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  • It starts with scenes of an old train. Tong Lung is attacked by a gang after getting off the train. Tien Yeh appears next with his gang and after exchanging some angry words another fight starts. Yu Tien-Lung, starting as a bystander, gets involved. Tong Lung goes to see an old woman I guess is his mother. Another gang attacks him as he burns incense at a grave.

    Tong Lung made the movie scene as a leading man in the martial arts movie 1972 "The Ferocious Brothers". I have reviewed his first four movies and rated only "The Way of the Tiger" or as titled here 1973 "Challenge the Dragon" as above average. Here on IMDB I also question the actors given credit as Tong Lung's name is not there. I credit Tong Lung, Tien Yeh and Chiu Ting as leads.

    Tong Lung can deliver the martial arts moves. I criticized before that the fight choreography in his movies was unimaginative, uncreative, just the same old moves. At least in this movie an attempt at creativity was made near the end of the movie.

    My copy is the digital file that plays as a square video on a HDTV. The picture is cropped like the old VHS format. The dialog is Chinese. I do not speak Chinese and there are no subtitles. I rate it as totally average for the year and genre and give it my take it or leave it recommendation.
  • Taekwondo-man and bodybuilder Tong Lung and Martial Arts coreographer Yu Tien Lung stars in this below average Kung-Fu adventure. Screenplay and camerawork are not required. Tien Yeh is the badguy as his usual. Bit-player Chen Chiu (the japanese consul in FIST OF FURY) also appear. Actor-director Chan Lit Ban made more than 40 movies but his Kung-Fu films were usually worse than his Wuxiapian (swordplay) efforts.