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  • ftsimpf15 December 2018
    Just horrible over all.. quality, acting, commercials came at the completely wrong time. Waste of time. The music in the back ground did not match with movie. Cheesy, corny, not worth it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    An American "commoner" dates a guy while living in NYC, all the while not knowing he is a prince. She goes home for Christmas, and he surprises her with a visit. Thinking he is "unknown" there, the local town gossip gives him away, and his girlfriend now knows his true identity. (Spare me the stupid crocodile tears at finding out your boyfriend is a prince..) insert eye roll.

    While the movie is entirely predictable, it's about the worst royal flicks I've ever seen, (and I LOVE the movies that have a royal fairy tale).

    Here are my reasons: 1. The acting is just dismal, with the exception the Hardy Boy dad. No screen "chemistry" between the two leads, overly annoying mother of the prince, phony baloney bodyguard actor, irritating extras playing the townies.....there's no end. It's just bad. 2. The overabundance of unkempt fake Christmas trees. Everywhere. ALL Decorated the exact awful way, ribbons and and some sparse cheap glass ornaments, and what looks like a single strand of lights per ugly tree. (Seriously, who puts up 7-8 trees in there house?) at LEAST straighten the branches of those trees so they don't look so ratty. 3.The writing... bottom of the barrel. 5. Did I mention the two leads, the prince and his girlfriend are so dismally matched, and have little acting skills. 6. Save your two hours and watch A Crown for Christmas, A Royal Christmas, or one of the others on Hallmark. They at least invested in beautiful landscapes, and better acting, and script writing.

    While I'm at it... Oh, and Hallmark, if you're reading this... PLEASE STOP IT WITH THE ONE-KISS WONDER IN E V E R Y SINGLE MOVIE. *Even in Family movies, showing affection with kisses is a normal, sweet way to express how people feel. The utterly STUPID interrupted kiss before the one final kiss is enough to make me want to change the station when I see it coming. Stop Dumbing things down. Please. Really.... Please. You insult intelligence. It's not like we don't "get" the whole family friendly format, but seriously? Cast members dialog is dumbed-down in sooooo many movies (not this one) you'd think you were watching Men-Child and Women-Child behavior. Enough with the only drinks allowed in the movies: Egg Nog, Hot Cocoa, and Hot Cider. People drink wine and sodas. A hot toddy can be extremely festive!
  • I love Hallmark movies, yes they are very predictable but in a world of gloom and doom all around I like happy endings. This movie though was a waste of my time. The 2 main characters had NO connection in fact it was kind of annoying to watch them. I give this movie a - score . Also Alexander parents were a horrible pairing, his mother looked more like his fathers mother. Whom ever did the casting for this show must have been asleep.
  • rebekahrox7 December 2017
    I admit at the outset that I watched about 1/3 of this and skipped through to the end. If something happened to rescue this tedious lazy effort that I didn't catch, I apologize in advance. Of course, the plot was utterly predictable, an almost carbon copy of every other Royal/Commoner template, with none of the fish out of water humor or any charm or good acting, or chemistry on the part of the principals to lift it into even 5 star+ territory. The young lady was pretty, but did nothing to draw the audience in or earn some investment in her. The script called for her to be a beloved part of her small town, but why? Her father said she never wanted anything but to make the world a better place, but we see no evidence of it. She was offered a 3 year job to plan and execute some kind of project that would benefit disadvantaged youth in New York, but seemingly is going forego that to get married to her prince-ling. If I missed something there, I'm sorry. But even so, it would be impossible that she could stay in New York 3 years and do her job effectively while engaged to a European royal who has his duties to his country. Callum Alexander I am willing to give another chance to as this is literally his first acting credit. But in this one, his accent was so posh, it puts the Windsors to shame and was very distracting. The only bright spot was seeing Frank Hardy and Nancy Drew married, and the always reliable Charles Shaughnessy and Marina Sirkis.
  • I did want to like this movie with Parker Stevenson and Pamela Sue Martin. But either the actors can't act or they can't act and say the wretched dialog at the same time the Queen was in no way believable. Stevenson's dialog was terrible. Pamela Sue Martin did the best. She made you feel like she was the mother. All the other characters/actors and their dialog were just not believable. The movie screamed 'actors-in-training, newbie writer', and director? Just bad. Sorry.
  • OK, I am a sap for this genre of little American girl meets big royal and captures their heart. The culture clash is always interesting. So I paid $3.99 to watch it. The casting was OK with two good looking kids as the leads but the girls mom...on the list of "Face Lifts" gone bad. It hurt to look at her face every time...and she at one time was a really good looking woman. (Is there a really a woman in Wyoming who has had this much surgery done)?

    2. Acting and script: looked a lot like first run through in rehearsal. The young lovers seemed like to people just meeting in a grad school study group. Just nice friends. 3. Location: Wyoming. Have the directors ever been there? Or seen pictures? People in most parts of the state are ranchers who wear cowboy hats, boots, worn jeans that outdoor people wear. Faces that show character and some wear and tear! The small towns are like most of the USA.. The town in the film looks a lot like a Disney Works set. Too perfect. 4. Time of year: Christmas? Check this weeks temps in the state. Probably near 15 high and lows of -3. The actors sit outside in short sleeves drinking their coffee and tea. Good God. 5. The Home Kingdom of the Prince. Shows a painting of the Swiss Alps...still pic. Cuts to a small room...the same for every shot. Obviously a Hollywood set. Could someone carry a video camera in and out of a castle like building somewhere in the world? The same with the quaint and unrealistic Wyoming home...a photo of a house. Then an interior shot of a room. Can someone walk in and out? Please to show it isn't just a photo of a house.

    6. I am a composer musician. The score is just terrible. Sorry to the composer. It sounds like a "temp" track someone did on a $200 Casio from that would be replaced in a music studio with real instruments. But...they ran out of budget and kept the Cassio version. How about some local Country Bands in Wyoming? They would have probably done it for scale...and it would have been real.

    7. Editing: The constant 'Fade to black" effects from the 1930's. I kept thinking the film had broken...oops digits had broken? I can edit better using Windows Movie Maker. Best to pull this film and do a total reedit...and a new music score.

    But the almost: The two leads and the young lady and...the prince have some creds and acting chops. Hope they both get a real full budget movie soon.
  • phd_travel7 February 2018
    The absurdity of the premise that a royal would go under the radar in NYC for a year and then be spotted in a small town by a royal watcher is mentioned in the movie so just accept it. After that well it's just a typical girl meets prince romance and there have been quite a few. The lead actors look quite good in their parts. Callum Alexander isn't too polished an actor a bit amateurish- he delivers all his lines very similarly. But somehow this recalls the way WIlls & Harry speak in interviews. Alexis Knapp of Pitch Perfect looks quite classy and sweet here. Charles Shaughnessy of the Nanny is good as the King but the actress who plays his wife isn't very regal - more like a lady in waiting to the queen.

    Despite the faults it's an okay watch after all the competition in the Hallmark/Lifetime selection aren't exactly Emmy calibre anyway.
  • My title sums it up. This is another prince story which is a highly overdone theme. There are a couple of elements done differently. For one, the couple spends most of the movie in small town America, and the rival Baroness comes to the small town.

    The characters are bad and the acting likewise. I wanted to tell Callum Alexander that it was time for him to go to Home Room and that he needed to stop playing prince. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't take him seriously. Alexis Knapp looked more like a slumming supermodel than a small town girl. And there was no chemistry between them. Queen Mom was just silly. King Dad was too much of a wimp. You get the idea.

    I won't say anything about the ending except that it was silly and poorly done.
  • I didn't think that would ever end. Let me just say I adore made for TV Christmas movies. And I'm usually all about the royal storyline. But this was just all around bad. I don't THINK these actors are just that bad. But the plot and writing/dialogue were just awful. Let's string abunch of cheesy cliches together then cut to 45 seconds of cheerful Christmas style music while we show unnecessary shots of the happy couple and call it a day. Write better guys. I will say that I think I prefer when the couple isn't together yet because it was just so cheesy with terminology since they were already a couple. Everything about this movie felt forced. Would not recommend.
  • I have to say, I disagree with the poor review given by others... Is this the absolute best Holiday or Royal Christmas movie out there? NO, it is not, but to say that there is no chemistry and the acting is bad, well, I would have to say I have seen far worse. The movie does not have a huge number of known actors, or Hallmark regulars in it. That being said it is not horrible. The theme is predictable, but they all are. Let's be honest, there is never too much if a twist in these movies is there? Consequently, there isn't much of a surprise as to the plot. Holiday movies begin each year in October so it is always likely that we are going to come across a few that are not rated highly, but as a fill in for something of a Christmas theme it is a good family watch. Give it a try, it really is not bad and there is as always a nice message and really, isn't that why those of us who watch these types of movies do so. So, my recommendation, grab your cuddle blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and a plate of cookies, sit back and just enjoy!
  • Nothing cute about it at all. Samantha Alex & even her parents are so very snobbish right from the start. The only character I did like was the hostess at the diner. I didn't make it past 16 minutes of this movie before I had to turn it off.
  • sykespr6 December 2018
    I liked the story line but the acting my Alexis Knapp was horrible.
  • Interesting casting. The lead, Callum Alexander, is a Tom Daley clone and kind of sweet. Parker Stevenson and Pamela Sue Martin back together is fun. Parker can act, Pamela Sue never was a great actress. Sadly the weak link is the the lead, Alexis Knapp. She is still green and not a good actress. The actress playing the queen, strongly resembles Celeste Holm. We've seen this plot a hundred times. But if you're looking for mindless cuteness this is it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It won't surprise you that this movie (not to be confused with "A Christmas Prince" or "A Prince for Christmas") is not good. When I turned it on, I actually was looking for a completely undemanding and formulaic movie - just the thing to watch while still not de-jetlagged after a full day of travel! And it didn't disappoint!

    But in fact, it *did* surprise me in the lengths to which the screenplay went to completely dissipate any conflict and give prizes to everybody.* We expect Samantha to get her prince and the prince to get his Samantha, but then it is as if Oprah comes out of the wings and says that "EVERYBODY gets a prince!* You get a prince! You get a princess!" It is the kind of movie where if there are two people and one cookie, it will turn out that one of the people doesn't like cookies, and also the cookie is happy to be eaten by the other one.

    The cast are better than the screenplay - they would just about have to be :-)

    That's really about all there is to say.

    *except the Black Roommate