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  • sakini22 December 2018
    It´s not common today to find a really well rounded animated series, which makes sense and is able to capture even adult minds. 3Below is one of the rare cases, it´s so easy to watch the next episode, and the next, and the next.... The animation is very eye-friendly, rather simple but of high quality, with pleasing colors. Great voice acting, simple but strong story line with more than a few surprises. The characters are very well written, they have depth and are really relatable, even smaller side characters are often interesting (the blank bot "parents" are so much overblown, but at the same time really hillarious) and when something happens there is a real reason behind it. This show continues in the good tradition of Trollhunter, and for me it´s even better then it´s predecessor. A truly nice and entertaining piece to watch.
  • natehorne-4230521 December 2018
    Must watch for Trollhunter fans! Loved the animation and the cast. Eventhough it may seem for kids but you'll enjoy either way.
  • gregoryphillips-7833122 December 2018
    Great voice acting. Fast paced. Witty. Lots of fun. Tatiana Maslany!
  • eachavez-8793023 December 2018
    The Tales of Arcadia team continues to do incredible work. I loved Trollhunters, but I honestly may like this new series even more. It's funny, imaginative, thoughtful, and beautifully animated. I really wish I could give it more than 10 stars.
  • syarwanhamid22 December 2018
    Guillermo and Tales of Arcadia Team streak again. After Trollhunters, another good work indeed. Well writing and amazing score, is real match with this storyline.
  • peter_hemme22 December 2018
    People people people. Watch this.. Especially if you loved Trollhunters.. If you havent watched Trollhunters.. Go watch that 1st...Because..

    This takes place during last season of Trollhunters.. From cameo's from the gang.... to placed signs for the president campaign..And the ending.. Woow, the(mild spoiler here..but was in Trollhunters..) big attack on Arcadia..but then from their PoV... Even though it wasn't their fight..they still took some part in it.. getting derailed :)

    Yeah.. I loved it.. as much as i loved Trollhunters... del Toro's 2nd part in his series triology pushes all the right buttons, it's more modern..due well..alliens ;).. The music is..epixxx..and the story..hitted me with more emotions then the 1st season from Trollhunters.(and then s2 from Trollhunters came..and yeah)..ow getting derailed again..

    *sigh* sorry guys and girls..but as a Animation fan.. A dreamworks fanboy..and someone who thinks Del Toro cant do anything wrong.. This was one epic rollercoaster ride.. Can't wait till season 2...And ofc cant wait till part 3 of Tales of Arcadia.

    if you haven't watched Trollhunters...i think it's a bit hard to understand it all..but if you did...It's epic..It is..just as good as Trollhunters..period :)
  • The colors in this and TrollHunters are so beautiful it looks like no other animated show ever made! TrollHunters is my favorite animated kids show ever! It was beautifully made by Del Toro & I was so sad when it ended! They really surprised ppl with that! But Del Toro gave us a taste of these two characters in two episodes from the last season of TrollHunters & I thought huh weird these two kids are crazy nutz. But they must have something to do with the next upcoming story line in T.H... But then they ended it and this came out of Nowhere it's part of the Tale of Arcadia universe with a third show on the way about Witches of Arcadia! So as genius as these show runners are I wouldn't be surprised if we get another taste of those upcoming characters in this show! I really am enjoying this so far they are mixing characters in from T.H. And it makes me less sad that that show is over. They got another great cast of voice actors for this show and they give life to the great written script! Tales of Arcadia is so smartly written & funny it's so good for children but there is always a addictive story line and funny characters to keep parents and like myself ppl in there 20s who love a great animated show or just watch everything Del Toro does! You don't have to watch TrollHunters first to watch this! But you would get a lot more out of it if you did! Like I said I watch a lot of shows and TrollHunters is my favorite kids show ever yes even more than the Last Airbender! I love watching these shows while I go to sleep to cause all the beautiful blues and dark neon colors just relax me into sleep! That's after I have watched them a few times tho!
  • The series is more fast-paced in general than Trollhunters and doesn't have the double-season size of Trollhunters' first season. This means we don't get under the character's skin in quite the way we did with Claire, Jim, Toby and the gang. If still works brilliantly, even if I might have wanted more time with Krel, Ajaa and Varvatos Vex.

    The whole family is looking forward to season 2.
  • enchantedwitch-7915621 December 2018
    It's not as good as troll hunters however I've only watched 2 episodes hahahaha but I really like it and I'll be back for an overall review
  • An unparalleled imagination, Guillermo del Toro's is master storyteller and I'm enjoying his projects across genres. This is the second story arch for the TALES OF ARCADIA which began with a triad series called TROLLHUNTERS and will close with a triad series called WIZARDS giving us 9 seasons of Arcadian tales. Once again, I feel unqualified to speak about this genre which seems to be somewhere between Child and Young Adult SciFi/Fantasy, but I'm finding that I'm not the lone adult following this project. Again, del Toro has attracted stellar voice talents: Tatiana Maslany, Diego Luna, Glenn Close, Hayley Atwell, to name a few. I particularly enjoyed the crosssover plot with the Trollhunter story line as 3Below begins its timeline in the third season of TROLLHUNTERS (you really should watch TROLLHUNTERS as well, although it has some pretty silly bits, which probably appeals to the younger audience). I give this series an 8 (great talent and imagination) out of 10. For a young audience it may be an 8 or an 8.5 out of 10. {Animated, SciFi, Action, Adventure}
  • Really beautiful, but the writing and story fall short of the standard set by Trollhunters. I wish the show hadn't spent so much time (almost all 12 episodes) on the fish-out-of-water dimension of the story and perhaps spent it fleshing out the characters (General Morando, for instance, whose motivations are not all that clear beyond power-grab for power-grab's sake) or the history, technology, economy and society of Akiridion-5. Also, even though Varvatos Vex is easily the best part of the series, the constant shouting stops being funny quickly and takes away from emotional moments of the show. Lastly, the reappearance of our old Trollhunting friends, although welcome, is terribly clunky and clearly out of synch with the timeline of the events in Trollhunters.

    After watching Season 1, I have complete faith in Guillermo del Toro's genius to make the rest of the seasons more coherent and compelling. I can't 100% say that it is now!
  • I had high hopes for this show after watching Trollhunters and seeing the good reviews. However, I was kind of disappointed. Trollhunters had sort of a slow start, but really took off after maybe 6 episodes. I kept waiting and waiting for this show to take off and for me to get invested in the story, but it never happened, even after 2 seasons of this show. In Trollhunters, Jim, Toby, Claire, Blinky, and AAARRRGH were unique and memorable characters that made me want to binge the whole series without stopping. Aja, Krell, and Varvatos are pretty flat and boring to watch. In my opinion, the best episodes of 3Below were the ones with the Trollhunters characters making an appearance. The whole series felt rushed to me and the two main characters never really got the development they needed. The second season was an improvement over the first because it made the two main characters and story a little more interesting, but not by much. Some good things about the show are the animation and the voice acting. If this show wasn't related to Trollhunters, I probably wouldn't have watched it past the third episode. In fact, it feels like the filler between Trollhunters and Wizards, the next series in "Tales of Arcadia." Despite my disappointment here, I still have high hopes for Wizards. I rate 3Below 7/10 because it's decent and has some good moments, but kind of bored me most of the time I watched it.
  • I think this is a classic case of a rather boring premise being put in the hands of great writers. The story itself is about as simple as you can get: another classic tale about aliens secretly taking refuge on Earth. As such I feel like I've already seen the story many times before. There's also a lot of plotholes, easily-confusing details and scenes that feel rushed. However, there are a few unique twists, and in addition the animation and actors do a really good job of portraying a mood that keeps you immersed in an otherwise shallow premise. I feel the voice actors, in particular, do a phenomenal job of making the world feel alive. Definitely interesting but only if you don't look too deep into it.
  • rinna-loves-you26 December 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Its definitely a different type of TV show than what you get now adays. I thoroughly enjoyed the witty commentary and fun attempts at "understanding" how we Humans work. Aja and Krel's characters are made very well and a lot of the secondary and even tertiary characters are great added content.
  • The good: 1. Crossover episodes with trollhunters were tons of fun. 2. Stuart (comic relief). 3. Great production value.

    The bad: 1. Characters felt one dimensional and you didn't feel as invested in them as in trollhunters. 2. Jokes were overplayed and repeated. 3. Supposedly smart characters do dumb stuff all the time. 4. Weak story development especially in the way characters change allegiance.

    It feels as tho this series is targeted at a younger audience then that of Trollhunters. It had great potential but fell short.
  • I have seen both Trollhunters and 3Below, and I left a glowing review of Trollhunters (mainly of the villains) 3Below, I'm not ready to praise so highly, The art style is beautiful as always, the character designs are pretty cool, and I enjoy the music. I LOVED the arch-baddie's voice and am sad there's not more of him. Some of the jokes are also quite first. It's fine for something bright and entertaining and whimsical. Does this live up to Trollhunters, though? Not so much. Unlike Trollhunters' villains, 3Below;s villains amount to mustache-twirling baddies at best, and incompetent excuses for action pieces at worst. The bounty hunters exist solely so that the good guys have someone to fight/acquire alien tech from when needed, and the senior baddie barely shows up at all other than to give his villain spiel about how he is Evil McEvilton come to overthrow a good, peaceful empire. In Trollhunters, the villains had a weight and menace to them due to the fact they presented a real threat to the Trollhunters, who struggled to stay ahead of them. In 3Below, the baddies are rarely seen, except when the plot needs them to show up, and they are not particularly intimidating despite the fact they are portrayed as though we should be frightened of them. They don't display much skill in fighting, despite the fact that they usually outnumber and outclass the heroes, and their plans and motivations don't reach past killing the heroes. Compare this to Trollhunters, where each of the villains was playing their own separate games trying to fulfill their own wishes and grudges (as well as racking up casualties on-screen and off-screen, making it much more believable that they can and would kill the Trollhunters). The heroes themselves are okay, but they try to be funny too hard, and in doing so, the stale humor of "look at us, we're super-quirky" dialogue sweeps aside much room for character development, i.e. making the three into actually likable characters. Aja seems a bit selfish in dodging her duties for no apparent reason. Tech-guy (no, I don't remember his name even after 9 episodes) comes off as exactly that: he likes technology, and that's his character trait. Vex was funny at first, and there are some good scenes with him adapting to his human form, but he can get rather obnoxious. Even with episode 8's reveal, the viewer knows how Vex's character is going to play out and resolve this conflict. There is literally no payoff to this plot point: just set-up and instant reaction telling the viewer what they already know. As far as the Trollhunters' appearances go; well, they're all right, but they only made me wish more and more I was watching Trollhunters instead of this. It's wonderful to hear the crew back together, and it makes me wish for more Trollhunters. The Trollhunters world is better-built, their rules more concrete, the integration of both normal world and magical world much smoother, the conflict more intense, and the characters both more relatable and more exciting. All in all, 3Below is a harmless, if slightly bland, addition to the Tales of Arcadia collection that honestly is a little lackluster after Trollhunters' magnificent storytelling. I might pass on the rest of these episodes, but if you need me, I'll be re-bingeing Trollhunters for the third time! (Seriously, just go check it out. It's TOTALLY worth it!)
  • It's solid animation occasionally on par with one of these 3D animation movies (which is obviously the goal). However the storytelling is quite chaotic, incoherent-feeling and hyperactive. In particular, I find the dialogue and character interaction lacking in this regard. One couldn't really expect it to stand out as clever and "well-written" anyway, and it also doesn't exceed expectations by being about as shallow as can be, however in addition to that I find it unnecessarily annoying. It is kind of a given that there is somewhat chaotic interaction between the undercover aliens and the humans, which serves for a lot of the "humour", however the dialogue and interaction between the aliens themselves (mostly brother and sister) is equally messy and erratic, with constant talking past each other and pointless side-remarks, which seems like a try-hard attempt to have constant conflict and be interesting, but which just results in the watching being kind of strenuous and not really pleasant. (I also find the boy in particular lacking in any sympathetic traits and even his voice odd and too old-sounding.) I still deem it essential "holiday entertainment" right now, and a fairly fun blend of science fiction adventure and everyday slapstick, but it obviously could have been better.
  • Loved that characters, writing, mythology, introduction to Akiridion-5,and subversion of stereotypes, and No you DO NOT have the right to accuse me of having a low IQ just because I don't agree with your opinion. When it comes to critiquing a show nowadays you need to analyze it carefully, the majority of things that need analyzing are plot, characters, world building, realism, dialogue, and logic. People just need to be objective when being critical about a show, that's all.
  • Just as well written and animated as the shows predecessor Trollhunters.

    The only other way to describe it is 'Glorious'!
  • This show is well-written so far and its characters are very unique with eye-pleasing animation. If it continues down this path,it might even surpass its predecessor Trollhunters which is another brilliant show. Hope season 2 is even better!
  • Overall this show is just awesome. Great geaphics, good story line and many other things. I also like how they tied in the Trill Hunters in with this story seeing how it's in the same town and around the same timeline. The only issue that I have seen is the US Flag on the soldiers uniforms is backwards. The flag can never fly against the wind.
  • arangosm7 January 2019
    I saw this with my wife and daughters. We couldn't stop. A most see
  • mkvinson25 December 2018
    There are so many great funny moments in this series. Almost funnier then Trollhunters, but not as emotionally in depth as Trollhunters. Timeline is a little messy throughout, but it was still cool to see Krell and Aja's stories blend with the Trollhunters. Steve Palchuck also has a great part in this series.
  • reebokroot15 July 2019
    Very nice 8/10 , but (varvatos) speaks a lot and his voice is disturbing , this is the only thing i hate in this series 😒
  • m_winship7 July 2019
    A spin-off from The Troll Hunters.....The age of Omen has begun in valor! What an exciting new series brought on by the ever ascending director Guillermo del Torro. Remember he's made the Shape of Water and several other recent film breakthroughs. This series introduces a brother and sister from a galaxy far, far away as nobility seeking splice and retreat in a backwards planet called Earth. And the story begins here...enjoy! Murf
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