The film was shot, edited and released in a five month period. Principal Photography started in January 2018 and concluded in March in 2018. Post Production took place during April and May in 2018 and the film was released on June 13, 2018.

The original soundtrack is produced by Future.

The film director, Director X l, a.k.a Little X, was a visual consultant on director Hype William's 1998 classic "hood" film: Belly. Some of the visual aesthetics seen in Belly are updated in SuperFly.

The code Eddie uses to open the safe in Priest's office is 123456.

In a flashback scene, Priest's mentor Scatter (Michael K. Williams) explains to him in an analogy that "a tiger has stripes and a lion has a mane to warn other animals not to mess with them." This can be inferred as the reason why Priest wears his hair in a noticeable blowout process, to distinguish himself as dominant and apart from others.