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  • Yuu Osawa is fascinated with transfer student Koizumi-san. Koizumi is a quiet but glamourous girl with an obsession for ramen noodles. She doesn't just eat them at a favourite noodle restaurant; instead she seeks out an assortment of styles and flavours from various parts of the country. Yuu follows her and starts eating more ramen herself; she also tries to befriend Koizumi but she isn't interested; she tolerates Yuu but declines invitations to join her at specific restaurants.

    On paper this series doesn't sound that promising with so much time dedicated to talking about the delights of and differences between various types of ramen it could easily feel more like an advert than real entertainment... strangely it is actually a lot of fun; certainly much better than I expected. Koizumi is a good guide to the various types of ramen and Yuu is an amusing character. The animation is pretty good. Overall this is worth watching if you are looking for some gentle fun and no real action... if you are in Tokyo and looking for somewhere to eat noodles it might give you some ideas as the establishments visited are apparently real.

    These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
  • So I found out about this anime from Gigguk who was discussing about food appearing on anime in which he thinks they are more appealing than real life. I agree to disagree, it really depends on the food and how it's presented in all honesty.

    I tell ya the different types of ramen that appeared on the anime, except for the pineapple flavour, made my mouth water. If you are a big ramen fan or a newb to ramen like I am, indulge yourself bois to this anime!