Based on a true story. The story was inspired by the suicide of writer & director, Fred Zara's friend, James Ballard, who passed away in July of 2001.

Several characters in the film were named after real life suicide victims with close ties to members of the cast and crew, including, Miko, Isaac and Stacy.

The refrigerator in Bobby and Lexi's kitchen is covered with pictures. Aside from one picture of actor, Zack Roundy who plays James, all of the others pictures are of suicide victims with connections to the cast and crew. The people working on the film heard the day before that this was being done and showed up on the morning of the shoot and just began adding pictures to it. There is even one picture of the real James, of which the film is based.

The Schwinn retro bike and the turntable in James' bedroom in the opening scene were both owned by the real life James that the movie was based on.

The Schwinn retro bike that is shown in the funeral scene belonged to James Ballard, to which the movie was based on and was generously loaned to the production team by his mother. That same bike was set at the front of the church during James' actual funeral service in 2001. Several people in the scene were at his real life funeral and got very emotional the day of shooting as they relived his service almost 17 years later.

Production Designer, Erin Laine, created all of Lexi's duct tape art sculptures by hand. Research was done to make sure that the tape that was used would have been available in 2001.

Old Man Issac, played by writer/director Fred Zara, mentions the name of his daughter, Rae. The name Rae is a reference to Zara's real life daughter, Mackenzie Rae Zara.

Riley, played by Katie Ford, struggles with finding her creative outlet. When Riley is first seen she is knitting a hat, which looks terrible. It was Katie's idea to bring the hat back and have Riley wearing it later in the party scene.

The scene with Lexi and Richie out in front of the house just after the party scene is set at sunrise, however it was actually shot at sunset. The entire scene was shot backwards to give the appearance that the sun was slowly rising.

In the first scene in which Richie is packing his bags and talking with his mother, there is a song that can be heard playing in the background. The title of that song is "I Know You Rider" which was recorded by an old friend of the real life James.

James Rider's face can only be seen clearly in one shot of the entire film when he says the line "You know what I'm going to miss the most? You guys, my friends."