Unlike in the movie, in which they were voiced by adults, George and Harold are voiced by actual kids in this series.

Jerome Horwitz elementary is named after Curly Howard of the Three Stooges. Jerome was Curly's real name.

This series takes place in Piqua Ohio. There is an actual town in Ohio named Piqua. However in the show the characters pronounce the name of the town incorrectly. In the show they pronounce the "i" in Piqua with a long e sound. The actual town is pronounced using a short i sound.

There are only 2 episodes not to include Melvin

Last work of actress Dawn Wells.

The students Erica, Jessica, and Dressy, are original characters created exclusively for the show, and have no book or movie counterparts. Likewise the faculty members Mr Ree and Miss Yewh are also original characters But Mr Ree However Was Secretly Was In The Movie When Mr Krupp Is Flashbacking All Of George And Harold Prank