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  • Presented by Hugh Bonneville, every episode several (mostly British) comedians and actors each discuss their favourite Monty Python sketch. The sketch is then shown.

    Monty Python fans can give this a skip. If you're already a fan of their work, the discussions add nothing. Just the idea of analysing what makes a Monty Python sketch great seems ridiculous, as that would be like trying to explain perfect creativity combined with perfect anarchy. By analysing the sketches the guests turn something wonderfully spontaneous and imaginative into something cold and clinical.

    Hugh Bonneville's presentations don't help either. He tries to emulate Python (Michael Palin in particular, I think) and just comes across as unfunny and trying too hard.

    Essentially a series that is there for those not yet familiar with the genius of Monty Python and who want an easy inroad. Even then, watch Monty Python's Flying Circus instead.