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  • I wasn't entirely surprised to see Jakodema listed in IMDb as uncredited director of this mess, after dutifully watching the 3rd train wreck in this worthless Digital Playground series ripping off mainstream entertainment, fantasy/comic books division.

    The four properties given quickie imitations here are hardly great works of art, but clearly deserved better. Production values and SPFX are cheap and crummy, and the static, tedious sex scenes worthless. It amounts to 21st Century WPA employment of out of work porn talent.

    Two-parter is a tribute to Marvel Comics' Thor, with Phoenix Marie of all people in the gender-changed role, naming her Whor. It kills off an hour or so with terrible direction, drab and grainy color, and pointless sex.

    Premise is beyond ridiculous: young nurse Piper Perri supposedly becomes Whor 17 years later, but we're presented with the spectacle of Phoenix Marie humping herself, as the two meet up fantastically. Danny Mountain is her adversary Floki instead of Loki. Sole gimmick is the sight of huge Phoenix having sex with tiniest of tiny women Perri, a size contrast akin to the current BBD craze of Perri and her peers (Angel Smalls, Elsa Jean, etc.) taking on the huge dicks of Black performers like Mandingo and Ricky Johnson.

    "Red Maiden" is apparently a spoof of "Red Sonja", with Jessa Rhodes in a bad wig saddled with the title role. Sex rituals involve many uncredited femmes who do not participate in the hardcore XXX action, chief of whom I identified as cute little Violet Monroe, who had co-starred in the "Maleficunt" segment of "The Parodies 4", released by DP's sister label Brazzers.

    Continuing a pointless porn simulation of video games, "Mortal Kombat" has DP contract girl Aria Alexander as Kitana, defeating Charles Dera in a violent fight. It's about as stupid as human possible.

    Departure from the superheroes format is a truly asinine send-up of the old Archies Comics titled "Betty & Veronica", in which sex in the kitchen involves the threesome of the late August Ames as Veronica, a barely recognizable (under another terrible pastel wig) Natalia Starr as Betty and the big-dicked young Alex D as Archie.
  • My Fiance love parody porns, never really been a fan as they are all universally horrible and they are never really funny at all. But this one takes it to the next level.

    It's like watching a train wreck, it wasn't arousing, it wasn't funny, it was more of a bull in a china shop. You sort of sat back and watch it destroy what it was attempting to destroy while also destroying adult entertainment.

    Nothing like watching an awkward adult film.
  • The industry needs to stop making parodies, they aren't any good at it. And the story gets in the way of the action, which in this movie is terrible because they put too much focus on traditional movie elements that don't work in porn. For poor effort by Piper Perri and Phoenix Marie, who have worked together many times and done much better. Not recommended for anyone. It is in HD, and the image is clear.