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  • After a few minutes of suffering through this abortion of a Vivid Video, I assumed it must be the work of the label's boy wonder David Stanley, given Raylene as star and the gibberish voice-over nonsense purporting to be a serious movie. But "Robert April" is named director on the DVD packaging (no director credit is listed at all on screen), which Wikipedia helpfully informs us is an alternate moniker for the untalented Bryn Pryor. Confusing matters, I recently watched a Vivid DVD compilation entitled "Vivid GIrls Go Latin" which feataured an excerpted scene from "Second Realm" and the segment was credited to director David Stanley.

    Raylene is featured cowering in the nude in repeated interstitial footage while femme voice-over harrangues us with sacrilegious and idiotic outrage against God for giving her only a temporary rib, she supposedly being not Eve but some self-proclaimed Claybaby whore. Her sexual adventures as well as watching others have sex are staged on blackout cheap studio sets, and the entire farrago goes nowhere in a hurry.

    Annoying is the constant reaction I had to this lame excuse for 5 Vivid sex vignettes meant to be excerpted elsewhere by the label, anticipating the death of narrative porn that was soon to engulf the once #1 Adult company. Tasha Hunter and Ian Daniels have the biggest supporting roles but none of it makes sense or justifies the "big deal" voice-over track.

    With gonzo hack Robby D. handling the camera, before he hit paydirt as house director for a decade at Digital Playground, the show has nothing to offer, unless as is yours truly, one is addicted to watching all-time Great Raylene in any and all of her screen endeavors. Not only is this one unworthy of listing on her resume, it was omitted entirely from IMDb until I added it this week, 16 years after it was shot.