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  • Not worth listing on anyone's resume, this porn filler from an obscure label (Devious) is only of interest due to the participation of greats Kylie Ireland and Nina Hartley, never too old to partake in a bit of the old XXX for pay. It's a painless, all-girl exercise.

    The older ladies of the title get to do all the talking and acting, each one fashioning an improv scenario designed to end up after a few pointless minutes with seduction of their stepdaughters. The kids are relatively nondescript, reducing this to generic porn (most New Faces porn videos at least have the distinction of being star discoveries, especially when watched a decade or more later and seeing how superstars looked when they were just starting out).

    There are no tech or authorship credits on the DVD, and it's fairly amateur night filmmaking, added to IMDb by me simply for the record. I saw a competing show of boy/girl format titled "My Step-Mom Has Huge Tits" and it's even worse.