traction soon but at this point I didn't care for any of the characters and the weird, zoom in, zoom in, zoom out camera work is distracting. Also, is this supposed to be a drama or a comedy, I really couldn't tell.
  • blondeblue16 June 2018
    This show is a complete waste of time. If I want to watch a vile and disgusting dysfunctional family populated solely by unlikeable and worthless people, I have one shoved in my face every day in the news.
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