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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Stills & Mills outdo themselves with this 3-parter, which I viewed as usual (Old School) on DVD rather than as a website subscriber. It's all about the team's business model of Membership and its privileges, cleverly adapted by Alan to a sci-fi format.

    They have recently gone from the occasional member submission scene enactment (in which the actresses step out of character at the end to thank the member who sent in their sex fantasy, a la the old Penthouse "letters" model of content) to make 4 DVDs with 12 scenes in which actresses write their own hour-long scenes.

    For "Fantasy Factory" writer-director Alan presents his own version of member fantasies, perhaps extra fanciful in that the members are posited as women rather than the likely male clientele for porn, even Lesbian porn. Brett Rossi and Cadence Lux portray the members, while the fantasies are enacted (sci fi style) by them interacting sexually with android creations based on the actresses in the Girlsway stable.

    Serena Blair, my favorite of their troupe, is perfectly cast as the control techinician, reminiscent of her successful role in "A.I." for the label. In the BTS short subject she notes that she based her character on Alan himself, an interesting if hard to swallow sidelight.

    Alexis Fawx stars as the MILF model, dominating the action in all three segments for three hours of Fawx content for us hungry fans. Brett Rossi is named Brett Maverick (example of Alan's sophomoric humor) in her segment as a particularly bossy fan who takes umbrage when the androids (Fawx and Kenna James) go into corny "Mommy" talk when she specifically requested the use of "Mom" in her skit involving step-mom/daughter incest role-play.

    Rossi's overacting is a bit much, but clearly Girlsway subscribers dig this type of camp, something I (as a DVD fan and proudly old-fashioned) abhor. But Kenna and Fawx make up for this and the lesbian-threesome is suitably arousing.

    But for Part Two our auteurs pull out all the stops, as a Squirt Queen Cadence Lux is cast as the member requesting a MILF model (Fawx again) and a Squirt model android (who else but Adriana Chechik) for her fantasy threesome.

    The squirting is exaggerated and effective as expected, but even though Cadence stressed her fetish of squirting in the mouth action I was unprepared for the Golden Showers' massive fountains of liquid Lux unleashes into Fawx' mouth alongside dependable Adriana's effusions. We see Lux clutching a water bottle in the BTS short, so I assume she was well-primed with Evian or Poland Spring rather than urine for this impressive blast.

    Biggest surprise is near the end of their scene Fawx suddenly starts deep fisting Chechik in the pussy, much to Adriana's orgasmic delight and obviously an eye-opener to the website's fans. Fisting has been taboo in mainstream porn for decades, after being a staple of Roughie films in the '70s and early '80s, but recently I've seen it from major labels like Brazzers with stars like Veronica Avluv (self-fisting) and UK's Ava Koxxx in action. And of course many internet sites specialize in such gonzo excesses on a more amateurish level.

    Finale is well-conceived by Alan, as android Fawx comes to life, becomes self-aware and at film's end emerges into the world and great outdoors to start what may be a human life rather than just some extension of A.I. (or machine learning as we called it back at Google).

    She turns the tables on Serena, asking her about her fantasies slaving away as a Girlsway employee stuck in the Control Room all day and seduces the bespectacled girl for a hot one-on-one sex scene. Before this, Alexis learns about herself by watching a very indulgent company promo starring Bree Mills herself, touting the company's content (boasting in 2027 some three million subscribers and one million individual VR scenes in the library) in typically gung-ho fashion. Fleeting clips promoting the label's hits like "Clairvoyance" and "The Turning" are shown, along with futuristic plugging of the fictional Girlsway Pleasure Park of the future. Perhaps by 2027 Disney will have included XXX in its empire and create such a park as well as lousy Johnny Depp fronted movies derived from it, or rather, more in tune with the Lesbian theme, Vanessa Paradis movies.