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  • Gaston's story hangs precariously between respectful storytelling and sensationalized thriller. The subject matter is horrific in and of itself. Human-trafficking and exploitation of women and children is an ongoing plague within society. Gaston highlights just one of those stories. It is dark, inherently disturbing and heartbreaking. At times "Carga" expresses the horror perfectly- in a cringe worthy manner, and at other times the film seems insincere, or unnecessarily over-exaggerated.

    As good as the acting is, and the cast really are committed, the choice to lean more into thriller territory, as opposed to a more psychological drama telling, does deminish the depth of the characters a bit. Still "Carga" is a compelling story and the commitment of the cast shows throughout. The depressing scenes that contrast a perverted, almost mimicry of compassion from the victimizers, against harsh cruelty in the victimization is a little hard to watch, as they peirce at the heart and mind of the viewer.

    Overall Bruno Gaston's "Carga" is film worth watching. The subject and the events that transpire in this nightmare could be plucked from any country and exist as a harsh reality regardless of nationality. It could be you, as the film jabs starkly into our psyches, more to the point - what if it was your, or your neighbor. In the end this is an act of violation to us all, aso a society we are all complicit and victims of Human-trafficking. "Carga is worth checking out.
  • Slick well dressed Russian dudes forcing girls into a dirty lifestyle abducting them and prostituting them. That's what you'll get here. A lot of liberties taken (obviously, it's a movie so there has to be an aspect of entertainment) otherwise the subject matter would literally make the movie unwatchable (watch "Lilya 4-Ever" if that's what your into, though). All the stuff about the sex trafficking is pretty interesting but hard to watch. It's not going to leave you feeling good, that's for sure. It may have the opposite effect, watching girls covered in dirt and cuts gets raped while they scream bloody murder, not exactly for everyone. Definitely not a great movie (a bit confused why the baddies are Russian: not sure why it's necessary we sympathize with the evil characters so much: for sure it's focus drops and stops having the punch it started with). Would have given it 5 stars but since it actually tries to spread some awareness gave it a little higher. If you can stomach it watch this instead of some easily digested Hollywood movie, feels more rewarding.
  • bouhanamarc26 March 2019
    Too slow too slow boring it is a pity because it could be a great hard movie to watch but i repeat it is too slow
  • One of the better Portuguese movies I watched lately. Not only is the movie well shot and done but the subject matter, human trafficking, is an interesting theme as it is a worldwide spread real atrocity that is still going on as we speak. Carga isn't a movie for everyone, it's sometimes very hard to watch, especially the rape scenes and the mental domination throughout the whole movie. But the acting is very good and the storyline will keep you watching it. It's not only about human trafficking it's also about guilt, remorse, from the good characters as well as from the bad characters. It's not a movie that will give you a happy feeling, it's depressing and hard, but it's about a real problem, and that makes it worth watching.
  • diaslostomaz16 March 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Carga is half a drama and half a thriller with really strong and realistic performances. An advertise: It's not easy to watch, especially if you have daughters like me. The main story is crossed by several narratives that explain to us how complex a trafficking network is. It's not a Sunday afternoon movie and it will make you wonder about several questions. After watching the film I did a research on human trafficking and was shocked by the amount of reported cases. This is a current and necessary film. Michalina Olszanska surprises in two very different roles, but that strangely complement each other, and she is really good in both. The Portuguese cast is very solid despite being totally unknown in the USA and the Russian actor has such a strong presence that makes us believe that he really is that person. The least satisfying part of this film is the ending, perhaps because we all wish for a happier ending for the "good" characters, but the truth is that in real life happy endings do not always happen.
  • lopezmiriam15 March 2019
    Michalina Olszanska is amazing in this movie. I loved her in The Lure and Carga has been a good surprise not juts for her, but because of the whole cast and story.