Filming began in early November 2017 and ended in December. The film was shot in Angoulême, Cognac, Saintes, La Rochelle in the Charente-Maritime region, some scenes were shot in Bordeaux and Paris.

"Lola and his brothers (Lola et ses frères)" is the fourth feature film directed by Jean-Paul Rouve after "Sans arme, ni haine, ni violence "(2008), "Quand je serai petit" (2012) and "Les Souvenirs" (2015). This is also the second film he wrote with David Foenkinos after "The Memories(Les Souvenirs)".

Jean-Paul Rouve and José Garcia had already rubbed shoulders on the first three Madagascar. Both were working as dubbers on these very lucrative animated films. The second explains that he did not want to disfigure his character Pierre, who appears already tired, a little heavy and graying.

If "Les Souvenirs" was an adaptation, "Lola and her brothers (Lola et ses frères) are an original scenario. Just after the release of his previous production, Jean-Paul Rouve left with David Foenkinos for a few days in Brussels. The two men did not want to be in Paris or in the sun. They preferred to spend time in the Belgian capital, more conducive to writing a story centered on the "real life" according to them.

"Lola and her brothers(Lola et ses frères)" discuss rather difficult topics such as unemployment, mourning or loneliness. Jean-Paul Rouve and David Foenkinos, however, wanted to sprinkle them with little surreal moments (like the old man's character in the cemetery).

With Lola and his brothers, Jean-Paul Rouve collaborates once again with the director of photography Christophe Offenstein. The two men have known each other since the time of Julie Lescaut where Rouve played the role of a brigadier and Offenstein officiated as a technician.