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  • There's actually a lot more to like in this new Netflix offering than one would expect: Mary Elizabeth Winstead makes a surprisingly capable action heroine, and the fight scenes are very well-staged and exciting. She goofs enough times, and faces enough adversity, to protect her from any accusations of being a Mary-Sue, and as a result we buy into her journey an awful lot more than we would a Rey, a Captain Marvel or Black Widow.

    The dialogue is all filler, and the plot almost a carbon copy of better action films like John Wick, Lucy, Kill Bill, Hanna, Nikita and The Long Kiss Goodnight, but the Tokyo setting and nighttime cinematography look great, and all the actors pull off their roles pretty much faultlessly.

    All in all, very predictable and containing nothing original of any kind, but a well-made and decent-enough popcorn-muncher if you're in the mood.
  • Shoot them in the stomach. They die slow, in agony, and they know, it's personal.

    A brand new original Netflix movie starring Woodie Harrelson and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

    Stylistically this movie was awesome. Tokyo at night looked vibrant with many colorful neon anime characters. There's a lot of pink, especially in the car chase scene. That was some amazing camera work and reminded me a bit of Baby Driver. Also, the music hyped up the movie throughout.

    This led to the violent and entertaining fight scenes. This gave some John Wick vibe with some creative use of weapons. In these scenes Mary Winstead was a total badass showing brutality when she kills. She carried every scene and I loved her performance.

    The biggest problem of the movie was that I could see 99% of the movie from a mile away. Honestly this didn't affect me as much as it should because I loved the style and action a lot.

    Overall, an enjoyable flick despite the predictable story. 7.5/10.
  • This was a La Femme Nikita/DOA situation filtered though live action anime with touches of the current slate of action movies like Atomic Blonde, Hardcore Henry, The Raid, and John Wick.

    I guess I don't get the critics being harsher on this than any other action movie of late. Stuff happens. Action happens. Some more stuff happens. Some more action happens. It's a fun romp that dosnt outstay it's welcome. And you get to see a unique fight haircut.
  • This is how fight scenes should be choreographed and shot. I especially emphasize the cinematography. With wide angles and longer takes, we get to see the fight unfold in front of our eyes in a way that feels real, and we can tell what's happening.

    Of course, for that to work, you need an actor willing to do the hard choreography believably. And Winstead is absolutely game in that department. She really sells the strength, skill and brutality of the fights.
  • The world works in a kind of spiral, where everything 30 years ago becomes popular again, with small alterations. Kate is a story of a perfect assassin, betrayed and raising hell in the name of vengeance as poison is slowly killing her. Stylish, with Japanese neo-noir design, involving the Yakuza and greedy Westerners, it is a return to the 90s stories, where lone gunmen (people?) were dealing their own brand of justice in a corrupt and decadent world full of greed and inequality. Of course, the main character is female now, but you've seen this film before, a few times perhaps, and everything is pretty standard.

    What shines trough the bland plot is the acting of Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who singlehandedly carries the film through. In fact, every other actor is an extra in the plot anyway, so she either made this film work or not. And it works. Kudos also to Jun Kunimura, who can, with a slight adjustment of body posture and a couple of facial expressions, tell an entire story in a second.

    Bottom line: a predictable story from start to finish, but made well and acted well. Ridiculous body count which could have, with small changes to the plot, be significantly reduced and the time gained spent on storytelling.
  • Why do I do it, why do I always think that the number one choice is going to be good, it never is, and there's a good example of it here.

    Kate has 24 hours to get revenge on those that poisoned her, that's literally the plot, that start is followed by the most improbable, crazy fight sequences you will ever see.

    It goes on a bit, it looks pretty good, I loved the visuals, but that's the best element, the story is wafer thin, it lacks any sort of heart.

    Good acting, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is cracking, I am a big fan, sadly Woody isn't around for much, and that's a real shame.

    All in all, another disappointing film on Netflix, 5/10.
  • Netflix is at it again with another algorithm driven "mashup". This movie pulls from: La Femme Nikita, Atomic Blonde, Kill Bill and Crank (among others), but, thanks to slick production and solid acting from Mary Elizabeth Winstead it WORKS MUCH BETTER than I expected. The high contrast, rain-slick neon streets of Osaka and Tokyo are on full display here and the pacing is fast, with just enough back-story to bring the characters to life in a way that was engaging. A couple things of note:

    1) The action is more similar to Atomic Blonde in that our female anti-hero is up against an army of dudes, and, instead of some easy one-punch win (a-la Kill Bill) she employs all manner of environmental tools and favors speed over strength. While hyper action movies are always on the low-end of believable - the no-nonsense violence and savagery (and creativity) of the weapons / tools she uses seemed accurate for the character.

    2) Mary Elizabeth Winstead nails it. From subtile facial expressions during character moments, to fast action fight-scenes, I bought her in the role. There was zero "cringe" in her approach to the character and I was totally won over.

    Finally, a few others have complained that this is yet another "white person kills asians" movies. There's merit to that issue but I would argue that - especially towards the end - the context of western vs eastern (Japanese in this case) crime culture is brought specifically into the plot as topics of honor and loyalty are specifically discussed and contribute to the evolution of the plot in meaningful ways. Personally - as a white guy who spent 7 years in Japan and who speaks Japanese - I thought they did a great job of bringing this stereotype into the plot vs just having another "white action person takes on Asian crime-syndicate" movie...
  • Majority credit to her ability to feel her role, to empathise with the story and deliver humanity through her character. She was just as impressive in Fargo, where I first encountered her. It takes true talent to convince ME that your character is simultaneously cold blooded and warm hearted.

    As for the flick itself, the action is real enough in that the protagonist displays the ability to f-s-up but will fumble with fatigue and sickness, misjudge enough to be outweighed by an opponent not necessarily of an equal skill set.

    The usual sacrifice of substantial plot and believability of her opponents' characters remains as with any martial arts snd/or action flick, which isn't necessarily something to frown upon. In fact if the opposite were the case it would be an instant 10 stars.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Another day, another JOHN WICK clone, this time with Mary Elizabeth Winstead taking on the Keanu Reeves role to kick it up with the Japanese Yakuza. This one suffers from a huge deficit of originality, with tired and predictable plot twists and an ending you'll see coming a mile off. There are huge problems throughout, from an inexperienced director to an inexperienced child actor, both of whom do poorly, and Winstead giving a particularly bland performance. The best actors are inevitably the Japanese - Miyavi and Jun Kunimura in particular. The good news is that the fight scenes have pretty good choreography, although the less said about THAT awful CGI car chase, the better...
  • So here we have a hit woman raised since a kid (a rip on the far better KITE). She's poisoned and has a day to live. (D. O. A. And the crummy crank series, in a way). Who, on the way to 'avenging' herself, hooks up with a kid (KITE again) who she sees as herself if she hadn't been raised to be a killer. The action scenes are ok, the acting is decent but the story line is oh so tired.
  • Well shot, some good fight and action scenes, solid acting, and a fine performance by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Why no higher rating? Simple, the story is predictable, generic and sometimes even tiresome (scenes with dialogue), all ideas are known and borrowed from other movies. Also the running time is in my view too long, the longer the movie run the more I felt rather bored. What else we can deduce from Kate? The universe needs a new species of writers, pronto please.
  • From childhood Kate has been trained to be the perfect assassin. In the opening scenes we see her take out a member of the Yakuza in Osaka in front of his brother and daughter. Ten months later she is in Tokyo and still bothered about the girl witnessing the killing and wants to quit. Of course she will have to undertake one final mission. This doesn't go to plan and she lets the target live. She chases the target but crashes her car. In hospital she learns that she had been poisoned before the job got underway. There is no chance of survival; she has about twenty four hours to find the person responsible and get her revenge.

    It is fair to say this film is fairly derivative; the central premise comes from the classic film noir 'DOA' but by having our lead an assassin out for a revenge, rather than an ordinary person, we get treated to lots of 'John Wick' style action as she works her way to her target... original no but highly entertaining if you like that sort of thing. The action is suitably varied as people are shot, stabbed and in once case decapitated with a samurai sword! This is all impressively choreographed. The action is pretty violent with plenty of blood being spilt and some fairly unpleasant injuries shown. The story is fairly predictable with twists that anybody familiar with this sort of film will see a mile off; that didn't matter for me though as the action doesn't let up long enough to give you time to worry about such things. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is really impressive as Kate; making the action seem believable. Woody Harrelson is solid as her mentor, even though he gets less screen time than one might hope for and Miku Martineau is likable as Ani, the daughter of the man she kills in the opening scene and later gets caught up in Kate's revenge operation. The Tokyo setting is great; I'm glad they had Japanese characters talking in subtitled Japanese rather than having them speak English as would probably have been the case had it been made a few years ago. Overall I'd definitely recommend this to fans of the genre.
  • MahnoorKhan-FilmCritic23 November 2021
    I will not judge this movie based on its predictable story because, to be honest, I enjoyed this movie and there were some best things about this movie which made it interesting.

    Mary Elizabeth is a perfect choice for the lead role. Her action sequences, fighting style, emotions, physical look indeed everything is superb. She makes the movie engaging till the end.

    Visually this movie is excellent. The Cinematography, fighting sequences and direction is superb. I loved this movie.
  • gillespiesan10 September 2021
    What can I say, I'm a sucker for the recent slew of female bad ass movies, from the sublime - Atomic Blonde, Ava - to the less impressive - Anna comes to mind. Kate falls neatly in the middle somewhere, extremely enjoyable while you're watching it nut ultimately forgettable. But that's how it should be for a movie like this, right?

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead has always been a favourite of mine and Woody Harrelson is always good value. Add some nice night time Tokyo scenery - Tokyo being where I'm living so all very familiar - and buckets of blood and you have an entertaining way to pass 90 minutes of so.
  • Well, I'll say It again: this is a bad movie. It has nothing new to tell, it's predictable, Mary Elizabeth Winstead deserves way better than this and the whole concept is a female converted rip-off from 'Crank', 'John Wick' or 'Atomic Blonde' done wrong.

    Now I'm wondering what happened to my original review posted on September 10th right after watching the movie and that had some repercussion with aprox 70 users out of 130 found it useful. Why it got deleted? Was an accident? Or are we in a time in which we cannot say respectfully why we don't like some movies than others enjoy? It was my most useful review to date. Anyway... Here It is again. Let's see if this one gets deleted to...
  • I have a major crush on Winsted. Having said that, good fights, bad cgi car chase. Watchable.
  • kosmasp12 September 2021
    I am quite sure there was a movie that had that title. Not comparing those two though, just so you know. Just giving the movie a description that can be called apt! There have been a lot of action movies with female leads, not all felt right. Some had weird action scenes that just didn't seem to work ... not here! Mary as Kate is exceptional and while you can more than argue about the story/plot (bare minimum), you cannot fault the movie where it matters most for an action movie: the action/stunts! Amazing is almost an understatement.

    Really well choreographed and it feels like Mary (Kate) is doing her thing ... and knows her stuff too. I can only imagine the training she went through! The movie also is reality based in a sense - you can feel and see that she isn't invincible and that every "interaction" leaves marks ... pun intended.

    You may not agree with certain things or think it is predictable and may feel that the Japanese element of the story could have been explored more (all valid points to make, if you want to), but this is as kick a** as it gets! Yes I censored myself because I'm not sure if that word is allowed on here and I don't want the review to be denied because of it. Watch it if you are not squeamish, because the movie is and gets really violent.
  • The second female John Wick rip off in just a month. Based on the trailer I had somewhat high hopes for this one, daring to believe it would deliver some classic John Woo style heroic bloodshed. Yet it's another letdown, just like Jolt, Atomic Blonde, The Protégé and so many others.

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead does a fine job as the lead, but shares no chemistry with the kid she's saddled with. A lot of the Japanese actors sleepwalk through their roles, except for the big boss and the effeminate one. Woody Harrelson does his bit and is reliable as ever, even if he doesn't have much to work with.

    The photography was unexpectedly dull, the use of music often didn't work, and worse, a lot of the kicks and punches lacked precision and speed. MEW has the acting chops, but isn't a fighter. They would need someone like Gina Carano or some MMA fighter to pull this off convincingly.

    Another aspect these John Wick and Crank ripoff movies lack is fun. While John Wick's humor was found mostly in its timing or interactions, and Crank was just an all out cartoon, these new movies don't seem to understand their own genre. They play it straight when they shouldn't, and wink at the audience in a completely self-oblivious manner, as in "haha, aren't we outrageous?". John Wick or Crank never tried to trick the audience into thinking they're watching something edgy. The outrageous scenes happened naturally within the context of the story. The tonality of the humor fit the story.

    Kate is a tonal mess, switching from gory dismemberment to J-Pop music to Kate coming to terms with her life ending and scenes of bonding and redemption, to wanna be Japanese crime drama to total schlock again. It feels like a movie put together by a committee checking off boxes instead of a singular artistic vision.

    Darn shame. A generous 5/10 for gorehounds and fans of the genre. You can certainly do worse, but you can do a whole lot better, too.
  • So ok this is my take. Every year the big studios are handed scripts, many scripts and many are rejected. How many scripts with the whole "trained assassin" have we seen? Netflix must get thousands with the same bloody main plot, and reject them. Warner Bros, Sony probably do too and keep maybe 2 out of a hundred. Netflix, on the other hand, get (say) a hundred of these assassin scripts and keep 50, and seemingly work through them making movies to fill a need. They love them. They tolerate much more, lame and average scripts, than you would expect a movie studio to... but then they are essentially a TV station, and have more time to fill.

    This film is your typical double-hard assassin movie. Well made - I like the lead and supporting cast - plus it looks good, is watchable, but ultimately is generic and predictably unoriginal. The plot will have no surprises, and will be the least interesting aspect, but it won't offend you too much either. Maybe as a slightly older person, I have seen too many movies like this to be involved and excited by it. Were I half my age, with less experience of such film, I might have better things to say. As it stands, if you like this kind of assassin getting revenge movie, you'll have a good time. Just do not expect anything new here.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film start with a woman "Kate" talking with her mentor "Varrick" in a truck, and she killing a man scene! As turnout, this film is about Kate need to kill Varrick to save a young girl "Ani"! Entire film full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene! Such as, overuse of the song playing at the background scene, overuse of the long angle scenery scene, overuse of the arguing scene, overuse of the calling names scene, overuse of the staring scene, overuse of the walking scene, overuse of the searching scene, overuse of the driving scene, overuse of the vomiting scene, overuse of the drinking scene, overuse of the eating scene, and overuse of the flashbacks scene! Make the film unwatchable! All the action scene have blood, and things broken at certain point, but overall portray by sideways, just hear the gunshot sound, messy, and occur in too short of time! Make the film frustrated to watch! At the end, Kate die after saving Ani! That's it! Another disappointed film!
  • SnoopyStyle14 September 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is a professional assassin working under her mentor Varrick (Woody Harrelson). He had trained her from when she was a young orphan. She's in Japan to kill a yakuza leader. At the last moment, a girl shows up on the scene breaking her main rule of not endangering children. She is ordered to kill anyways. She considers quitting her job. Later, she is poison and given 24 hours to live or in her case, 24 hours to exact revenge.

    It's the same old same old. It's another pretty girl turned trained killer. I almost appreciate more the Tokyo street life. I enjoy the vending machine and the limited back alleys. The fact is that Japan is nothing new either but it's interesting that this movie is going full Lost in Translation. As for Mary, she's never played an icy cold killer. Even in Birds of Prey, she's more an awkward dorky killer. All of that is fine. It doesn't have to be original or new. My main problem is that there is an obvious suspect. It is completely predictable and it's annoying that Kate doesn't even consider it initially. This is fine but it's not going to stand out among a very crowded field. This is likely to be forgotten soon after.
  • skniazi710 September 2021
    Couple of good action scenes and that's about it. Another waste opportunity in the done to death female assassin genre.
  • LanaCassi10 September 2021
    Japan really is the heavy-lifter here, the only thing that kept me watching until the end. Beyond this, what a mess. Starts off fairly intriguing but descends at about halfway with no redemption.

    One of those movies where I was mad at myself for watching the whole thing.
  • I watched this only because Mary Elizabeth Winstead starred and I am a big fan of her previous films.

    I did wonder if she could pull it off but as the film progressed it was obvious she was not only pulling it off, but loving it and really getting in the role.

    There are so many films now with the same storyline, but this feels very different with a fast paced but interesting flow that never leaves you behind, and a leading actor who relishes her role and brings the character totally to life.

    Well done Mary, a fabulous film.
  • As an action movie Kate is a good movie and certainly worth a watch. That's if your okay with a predictable plot and some exaggerated scenes like a woman beating twenty Yakuza all by herself. It's fast paced and never boring and the acting is more than decent. Mary Elizabeth Winstead gave a convincing performance. As for Woody Harrelson he's more a poster filler as he didn't have that much scenes but the once he was in were of course top. I always liked that actor. The best thing about the movie are the fighting scenes, and there are a lot of those, it's all very well choreographed and executed. Bloody violent as well, and it all looked quite realistic. That alone made me have a nice popcorn movie night. Kate is for the fans of that genre.
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