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  • Beyond the synopsis there really isn't anything else to this movie. What you read is what you get, that's the entire plot, there's no real spoilers or even anything to spoil at all. This is a movie that is a good 80% exposition without dialogue or plot development, you're just watching them move around or stare off into space. It also bounces around a little bit at times just to keep you guessing if something is actually happening or imagined...but it doesn't really matter because nothing is ever actually explained because there's no narrative or plot.

    It's not a good movie, the acting is hard to judge because you don't really know what they're aiming for, and honestly it just doesn't make much sense overall since nothing is explained. The cinematography is fantastic, the cast looks great, but there's no real acting or story to see here. I just felt it seemed very pointless by the end.
  • I am a 28 year old man and have never written a movie review before, but after seeing this film I felt compelled to make an IMDB account and write about how utterly pretentious this movie was. My God. This could've made a great short story if it only took fifteen minutes to tell what the directors managed to drag out in an hour and a half.

    This cult features actors all so physically perfect, they literally abandoned their reusable shopping bags in the middle of Santa Monica Blvd. to run away and adopt their newly found Amish lifestyle.

    This is the movie liberal arts majors turned hipster bartenders love to mention and roll their eyes when someone does not agree that this is the best movie of 2020 and Hollywood would never understand.

    I loved Hereditary, Midsommar, the Witch, Suspiria and any other cool, heady, disturbing newer horror film, but the Other Lamb just didn't cut it for me.

    I don't doubt the actors of this film are talented, but with such a meek, uneventful plot, none of them really got a chance to shine. Three stars for the preceding fact, along with the beautiful cinematography that makes it look like a very long, hip music video.
  • The scenery is strikingly beautiful, but the whole story is so bizarre and disturbing.
  • This is the story of a christianesqe cult of all women and their one master living out in the woods. For the life of me I don't see why this is touted as a horror movie, marketing gambit? It is these women's pleasure to serve their shepherd hand and foot...and booty. It's the very slow, long, drawn out story of one of his daughters finally opening her eyes to his real "ideology" and his real treatment of these women. Plus, it didn't hurt that his own arrogance finally got the better of him. As slow as this is, and as NOT a horror story as this is, I was somehow held by the story. I found myself drawn - maybe by the lush cinematography.
  • Polish filmmaker Malgorzata Szumowska, together with writer C.S. McMuller, presents a visually stunning, excellently performed, unsubtle and ideologically rich look at the cult/messiah phenomena, gendered power, narcissism and emotional imprisonment. It's a smart slow-burner with a touch too slight on some of the presented themes & threatens to be style>substance throughout, but it's a journey worth taking.

    "The Other Lamb" is a revenge/female empowerment fable, a story about a Shepherd and his flock, or, in other words, a self-proclaimed narcissistic Messiah (played by Michiel Huisman) who's been devoting his life to creating a cult where he can be the only man, with multiple wives and daughters. The movie puts us in the mind of Selah (portrayed compellingly by Raffey Cassidy) as we go through her journey from being an utter devotee to the cult's 'cause' to the inevitable table-turn and revenge. Szumowska's direction and Cassidy's powerful and relatable performance grants a success at putting the viewer where it wishes to. "The Other Lamb", as compared to other movies about cults, doesn't explore the evil, abuse or psychology behind it all on a satisfactory level, meaning we don't get any real closure. However, it redeems some of the flaws with being visually captivating, the cinematography's patient, environments are scarily beautiful, coloring is eye-pleasing, and it's all presented in a somewhat rare, full 1920*1080 aspect ratio. Without a doubt, a lot in "The Other Lamb" relies on atmosphere of isolation, both physical and mental, and this shot the director does not miss. Despite the subjective substance flaws, at the end of it all "The Other Lamb" still has a strong perspective on actual issues, showed through a prism of cult politics and gender inequality.

    It's no "Midsommar" or "The Wicker Man", holds back in the department of violence and shock, but, as far as horror movies go, "The Other Lamb" is a fairly great addition to the slow-burn, atmospheric, visually beautiful shelf of horror movies. Also, even though set in this century, it very much feels like a folk horror. My rating: 7/10.
  • colliervillekids4 April 2020
    Do not waste your time on this. I'm all for artsy films but this is just nothing beyond synopsis you've read. Beautiful to look at earns it 1 star.
  • DKSPL3 April 2020
    I really don't understand why this movie has such a low rating. I really enjoyed it. It reminds me a little of "The Village" movie. It also reminds me a little of von Trier's work. It's really a piece of solid, dark cinema with controversial themes. Maybe this controversion is the reason why some people don't like this movie?
  • AceRoccola4 April 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    The Other Lamb is an utterly pointless retread of themes that have been better served in dozens of other films, all with more character and more purpose than this listless dirge. The plot is laid out in full in the synopsis. Nothing beyond that crops up in the film's entire runtime. It's just a dull regurgitation of themes that we've all seen done better. It has no insights to offer, not for the struggles of its characters or for the society that it's clearly addressed to.

    I have to say, it's baffling to me that some reviewers are referring to this as a "revenge" tale. It definitely is not that. There is no revenge, no "turning of the tables" at any point. It's just an hour and a half of psychological torture, punctuated by a downer ending in which the "hero" and the rest of the cast are discarded like trash and the villain of the piece runs away scot-free. The dullards making the film probably thought this would be a chilling way to finish their half-formed narrative. If you really, really hate women, this finale might bring you some satisfaction. Anyone else can go look for a real film. Essentially any movie about this subject will be more worthwhile than this tired and unnecessary also-ran.

    If The Wicker Man was the A Quiet Place of 1973 (i.e. it established the formula for a subgenre and was promptly ripped off in the ensuing years), this isn't quite as timely or relevant as the terrible Netflix ripoff that followed AQP with Stanley Tucci. It's not even on par with the sixth-rate DTV knockoffs that are coming out right now (e.g. Don't Speak). The Other Lamb is the movie that is still 50 years away, which will somehow do even less than any previous ripoff and leave audiences wondering why this story needed to be told again. With any luck, that future script will be tossed in the bin before it's foisted unto the moviegoing public, like this one should have been.
  • Very slow movie watched only half an hour and don't have the stamina to proceed further because nothing really happening. Watch it may be you like it but not for me. Note: Although i like these type of cult movies but this movie is not good at all.
  • Yes, it's a slow burn drama...and the horror is, well, let's just say, horrific on a REAL level...

    ...BUT, it's an intelligent movie,and requires some patience. If I may give away a thing or two...despite it's darker subject, you'll not hate it.
  • An elegantly well shot Vibrant feminist Rebellion against the Patriarchy Cult Horror Drama.
  • contactmaz3 April 2020
    As the title says: "Don't bother" because this is a complete load of tosh!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Has a very creepy undertone. I enjoyed it, especially because of how plausible the scenario. What was eye-opening is my realization that there are cults like this around the world - a heartbreaking yet very real truth.

    SPOILER: One scene shows the "Shepherd" slitting the throat of an infant white lamb. The last scene depicts the protagonist, Selah cradling a black lamb. This is symbolic; the Shepherd was truly evil; he would spill blood of even the innocent (the Bible uses a white lamb to represent the clean). Selah, wearing a stern expression on her face, cradles the black lamb, implying that she is protective of even the unclean (the Bible uses a black, or spotted, lamb to resemble impurity).
  • Dont waste your time. just your basic cult movie.

    i give it a 4.1 because the cinematography as well as the acting was good. but story was lame and predictable

  • RK03047018 April 2020
    A totally uninspiring movie where actually nothing happens.
  • seashell7215 April 2020
    When I saw Michiel Huisman among the cast I expected a really good movie but what I found was boredom.
  • The movie is plane and predictable, However is kind of repulsive and that is the only thing I've enjoyed... the repulsión for patriarchy that this movie portraits is absolutely on point and this movie really makes an excellent portrait of how disturbing patriarchy is. I couldn't watched all, I had to move fast forward to avoid the lengthy Plane and boring scenes that won't tell or add anything to the story. I don't recommend it
  • gastroekrem16 April 2020
    In the second of trailer, I decided to watch this movie. Because I like this kind of stuff but movie is such a slow going. You have to wait lots of minutes for a simple action. Story is good and I also liked the act. Cinematography was very good. Story is good but after all it just not good enough. I liked the movie but kinda disappointed. Expected better
  • The camera work and cinematography is excellent but that's all this movie had going for it. I really don't know what the point or message was supposed to be. One reviewer said it's an allegory for the patriarchy and toxic masculinity oppressing women. The storyline was very weak. Nothing climatic really happens. Wish I hadn't wasted my time.
  • Charismatic and manipulative cult leader. One of the "flock" starts to see through the BS. Things unravel at a brisk pace. You get the idea.
  • First of all, this is not a "horror" movie, more like a horrible movie. What can I say? There's nothing scary about it. Secondly, hasn't enough been said already about this female empowerment/emancipation etc. ? If there remains anything to be said, this movie certainly did not add anything new. The pace was slow and the whole thing was kind of predictable from the get go. It succeeds in creating a certain atmosphere that reminded me of The Witch, which in my opinion also dealt with issues of femininity, but at least was SCARY. I give it a 5 for perfectly ambivalent.
  • punkfilm233425 April 2020
    We good. Your religious implications do not work. The film maker obviously saw midsommar. NAW PASS
  • foxyking934 April 2020
    A visually stunning movie that explores themes of patriarchy and religion. I highly recommend. I don't umderstand how you can give this movie a 1/10 rating.
  • This is a film that very accurately tackles the subject of patriarchy, male domination, sexism. We have a problem with patriarchy even today as evidenced by these negative ratings and the anger of men giving the hate comments to this film. A beautiful movie and very needed. Do not listen to this hate, watch it, you will not be disappointed.
  • If you're at all interested in the injustice of patriarchal societies, then this film will be incredibly satisfying to you.

    Cleverly written and beautifully shot, with a soundtrack that will haunt you, it can count as both, an art & mass audience film. All the performances are on point, not a false note among them, and the sets & scenery further enhance the beauty & horror of this film.

    Sorority at its best & worst. No wonder so many guys get so triggered by it.

    PS Finally, a film where you see the leader of the cult and think 'Oh, yeah! I get why he has a following!', he is magnetic. I guess that's why we need more women screenwriters & directors.
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