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  • cockezville11 January 2019
    This is not the series to follow MOM., a funny show. This mess has literally no substance and tries too hard to be believable. The writing is sophomoric babble. Even Gary Cole ,who tries hard to uplift this from the doldrums of manipulated sound stage laughter, can't save this one. The teenage sister also earns a few laughs. Don't waste your time.
  • jjjbennett12 January 2019
    Nina Dobrev has no comedic timing and her delivery is stale. The sister is better but she comes off as so sarcastic that it makes her unlikable. Come on CBS - your audience deserves better.
  • It took approximately 5 seconds from the pilot episode starting and then that god awful "CANNED hah hah hah LAUGHTER" kicked in and I just knew this new comedy series would be a waste of time.

    Within the first five (5) minutes of the pilot episode two lame jokes were attempted, one being referred to was a sarcastic misunderstanding of the acronymn STD's , and the other so-called joke stated "why would you want to bring some pot roast home when there is no pot?" Really??? No, I mean really??? At this point (10 minutes in to the pilot episode) I just had to look up who the (HORROR-able) writer of this series was credited and it is a lady named Corinne Kingsbury.

    Funny,..... I never heard of Corinne Kingsbury before and her name may never be credited again as I am sure this new series will be quickly pulled before very long unless there are very deep pockets promoting this garbage. This FAMily is by no means memorable, nor is it funny. If I was sitting in an Emergency Hospital room waiting for my wife to be taken into surgery and this show was playing on the boob tube in the overhead TV in the hospital waiting room I would beg the nurses to please take me instead of my wife for surgery or TURN OFF that god awful non stop canned laughter eminating from Fam.

    A paltry 3 out of 10 rating. ....and I actually like the actor(s) dad Gary Cole and the daughter Nina Dobrev, but please don't insult your "required" audience with this garbage.
  • I wanted to watch this show when I saw Gary Cole was on it. What a mistake. This show is a horrible train wreck! Terrible acting,and cheesy, stupid, and predictable jokes. Nina Dobrev should not do comedy or I should say TRY comedy. The only reason this show has a chance of surviving is the fans that followed Nina Dobrev over to this mess from Vampire Diaries.
  • stehartley13 January 2019
    Canned laughter when a joke isnt funny spoils it from the off. Nina Dobrev just isnt funny ( feels like shes just reading from a script rather than delivering a punchline) love nina in other shows but comedy just isnt her forte.
  • nxd625 January 2019
    Shows been on for 10 minutes, and I hate that kids more than any character I have ever disliked in the history of television! What a horrible Twit! And the show as a whole is so unfunny... HARD PASS!
  • tpf7311 January 2019
    I'll never get that 22 minutes back.. The jokes were really lame.
  • I really wanted this show to work. I wanted there to be solid material that made me laugh. The actors are great, but the writing just isn't doing it for me. The younger sister Shannon is definitely annoying. Shannon is able to crack ATM and WiFi passwords but can't work a microwave or dishwasher? Really? The sisters have a dad that works as a cop/detective but has to gamble to pay his bills? I really hate to say it, but the script is poorly written. I prefer to watch something funny and relatable, or least believable. Don't give us a tech genius that can't work a microwave or a dishwasher.
  • diegotolbert11 January 2019
    Funny, cute, sensitive. I'll watch it again. Gary Cole is perfect for his role.
  • kayciloo25 January 2019
    Not funny, bad acting, horrible laugh track, just plain awful!!!
  • dsarosi12 January 2019
    So instead of a dysfunctional minority family, now every tired and over used cliche is applied to the white family. Why is this level of overt racism necessary in today's Hollywood shows, one direction or the other? Whatever agenda is behind this show, I can't see it making it even to the end of the first season.
  • The first 6 minutes of the show made me want to reconsider giving this a try. I have never been hit with so much exposition in so little time. After that initial storm, the show picked up a little and delivered a few chuckle worthy moments. Those moments would have been more enjoyable if not for the laugh track. Yes, a laugh track in 2019. Laugh tracks are not a horrible thing, just dumb. Why add such a useless thing when so many others have done away with it and have been better of for it. The characters are another problem, especially how they were written. To say they were bland would be an understatement. After spending 20 mins with them I can only remember one name. I know, it might just be a bad first episode, but I just can't see the show getting past Season 1.

    Overall I'd give it a 5/10 as it did bring at least SOME funny moments but has some significant improvements to be made in future episodes.
  • ninja666411 January 2019
    A decent 1st episode of a new series which shows the potential to be a light & very funny comedy.
  • If it weren't for Gary Cole. I would give this a one. He might be the only reason worth saving this nightmare of a show.

    With Big Bang theory ending, they want to be the new hit show. I hate to day it, but it's not working for me at all. I think its best just to keep it at one season than cancel it
  • adxymox6216 January 2019
    I'm not sure about positive reviews the I see here? Is CBS planting their own glowing reports or something? This is just another tired comedy with a little a little twist of stale lemon .Please don't take my word for it, waste your own 30 minutes. I'm outie....
  • This reminds me of late 80's/90's sitcoms. Very much like My Sister Sam, My Two Dad's, etc. I really appreciate the dysfunctional family that is trying to mend. The characters are well thought out, act appropriately for a sitcom and are enduring. I hope CBS keeps it.
  • It's never going to be a "Friends", but we laugh a lot through every episode.

    I'm surprised at the terrible ratings, maybe some just don't get it. Hope it hangs around at least to the wedding. Give it a chance.
  • degaswilson11 January 2019
    This show was very cute and funny. I LOVE GARY COLE. He is perfect in this role.

    And it was a nice surprise to see Sheryl Lee Ralph. And boy has she aged very well.

    Looking forward to many episodes. I just hope CBS doesn't cancel.
  • First episode was not that good, but after that it's great! Fam may not be the funniest show on air but characters are so charming and interesting. There are some funny jokes and moments that I personally really liked. I loveeee Tone Bell and Nina Dobrev. Their chemistry is amazing. Also I'm a big fan of Gary Cole. If u want to relax and laugh after a long day this is the show for you. Promo for next week ep looks even more promising. Sorry for bad english
  • The chemistry amongst the cast members is just so amazing, Gary Cole is the perfect fit for the role of Freddy, looking forward for the next episode.
  • EDITED : the last 3 episodes were indeed better, as the casts involved were broader, I think they should broaden up the plot, showing CLEM at work, interaction with other people, etc.....if there is season 2, I think they will do that...

    At first I didn't think much of the theme, it seemed a bit cliché...but I got to watch the first episode and I found myself liking it, Nina was great enough despite her first time being on Sitcom ( better than I expected her to be as this was all new to her)..the rest of the cast particularly Odessa was great too...Gary Coles suits the role real well..!!! the second episodes even series need time to develop and audience need time to embrace the character I I am getting to like it even more now.
  • jbwanzajr11 January 2019
    Looking forward to a long run of this show. Love supporting my fellow actors. I've worked with Nina and Tone is from the Hollywood of the south...
  • Amonynus4 February 2019
    Jokes are a bit subpar but it's still a good watch. I've watched the first three episodes so far and will be recording the season. I hope they end up renewing it.
  • alweston19 January 2019
    I like the mixed " fam" and especially love "Shannon". I see bright stars in the future. The show has potential, give it some time and a chance to develop. I see great chemistry within the cast. Refreshing!
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