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  • Having just caught this at a film festival, having read these reviews I feel I should defend the film as more than just a gruesome comedy, the Director himself would be offended at the suggestion that there isn't a lot more going on under the surface. Of course it is laced with a wry, bleak humour, and much of the blood spurting has a balletic, often fun energy. But energy is the key word here, the direction, the cinematography, the unusual movement of the camera that replaces where lazier directors would cut, the infectious soundtrack, the script that unravels it's mysteries precisely, I found the film to have very unique and energetic style. Thrilling, gory yes, but grounded with excellent performances and a biting script that deconstructs corruption in Russian society; how that eats away at institutions, friends and family. I would recommend this film to anyone (with a strong stomach).
  • This kept popping up at all the genre festivals so I had high hopes and was very impressed. Super violent and super funny. Had a very fun time watching this with a late night crowd.
  • It all begins with a young man with a hammer and bad intent. His girlfriend has sent him on a mission to avenge some bad behavior by her not so nice daddy. Guns, knives and drills are used with great bloodshed throughout this fun filled action film. There are a few funny moments, but overall it is just a blood fest. No one involved has any redeeming values. In the end it never reaches the greatness of its' obvious influences, Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction. Putting aside these criticisms it is still worth your ninety-eight minutes.
  • A tight little horror/criminal drama/dark comedy title from a young Russian director. It won't change your world but will remind you what a movie made with passion and good taste can look like, even made on a tiny budget.

    The boyfriend reminded me of Daniel Craig.
  • kosmasp15 April 2020
    The international title of the movie may a bit more telling than the original title (even if I could not find a translation of the word "sdokhni", if that means anything) ... but the movie is quite funny and enganging. It is predictable as ... but that does not take anything away from the fun you can have while watching this (without being a sadist that is).

    Having said that, you should not have issues with blood and violence. Remember this is just a movie. A movie that relies on brutal solutions rather than talking things out - with the expected results of course. Ideas are there and this is contained in a sense, but also quite out there ... Remember: do not try these things at home
  • A Tarantino(vsky) Blini Eastern but a lot less subtle than the inspiration - think of a Takashi Miike yakuza massacre on steroids taking place in an abattoir during its closing down sale.
  • Saw this in the graveyard slot at Frightfest and I have never been so awake and entertained at a late night showing after a day of movies. A must see stylish and gory thriller with wonderful plot twists and camera angles.
  • Saw this at the Leiden International film festival 2019 ( Revenge on revenge, and lots of greed, the sum of it spiraling out of control. It all happens within a single apartment, with only a few outdoor scenes in the form of flashbacks. We are "lucky" (mind the quotes) that all the unpleasant things that people do to each other, are accompanied by an unusual musical score, not exactly the kind we would expect to go along with the ample gore we see. Surprisingly, it works as a welcome relief, keeping us at a safe distance from the nasty things happening. As usual, do not try any of this at home.

    The story builds up in steps. It starts simple when Matiev rings Andrei's doorbell, armed with a hammer, determined to act on the request of his girl friend annex Andrei's daughter, to let him pay for abusing his daughter since she was eight years old. But things are not as simple as he and we thought. More and more people appear wanting revenge, not necessarily on the same person, eventually arriving at a complex maze of people who want others to suffer for their deeds in the past.

    The story is well told and is clear throughout, despite its complexities. It keeps us interested while waiting for the next unexpected plot twist and subsequent surprising turn of event. The results on screen are not for the weak of heart, especially not for those fainting on the sight of blood. A remarkable thing is that the protagonists don't die easily, proving to be more resilient than we assumed at first sight. And a seemingly clear-cut victim can as easily prove not-so-innocent, even becoming a determined killer later. Changing roles and turning tables is part of the game here.

    All in all, be prepared to step over (metaphorically) loads of blood and gore. Just focus on the interesting complexities of the plot, bringing along many new ingredients and unexpected turns of events.
  • Let me first just say that if you cant stand the look of blood, or relentless violence and gore then skip this flick, because it has lots of it. some compare it with tarrantino, well im not much into that fellow but i guess so. what i can spoil for you is that the initial fight in this movie are epic, and youll remember it for its superviolent craftmanship, the acting . its to a degree so hilarious i almost threw up my lungs from laughter, so dont miss that one.

    its a small cast russian bloody dark comedy with the stench of death and lost opportunities, that takes you up and down and turns you around as if youre in a rollercoaster. the story buildup are brilliant, the filming and visual /special effects superb, the script as short as nescesarry, the score just as brutal the soothening way, and the actors does their caracters to the fingertips.

    how typical russian this might be ill let be unanswered, but just point another finger to the introsequence of the film, with large scarlet letters, flashes that the state department of russian culture, proudly have sponsored this mayhem, so that might answer the question. the grumpy old man recommends if you can take a bend.