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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Described as a feature (not miniseries) explicitly by the cast, this Bree Mills launch of her hetero Pure Taboo label earned the pornographer brownie points for working with story line cinema, and attempting to revive the old Roughie porn genre of the '70s theatrical era (see: Phil Prince and Joe Davian features for example). Unfortunately, in Part 3 her script goes off the rails, veering into absurd and unbelievable plot twists and character behavior, reminiscent of her earlier, less ambitious work under the "Pretty Dirty" label.

    Acting is uneven, with Charles Dera solid (until his character is made to behave mindlessly) as a high school coach of the girls' soccer team who is seduced by randy and seemingly crazy teen Lola (sexily played by up and coming starlet Jill Kassidy). Their sex scene in a lavatory is strong stuff in the opening segment.

    Bree and her co-director Craven Mooehead segue to an incestuous relationship between a Goth-styled student Heather (Kristen Scott, one of Bree's favorite actresses) and her step-brother Darrell (overly tattooed and always overacting Small Hands). Link is that Heather has photographed the sex in the bathroom involving Lola, and when she tells her bro about it he decides they will blackmail the girl for $10,000 from her rich daddy or post the sex tape on the internet if payment's not received.

    Part 2 of the saga is titled "The Threat" and has a quality guest performance by Cherie DeVille as the coach's wife Allison, role-playing dressed up in a school girl outfit (but still looking like her inevitable MILF persona) to get Dera to make love to her. This scene is stylishly directed with Dera imagining his wife is Kassidy instead, staged with editing sequentially having him hump each of them and then in fantasy mode service Cherie and Jill side by side.

    Second sex scene of this section has Scott visiting Kassidy's place to give her the blackmail ultimatum, and Jill responds by violently knocking Scott out with a blunt object. Afraid that she's killed her, she phones the coach for help, and when he arrives all hell breaks loose in the Writer's Room, which I assume is only occupied by Bree Mills with no one there (including co-director Craven) to blue-pencil her bad ideas.

    SPOILERS (though it's the screenwriting that's spoiled):

    So at the halfway point of this lengthy (191 minutes total) DVD my involvement with the story and characters was short-circuited by a way too playful Bree. Anxious to impress the viewer (and judging by the dumb industry awards, the critics too) she has Heather wake up and pretend to be the coach's lover. He decides unbelievably to go along with the gag, and in an aside makes it clear to Lola that this will outwit the blackmailers.

    Clearly designed to merely keep the pot boiling for some more over-the-top sex footage, this story line makes no sense, detracting and distracting from the hot threesome that follows, as Dera manfully services both teens, who also, following the unwritten rules of porn, have lesbian fun in the process. Continuing the original inclination of Lola, they keep calling Dera "daddy" to add to the ongoing incest and role-playing themes, again gilding the lily.

    Promising show comes unglued in the very lengthy finale, "The Aftermath". The threesome folks are caught in the act by wife Allison, who suddenly shows up at Lola's place, as unconvincing as that twist might seem. A nude Lola grabs a handy rifle and shoots DeVille, a mix of violence with porn that Cherie stresses as being provocative in the feature-length BTS on the DVD, but which proves to be weak tea, as the scene is staged off-screen with only the sound of the shot heard.

    Dera locks blood-spattered killer Kassidy in the next room, angering her no end, whereupon brother Small Hands shows up with his previously unestablished (character in the story) pal Xander Corvus. Kristen makes up a tall tale blaming everything on the coach, including killing his wife and raping both her and Kassidy, which the guys swallow whole and decide to torture "the pervert".

    So the tale climaxes in the manner of outlaw porn, resembling the demented work of Lizzy Borden who preceded Bree in attempts to resurrect the Roughie genre and faced censorship (and prosecution) as a result. Dera is trussed up in bondage with "PERVERT" scribbled across his chest and both heckled and forced to watch a group-sex foursome by the youngsters, ending with spunk from the boys rubbed across his kisser as humiliation. He's left to face the cops alone, except for a body bag with wife Allison's corpse inside, and we have enough plot holes established, big enough to drive a Mack truck through.

    Having come up with an interesting enough story premise, reminiscent of many a '70s drive-in exploitation movie (think Jack Hill), it was incumbent upon Bree to deliver a final product that hangs together, rather than imploding into the usual "sex is all that matters" cop-out that applies to "Half His Age". She's built up a successful following of subscribers for her various websites, but even they may become more discriminating, or perhaps jump ship in favor of the wall-to-wall sex porn that dominates the industry these days and is beyond (or beneath) intelligent criticism.