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  • neerajdws7 December 2019
    Jhalki has the fearlessness of the truly innocent, plus the resourcefulness of an intelligent mind- it's a pity that girls as bright and brave as her, languish in villages for lack of education and opportunity. Jhalki is empowered, and would be an inspiration to any young girl
  • simmikhurana-426557 December 2019
    Childhood is meant for play and studies, if they are given jobs, then they are not able to develop. This movie shows that too...
  • rekhathapar7 December 2019
    What is your Purpose? Isn't it the most cliched question, asked in every talk & seminar, asked by ourselves at every stage in life, yet feel unsure about? It was beautifully addressed in the movie 'JHALKI'! It goes on to prove that it's not how profound your 'purpose statement' is, but your conviction, commitment & courage to accomplish your purpose despite the hardships, that makes it meaningful & impactful!

    India is a big country and there are lots of issues going on. One can easily pick any subject and make a film on it but if one has to choose a subject then why not something which will bring some change in society? On the other side there are so many real heroes whom we don't even know but the kind of work they have done is something which we should really know. Jhalki directed by Bramhanand Singh focuses on both the things mentioned above, it brings a story that should bring some change in our society and also it tells us a glorious and brave tale of a real life Hero Kailash Satyarthi.

    A life-altering disappearance of her 7-year old brother sets Jhalki off on a mission to find him at all costs. Armed with an intimate folk-tale and her own sharp mind, is Jhalki's journey the start of a spiral that will change the lives of thousands for good? What price must she pay to get what she wants? Inspired by true events, with a backdrop of human-trafficking and child-labour, Jhalki is an atypical thriller of hope, courage, self-belief and perseverance, seen through the eyes of a 9-year-old girl, who will not stop anywhere short of a triumph. Although the story revolves around a girl, the real life hero and the real hero of the film appers in the climax and that part might force you to clap for him and for the film as well.

    Coming towards the acting section, Aarti Jha as Jhalki is quite promising. She is loud at some occasions for no reason but you enjoy the same stuff once you get used to it in the film. Goraksh Sakpal as her brother Babu is innocent but hardly had any scope as the film mostly belogs to Jhalki. Sanjay Suri as IAS Officer and Divya Dutta as his wife looks a perfect husband wife couple on screen, and their experience as artists can be seen in the characters. Tannishtha Chatterjee, Govind Namdev, Joy Sengupta, Akhilendra Mishra and Boman Irani got small but important roles and they all does a good job.

    Talking about the story telling, Jhalki has that content but it is not explored in expected manners. Screenplay looks very ordinary because it lacks that high moments and thrilling elements. A predictable plot doesn't really excited much but like I said earlier, when you see the true faces behind it at the climax you might want to clap for them. Music is average but that opening and theme song "Khajan Chidiya" is really engaging and impressive. Cinematography is okay and could have been better because most of the film is shot at real locations and that gives you advantage to capture more. Director Brahmanand Singh takes this story through realistic lane and that was needed but the problem appears in the narrative when you find it predictable and can easily guess what gonna happen next.

    Overall, Jhalki is like an extended version of Crime Petrol episode where a child trafficking case is solved. But you really take something home in you finish the film because this is not a fictional story, this is inspired by true events happened around us. Jhalki lacks entertainment and commercial value but somewhat it fulfills the hunger of content for that particular fanbase. With more tight screenplay and thrill, Jhalki would have been a Terrific film but at the moment it is a one time watch for sure.

    RATING- 6/10*
  • It's give the motivation you to do something. The jhalki is such a fantastic character in the film.
  • Such a lively movie and a living document on the other india .. Which is very dark.
  • One of the gem of the indian cinema. must watch this movie
  • Bollywood needs to create more such peices of the art .. This can creat awareness among the people and the children. Everyone should watch it i recommend everyone to watch thus.
  • How many children go through this thing it really has a deep impact.
  • Its beautiful and am happy that such films are being made, just want this film to reach out to everybody and many more such films to happen.
  • The reality is as true as its shown in the movie .. This is the true and real india .. The dark and the shady one.
  • It's very well made the story is fantastic specially the way it's been narrated it comes out that the feeble which is used.
  • The movies show the love between the brother and the sister
  • Jhalki has the fearlessness of the truly innocent, plus the resourcefulness of an intelligent
  • Good work is always appreciated ... Honest work is always accoladed ... Congratulations Sir and to your entire team 👍
  • If you'll watch this movie, you'll gain courage, your self-confidence will increase and so will your love, for others.
  • I loved your film Jhalki ! I watched it with my team at BIFF a few weeks ago. The protagonist Jhalki was so feisty! Her attitude in the face of any problem or obstacle was so inspiring. The whole story was very moving - thank you.I'm creating a website called Incluvie - movies scored on diversity. Jhalki would receive the highest rating for that :) Would love to stay in touch!Cheers
  • Every Frame of Jhalki Looks picturesque & Awesome....👍😘... Classic
  • Watch this to see a sister's love for her brother...
  • If someone wants to rescue someone from child labour... they should watch this.
  • rekhathapar7 December 2019
    A superb film, Brahmanand! I thoroughly appreciated the poignant message, the sensitive and heart-warming story, the sharp direction, the wonderful acting especially by 'Jhalki', and the beautiful cinematography. All in all a fab package. Congratulations!!
  • rekhathapar7 December 2019
    Jhalki has the fearlessness of the truly innocent, plus the resourcefulness of an intelligent mind- it's a pity that girls as bright and brave as her, languish in villages for lack of education and opportunity. Jhalki is empowered, and would be an inspiration to any young girl.
  • rekhathapar7 December 2019
    This film is entertaining and uplifting ... it motivates you to do something. That girl has such a fantastic spirit and tremendous energy that it rubs on to you.
  • Genuinely choked with emotions ... What a beautiful movie this is! The subtlety in the way in which they have portrayed such an important issue ... and dealt with certain very dark aspects that are associated with child trafficking and child slavery have been handled in a very respectful yet uplifting.
  • It's a very powerful, motivational & heart-wrenching story of a brother-sister duo which will have a great impact on the viewers. You don't get to see films like these nowadays.
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