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  • This felt like a stripped down, summarized version of this story. No time is really invested into characters, so you don't really feel anything for them. The concept, while fascinating, is never fully explored. The actors all do their best though and are solid throughout. The film is also surprisingly gore-filled and there were some genuinely queasy moments. Everything just chugs along at a breakneck pace and it plays out as you'd expect. There was an opportunity to take a lot of chances with this story, but it decides to settle for being a mildly entertaining flick.
  • Clive_W22 June 2019
    I must admit, I wasn't sure at first what to take from the trailer when I originally watched it, but I must admit the result was pleasantly surprising. As with any film, and any review, everything gets a mixed bag, some will expect more story, but this isn't a story you need more to explain, everyone knows the idea of an alien coming to earth, much like good old Superman, based on that concept alone you role with what bits of information you are given, much like the bee story, a hive, now with no spoiling any of the content, like with everything I'd say check the film out for yourself, form your own view, but don't expect a back story, as this film focus is on the what if. As always it's good to see good reviews and bad, always like to see how people take things home. Now I hope this helps, but with every review it is an opinion. Take care. And be forever watchful of those skies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Brightburn stars Elizabeth Banks who is trying to have a child with her husband, but when an alien spaceship crashes in Kansas, they adopt the child and raise him as one of their own. What if Superman became evil is what I would sum up Brightburn in a nutshell. And it does have an interesting concept, it's just poorly executed. This is produced by James Gunn, the same man who gave us two Guardians of the Galaxy. And what I think is that James Gunn had this interesting concept for this character and all the pieces were there. But instead of coming up with an intellectual script, the script writers took the pieces, threw it into the trash, and turned it into a generic horror film. It's as if almost everyone took a different approach, and decided to turn this concept to what if Superman was evil? to What if Jason Vorhees or Michael Meyers had superpowers? But even Jackson A. Dunn who plays Brandon Beyer has zero character development and is annoying from start to finish. There's no character development anywhere. No questions as too where he came from? Who are his parents? How'd he get his superpowers? There's no explanation. They just turn him into a psychopath and he starts killing innocent people who didn't deserve to die just because he didn't get his way. And to me that feels lazy and the entire movie feels half baked. So in the end, while it does have an interesting concept, it just left me disappointed, cause they had so much material they could've worked with, but they took the easy way out.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film pitched a very simple question - 'What if Superman was evil?'. After watching it, I feel like this was a marketing ploy used to sell the script and bring audiences to the door. Honestly, if you take the Superman aspect out of it, this is really just your generic low-budget horror flick. The gist of it is a kid wants to be evil one day and just goes ahead killing people. That's really it.

    This is one of those rare stories,that I feel could really benefit from an additional 30 minutes. The fact that the runtime is limited to 90 minutes, results in a lot of rushed scenes, which are consequenced by my biggest complaint, the editing. It feels like they shot all the scenes individually,but had no idea how to transition, so they stitched them together. You're just bouncing from scene-to-scene-to-scene and it's incredibly jarring. There are several moments when I thought, yes, this is interesting,but please slow down so I can marinate in it. Nope,next scene.

    There are,however, a few redeeming aspects. The actors do a really good job, and I really wish they had more time to sell us on the material. The gore,is actually quite good; there are some really brutal, bloody moments that I enjoyed. And finally, the creative decision to add Billie Eillish' 'bad guy' was genius.

    Overall,I don't really know what you're looking for in this story. If it's a dark Superman twist, you won't get it. If it's horror, it's mediocre. As a slasher gore film, not bad at all. I'd classify this as wasted potential.
  • Everything good in this movie is down to the acting ability and character of the child actor (Jackson A. Dunne who plays the character Brandon/Brightburn and the likeability of Elizabeth Banks who plays his mother. Its a really well made movie and just very absorbing. Very very good movie and great special effects. Terrific.
  • What would rhyme with that? Hmmm ... now maybe you've read the summary so you know. Or you just heard that it's a superhero horror movie. And boy is it a horror movie. This indeed is not meant to be shown to kids - level of violence is through the roof - no pun intended.

    As with many horror movies it does contain quite a few cliches - one of them characters being unable to see what is right in front of them. So while certain things could have been avoided ... it would not have made a good movie or only a short one. This aims to please or cover a certain base of viewers. You should know if you belong to them
  • There have been a few "evil superhero" themed stories recently but both The Boys and Invincible are more polished in my opinion. Maybe they benefit from having multiple episodes and being able to explore all the questions that come with the topic more in-depth. Because along with poor CGI (but you get what you pay for) the relative superficiality of the movie is its biggest let down. Also the writing was just ok, taking too many lazy shortcuts, and the horror/gory parts just felt like thrown on here and there completely free and without really bringing anything interesting. Overall still enjoyable.
  • Tori and Kyle Breyer are a young couple living in Brightburn, a small town in Kansas. They long for a child but are unable to conceive. Then one night a craft crashes in the woods; in it Tori finds a baby boy. They see it as a gift, name him Brandon and raise him as their adopted son. He seems fairly normal apart from being exceptionally intelligent; then, as he reaches puberty he starts to change. He gradually becomes much stronger and develops superpowers; powers which he tries to hide from his parents. Occasionally they become obvious and anybody who crosses him or discovers his secret is in real danger... and if he isn't stopped the rest of the world might be too.

    This film is a fun mix of a superhero and horror genres. It starts at a fairly gentle pace but once it becomes apparent that Brandon isn't like other children the horror elements kick in. There aren't a lot of deaths but those that there are, are surprisingly gory. The idea of having somebody with superpowers who has no intention of helping anybody, has zero concern for others and a willingness to kill makes a nice change from those films centred on all the do-gooding superheroes. The way Brandon discovered his powers and quickly started to abuse them was handled well enough although it might have been good to have a couple of off screen incidents before showing us his darker side so it wasn't obvious he was bad so soon... that is a minor quibble though. The special effects are pretty good; making the gory scenes disturbingly impressive. The actors do a fine job bringing their characters to life. Overall I'd recommend this to fans of horror and superheroes... it could almost be an origin story for a new character in TV series 'The Boys'.
  • What would happen to the world if Superman was evil ? This film tries to explore this intriguing concept with mediocre outcome. They were able to provide some really chilling & gory scenes to project the horror, but lack of character development and a weak script, made me disengage from the film. Hopefully there may be other films which will try to explore the dark side of Superhero genre successfully, like Joker did.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sometimes we watch a film that does not end the way we want (or expect). "Brightburn" is one of those films. The story begins almost as a rip-off "Smallville", with a boy from another planet raised by farmers in Brightburn, Kansas. However when adolescence comes, the powerful boy turns into an evil creature instead of a conventional hero. And from this moment on, he becomes a cruel being incapable to be destroyed and the film has a bleak, pessimist and unpleasant conclusion. Is "Brightburn" a bad movie? No, but probably will not please many viewers. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "Brightburn - Filho das Trevas" ("Brightburn - Son of the Shadows")
  • Not a bad film at all. Kept me interested and watching. The stunts and the gore were fabulous. The acting was great. The kid was very good in it. Decent atmosphere and music to go with it. Paves the way to another film should they do wish too. Entertaining.
  • I was waiting for this movie after seeing the very interesting trailers for it a few months ago. I was hoping for something new and fresh in an area flooded with do-gooders and the upright. Thankfully this movie delivers on this and more. The premise of this film is not one we have seen before in the "superhero" genre. What would the world do if a super-powered life form came to Earth and realized that we were all just insects to it? It starts out very "Clark Kent" like with the couple who have no children happening upon a child falling from the heavens. The parents see this as a blessing. As if the universe heard their cries for a child and answered them. Soon though, this Smallville scene takes a turn towards absolute terror. This "child" isn't what he seems to be. He isn't a boy, or a human. He's something altogether different. I was very pleased at the difference in the normal storytelling we see from Hollywood. Very entertaining and very interesting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film is strangely similar to Superman, Brandon Breyer having many similarities with Clark Kent: a staggering arrival on earth of an alien with a human appearance within a kind of meteorite, a secret adoption by a couple in the countryside, the famous red cape (obviously!) and a metal from the meteorite that seems to be the equivalent of kryptonite. But, if Clark strives to 'protect' the world, Brandon should all just 'take' the world!

    As a synthesis: 6.4 of 10 on IMDb? Clearly underrated! In my humble opinion, it's rather 7 of 10 knowing that Jackson A. Dunn flawlessly interprets this enigmatic character.
  • Went in with no special expectations, got badly surprised in a bad evil way and it's my honest opinion that children and teens should stay far away from this movie.

    There is a dark mean vibe to it, that even me after watching countless horror-type movies cannot ignore it and feel it with my bones. It's killing for the evil pleasure of killing.

    It's got a 9 (from me), but for evil reasons, among them the deranged and twistedly superb acting by Jackson A. Dunn and by Elizabeth Banks who nailed the concerned, horrified and hapless mother character.

    As far as I know, that's the first time I warn about a fictional movie and this one tops the list.

    • Screenplay/story: 8
    • Direction/development: 9
    • Realism: 9.5
    • Entertainment: 9.5
    • Acting: 9.5
    • Cinematography/filming: 9.5
    • Visuals/special effects: 9.5
    • Sound/score: 9
    • Depth: 8.5
    • Logic: 8.5
    • Flow: 9
    • Drama/horror: 8.5
    • Ending: 8.
  • Brilliantly wicked tale that takes the original superman origin tale and turns it on its head.
  • The title suggests something lighter but it's actually a dark drama with eye-watering violence of childhood trauma rather like 'The Midwich Cuckoos' transposed to flyover country from the point of view of one of the cuckoos.
  • MooWoolf126 May 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    The story is what you would expect. The kid is Superman as a villain. That's an interesting and cool idea. It's a sci-fi in first place. It was fine anyway. It had it's moments, it does something that you don't see often in movies and I think it works out great, even tho you wouldn't expect it. But as the title says, it is a one timer.

    Beside the good things in the movie, there are bad things also.

    The story did not include parts that we should have seen. We don't get to see what's happening inside the head of the boy. Almost at all! This is a big problem. We see him what he does, but we don't know why he does those things (only in basics).

    In every movie there's a motivation. Here we don't have that.
  • reddiemurf817 September 2021
    Brandon Breyer may look like other 12 year old boys,, but he is not quite like them.

    He was adopted by his parents when he was a baby, and has never known anything other than his family farm and his quiet life in the small town of Brightburn. He's his Mama's baby boy and his Dad's lil buddy.

    One day Brandon starts sleepwalking and hearing odd sounds. He also starts having extreme emotional reactions when opposed. He stalks the girl that he likes, even sneaks into her bedroom. You'd think he was like any other young, confused boy beginning puberty,,, but no. Brandon isn't your average pre-teen. Brandon is something extraordinary,,, something not of this world.

    While I don't want to mention names,, what would've happened if the blue & red boy scout hadn't been so boy scoutish? Better yet, instead of him coming to earth,, his foe (the General) had come to earth as a baby boy,, what would've happened? As much as love, and a nurturing home can do,, eventually a person makes their own choices. What if they realize they're powerful? More so than anyone else,,
  • Warning: Spoilers
    BRIGHTBURN is a horror genre twist on the superhero genre that can basically be described as a dark version of SUPERMAN. The extremely light plot sees a baby delivered to Earth in a meteorite and brought up by a childless couple; a few years later it transpires he's evil. I found this one severely lacking in terms of depth and narrative intrigue; it's a literal take-it-as-it-is kind of story in which the cast is ill-serviced by the shallow material. Saying that, the film benefits from solid direction and decent effects; there are also a string of surprisingly graphic set-pieces which help to retain the viewer's attention.
  • There's not much else to say. The concept of this movie is very interesting. Unfortunately, the acting and the story leave much to be desired. I really wanted to like this movie more because the plot descriptions are so cool.

    I wish they had put more effort into this movie. It could have been great.
  • We always assume, super human (who has special powers) will do good to the society. In fact, we have put them in a higher position and think, any super human will save us , of course in dreams, I mean. But, we desire one or another time.

    However,in this movie, it shows us how destructive super powers can be. They can be always good. So,I kind of liked it for showing us the truth. But, ending could be better, it's really disappointing.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    The list of Cardinal Rules broken by the players in this tale of horror are too many to count. But I'm going to have a whack at most of them. ***These people should have watched Ryan Higa's "How to Survive A Horror Movie." (See it on YouTube.)***

    First of all: You don't go out into the woods and pick up some stray baby from an alien spacecraft, keep the kid, and think things are going to be sweet and rosy.

    Second: You don't stash the spacecraft out in the barn and think things are going to be A-okay.

    Third: When your quiet little sweetheart of a kid crushes his classmate's hand into pulp, you don't brush it off as childhood shenanigans.

    Fourth: When you find blood and guts photos secreted amongst your pubescent 12-year-old male kid's trash stash, you don't brush it off as saying maybe he's just boning up (har, har) for his bio class or whatever.

    This movie made me think of Stephen King. Kind of his genre of thing.

    What I liked most about the movie was the cast. The Dad, played by David Denman, is awesome in his role. Elizabeth Banks is okay. The kid with the laser eyes is highly watchable and believeable.

    I had a bit of a hard time seeing Banks as a Kansas housewife, stuck out on a farm, denim overalls and all. What were they farming, anyway? A dozen chickens? And since when are there wolves in Kansas? There haven't been wolves in Kansas since they were "extirpated" (euphemism for completely wiped out) in the early 1900s. (I know, I looked it up.)

    Okay. So many plot holes and trite goings on. But there are some GOTCHA! moments when you may leap up in surprise, too. There's definitely some nasty gory stomach-churning bits for those of you who enjoy that type of stuff. I'm gonna have a hard time wiping that guy in his truck scene out of my mind any time soon.

    I gave this movie 7 stars. Watching David Denman is what made this a fun movie for me.
  • This film is very good at what it does which is to totally scare the living daylights out of you and make you never wish to have children. Those two factors alone make it a must watch movie for the modern audience but the actor who played the kid absolutely nailed the role. Lets be fair most child actors are nauseating (war of the worlds, the day the earth stood still etc) but this chap is superb as the villain without remorse. I've seen lots of reviews on here marking this film down for lacking backstory of how he turned evil. In my opinion this is to completely misunderstand the premise. An omnipotent being (superman, man of steel, call him what you will) without empathy or feeling was guaranteed to be as we see him evil. He is superior. Good or evil doesn't really come into it. He would see us like we see a bug. There really was no need for that backstory if you think about it. He lacked any feeling or empathy towards mankind and the rest was inevitable. Well worth the watch folks but don't expect a superhero movie nor compare it to one.
  • This film has so much promise, it just lacks a special kind of substance. I had rather high hopes for it but it just lacked a killer blow. Maybe they're saving something bigger for a sequel. The biggest moments they saved as a sizzle reel during the credits? I guess they ran out of budget or something. The horror elements were cool, the kid was actually pretty decent. Just wanted more.
  • I bought Brightburn on 4K as a blind buy because it was cheap, and I felt like buying something different. And was I ever glad I did. I really don't understand why this has such a low score, it's amazing! It is a violent twist on the superhero genre that, lets face it, has grown old and stagnant - enter Brightburn, with some seriously nasty kills, some that would make all the 80s slasher films proud.

    I really hope there is a sequel or sequels...
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