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  • With Danny D moving into the producer ranks, his favorite director Dick Bush delivers another okay action movie, though with corners cut as is now the norm. I would have preferred the larger scale approach of his earlier Digital Playground hits like "Monarch"

    But fortunately the SPFX are fine, including light saber fights and space mattes to set the stage on various planets. And the sex by able performers is top-notch.

    Though her British accent is shaky, Adriana Chechik is excellent in the central role of Rey, searching for and battling villain Kylo Ren in the form of Xander Corvus. Corvus and unsatisfactory Hamill imitator Erik Everhard are outfitted with preposterously crummy wigs, apparently Bush's notion of comic relief.

    The supporting players do yeoman work, notably Lily Labeau, wonderful to see again in acting roles and stealing or sharing the spotlight with Chechik as a storm trooper with varying allegiances. Bush once again exploits the cosplay potential of this material by having Lily humped with or without her helmet on.

    The Scots lass Georgie Lyall brings her delightful voice and English Rose beauty to the unlikely casting as Princess Lea, actually a military general here. Another Brit Porn veteran Antonio Black gets the plum role of Fen, providing IR content as he gives Georgie a stand-up f*ck in one of Bush's unfortunate (and cheap) practical locations: brick corridors that hardly suggest sci-fi or fantasy atmosphere.

    Besides saving money on rights (so-called porn parody is the industry's loophole form of intellectual property theft), Digital Playground has latterly cut budgets to the bone. It would have been far more interesting to see what Bush could produce if his action/sex movies had been mounted in large-scale format over a decade ago when the label was spending millions on "Pirates" and its hit sequel.
  • That moment when a porn parody of a movie is far superior then the actual film itself. Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy wish they could make something on this level. I'm still waiting for the Rise Of Skywalker parody now. I'm sure that'll be just as great. Adriana Chechik makes a fantastic Rey now.