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  • I binge watched this series over two nights. I found it un-put-downable! Well acted and a most original idea. You don't get a nice tidy satisfying ending so loved by certain audiences but you are left to make of it what you will. You might find yourself thinking "well why did this happen/or not happen" but overall I was too busy watching to try and pre-empt the ending. In fact it is so nice to watch something where you can't actually predict where it is going. Life isn't full of happy endings.
  • Starts off with one of the best 1st episodes that ive ever seen, last 2 episodes falls off, but overall this is in my top 10. Maybe on par with True Detective season 1.
  • Loved this, compulsive viewing. Great acting, very atmospheric.. lots of things going on in the storyline so hope there is a second series. Watch with subtitles (unless you speak Italian) forget the dubbed version 😬 Made me want to go back to Italy 🇮🇹
  • Whilst I could recommend this just on the fantastic opening shots, the whole series is incredible! The music choices are inspired and certainly add to the atmosphere of this unusual series.
  • mariedubbya17 March 2019
    Great series. The acting was so good it's almost like I didn't need the subtitles. The wife and daughter were outstanding. I would have given a 10 but the priest was unbearable to watch and I almost, but didn't, fast forward through his scenes.
  • shuttie126 February 2019
    Excellent stylish well shot dark drama with a good soundtrack
  • I was addicted from the getgo. Brilliant acting - dark, sexy and makes you think long after watching it. Best series seen for a while.
  • Thought provoking series with interesting characters and nice soundtrack

    A quality european production and though ending may not be everyone's cup of tea, it was cleverly done
  • Having watched this over 2 days and having enjoyed it very much the end wasn't what I hoped for but if there is a god there will be more to come. So let's not give up on what could develop into a truly great series.
  • ssarsilmazkthy15 March 2019
    Music, acting, plot just wonderfully orchestrated. Best series i have watched since 'the young pope'. Fingers crossed for season 2
  • Started interesting, but this was a bit waste, sorry. I don't have to know the cause of everything, but really!!
  • Overplayed, with bad music, losing itself in countless parallel stories that get nowhere, the first six épisodes build up a really interesting canvas that totally fails with the two last ones. An absolute waste of time for such a conclusion (and that acting....)
  • Being enormous fans of Italian films and TV-series, my wife and I were instantly hooked to "The Miracle" as per the opening sequences of the first episode. It's the perfect combination of everything: the amazingly beautiful theme song ("Il Mondo" by Jimmy Fontana), the curiously captivating premise of the Madonna statue that cries copious gallons of blood, the convoluted characters (including a struggling Italian prime minister, his estranged wife and a rather unusual priest), the stellar performances of the entire cast, the slow-brooding but ominous atmosphere and the patient but excessively stylish direction.

    The series follows a certain pattern as the episodes pass by, with the events leading up to the discovery of the statue at the beginning of each installment, and several parallel storylines unfolding throughout the series. Prime minister Pietromarchi desperately attempts to keep the blood-crying Madonna out of the media while politically battling to keep his country within the European Union. How contemporary accurate and relevant, by the way! His cynical and unhappy wife Sole detests the angelic Polish nanny whom her children respect more than her. Forensic expert Sandra Roversi starts an obsessive search for the person whose DNA matches with the blood of the Madonna. Father Marcello acknowledges the miracle of the crying Madonna and considers it to be a hopeful sign for the decaying world, but he can't conquer his own inner demons.

    When reaching episode six or seven, of a total of eight, you'll realize that "The Miracle" definitely won't be revealing all its secrets. Quite the contrary, there are so many unanswered questions bouncing back and forth in my brain! I won't raise them here to avoid spoilers, but I can only hope that a second season will be released soon. Still, in spite of all the loose ends and a few shortcomings here and there, "The Miracle" is one of the most addictive and hypnotizing European series of the decade.
  • smitluydert18 April 2019
    If Kafka had been a director, he would certainly have liked this series. Both magical and realistic, wonderful actors and well shot. Can't wait for the sequel.
  • It is not difficult to recognize distant echoes of Twin Peaks' Lynch, inspirations of House of Cards or elements of Suburra's political and criminal life. The camera therefore moves in an elegant, light way, demonstrating a certain personality on the part of the writer.